V Final Battle – The birth of Elizabeth and her twin

I know how you feel. But he’ll be
back. He’ll find a way. Her water broke. She’s in labour. – Help me with her.
– Look at the color. On your side, sweetheart.
There you go. That’s right. Lean back.
Now breathe like we taught you. In. out.
Concentrate on your breathing. We need Willie.
In. out. In. out.
That’s a good girl. In. out.
There you go. In. out. She’s still at five centimeters. I don’t like her vital sign readings. We’ll do a cesarean.
Know what that is? I’ll do a spinal block.
Robert. Harmy. Willie. I need help. Father. can you
get the surgical packs? We’re ready. Scalpel. Clamp. Another clamp. – How is she?
– She’s all right. Go ahead. Okay. we’re going in. It’s a girl. – Is she normal?
– As far as I can see, she’s beautiful. – Can I see her?
– Yes. There you go. Grandpa. Oh. Robin. She’s beautiful. – Julie!
– Give her a sedative. Oh. my God! I think we’re having twins. – What is it?
– I don’t know. Oh. my God!


  1. Wasnt too bad, until the next episode where she uses magic to keep the self-destruct from self-destructing, which then caused the followup series to self-destruct.

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