When Should You Try Fertility Medications?

I do not ovulate every month. I have
tried co-maid, a couple of medicated cycles with co-maid and one with Ferrara
and my body didn’t seem to respond to the medications. What should I do next?
So, when the body is not ovulating, this is a sign of something internally wrong
in the system and going straight to fertility medications is like asking for
a band-aid to fix a broken arm. So, let’s say I get a little scratch a band-aid
perfect. The perfect tool for the job, but if I’ve actually fallen and broken
my arm, a band-aid is not going to cut it. I need to make sure that the bone is
straight before it heals and that everything is going to heal in the best
position possible, well the same goes with fertility. So let’s look at another
an internal disease example and and compare that to fertility. So, let’s say
you’ve gone into your physician and you’ve been told you have a diagnosis of
pre-diabetes. Now, maybe this runs in your family and maybe it doesn’t. You know, if
it runs in your family it may be less shocking to you, if it doesn’t run in
your family it might be a big surprise. What matters is how you take that news
and what you do with it. If you decide that this is a big wake-up call for you,
you need to change things you realize. I don’t want to live a life of a diabetic.
I don’t want to worry about how frequently I’m going to get sick. Am I
going to end up in the hospital? How am I going to care for my family? Am I going
to lose limbs? No diabetes is a very serious disease and if you don’t take
matters into your own hands, you’re going to end up on a windy back path. If
however, you take that information and you use that to see the bigger picture
of why your life is important and what you can do to support living a healthy
life, so that you don’t have to end up down that path of a diabetic. You don’t
have to end up worrying about amputations or losing your vision, then
you have taken information that seems bad at the time and turn it into
something beneficial for you, turn it into something that’s going to give you
you. In order to do that you first have to find value in your life how important
are you, that you want to take that information and you want to transform.
You want to start eating right, you want to exercise, you want to take care of
yourself, so you don’t end up down that negative path. With fertility it’s the
same kind of thing if you get a diagnosis of an ovulation.
So you’re told that you’re not ovulating regularly and you jump straight to the
medication. You haven’t really solved the problem. Your body’s not going to respond
because the problem is still there, you haven’t fixed anything all you’ve done
is trying put a band-aid on a broken arm and that’s not going to get you the
result that you want, It’s not going to get you you’re healthy baby. You have to
take the initiative to make the change to get to that result, If you do the work.
If you make the changes in your diet, if you make the changes in your nervous
system, if you make the changes in your everyday health, your everyday lifestyle,
then if you still need to go to that medication in six to twelve months. If
you haven’t conceived a baby within another year, then you go back to your
doctor and then you try the medication and your body is going to respond
completely differently because you have solved an underlying problem. So, when you
take that medication, the body can take it in and say Hey, I know what to do with
this, I know what you want me to do and you’re gonna get a different response. If
you haven’t made those changes and you keep going one medication to the next to
the next, start doing bigger procedures without solving that problem. All you’re
gonna do is keep getting negative results. So look inside first, what do you
need to solve, what are your biggest problems in your system, that you need
help solving. Those are the things that you want to address, whether it’s
nutrition or lifestyle, maybe you don’t know, maybe it’s completely unclear to
you what you need to do and that’s okay, that is where most people are. You can
ask for help, that’s where you need to find somebody who knows what to do,
somebody who can help you. Make those changes and get that accountability to
keep forward on those transformations. That’s how you can make that
that are gonna get you healthy and help you have a healthy baby. Thanks for
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