1. She killed someone really !! And people think jail and prison is supposed to fun or convenient. I mean hell, i dont like my tax dollars paying for murders, rapist, ect… . Obviously gets what she deserves

  2. What what, wait a moment. So she was drunk, while pregnant and caused an accident with a "intoxicated manslaughter" charge,…. and she was not allowed to bathe for 3 days?
    Awww… that sucks.🙄

  3. The death of innocent motorists by deliberate drunk drivers will forever preclude said victims from EVER Bathing . . . . 🍺 + 💀 = 👮 – 🚿

  4. Yeah you can eat, when they call for chow get out of your bunk line up with the other inmates and head to the chow hall, and bathing is in the pod, you can shower when you like.

  5. BLA BLA BLA this does not reflect on you policy………Oh, you mean Policy is NOT law……hummmmmm…………………

  6. She was allowed to have sex ad get pregnant while awaiting trial for MURDER which she was found guilty of and only received 6 years. No sympathy for her- just her victim

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