TullyBait Ep 1 – The BIRTH of a new BAIT!

We have made our way to Ireland. And more precisely, Tullamore Distillery.
Situated just behind us. And we’re allowed to come along today,
and see how they make Tullamore Whiskey. I’m really looking forward to this. Further on, later this week we’ll fish for some pike. And we’ll be using something
that we are super proud of. Our Tully Bait. This project is a lot of fun. We have worked together with Rasmus from Tullamore ever since we started Freewater. We sat down, thinking what fun we could do together.
And came up with a bait made from whiskey barrels. Tag along on this journey.
It’ll be a blast! Let’s start with a rewind, and go to Skellefteå.
A place way north of us right now. As you all know by now.
We have made our own lure. Well, Ludde made a bait. But our knowhow ended right about
where the idea work stopped. So we approached a buddy of ours… who lack no knowledge. Mange! Bait builder! We’ve made our way to Skellefteå. We’ll be here for two days and film some fishing,
as well as in his shop producing these baits. Can’t do more than just rock on. Let’s get out and grab a huge pike. When you called me and
asked about making whiskey baits… I was pretty fast to jump on board. This is a fun project. I could immediately imagine
some things we could do with this. I’ve realized they come with a lot of work. But it’s a lot of fun at the same time. This is something out of this world. Mange made these baits. Tully Bait! Tullamore sent oak barrels for Mange. And with that he created these masterpieces. This eye is made from a barrel,
that has lived it’s life on Ireland. How insane is that? And these colors… How did you make these? This is the barrel right?
Yeah. And you’ve tinted the lackard with Tullamore right? Yeah I mixed it with the lackard. On the bright ones. And you drank the rest? So cool.
Insane. Let’s catch some pike on it too! What’s this first spot? It’s a deep hole, five meters. Loads of bait fish on the sonar. What color are you on? The dark one. Now… We’re going to fish deeper.
So I’ll attach some lead here on the leader. Oskar has got one! That didn’t take many casts! I’ll get that net! This one will be on the records as the biggest today. Wanna net it? Just like you see, it’s not only catching a lot of fish.
It’s catching big fish too. Close to a personal best for me. Nah just kidding. But the first fish,
is always a fish. Yes! I think it’s smaller than mine. Nope it’s bigger! I was watching you,
and I could see you buffer on the bite. “Was that really a bite?” First one on the bait for you Mange? And the biggest! Easy delivery. We brought presents. We’re a little fed up with
you running around naked at all times. Thank you so much. And maybe the coolest thing of all… – I think that will be really cool.
– It’ll be perfect! We tried it on Oskars thigh this morning. It worked so well. This one will work perfectly. Where’s the whisky barrel? That one sparks my interest. I can feel the smell all the way from here. Rumor say that if you put these in water… there’s still so much alcohol in this… You notice the alcohol when you make the eyes. There is a smell coming from it. And you can see the moist in the wood. So cool! It looks just like the wood is four hundred years old. I think they smoke it. They burn the inside. – They do?
– Yeah just see here. That’s how they get the taste. But they smoke the barley as well right? Probably, and we’ll know about that later on. I’m looking forward knowing
more about what we have to work with. How though was it? Well, it would’ve been hard to
make the whole bait in barrel wood. – It’s too heavy.
– Yeah I can feel that. I cannot weigh that up,
and get a decent action. But we’ll have eyes made of barrels. That’s still really cool. I’m happy with the result.
The oak gave it a realistic feeling. Wanna walk us trough how you did it? And maybe we can fishing a bait? I’m so hyped to see how you do it. It’s supposed to weigh 88 grams before milling. And you do this with every bait. Oh yes. And you said yesterday
that you are an impatient person. So no glue?
Smart! What’s that? Epoxi putty.
Just warm it up. And fill the holes. His master… it was… If you had told me…
“We want a jointed tall bait.” I would never do it like that. That upwards facing chin… Pressure it to the surface. That’s so you can fish it… Shallow and deep. Don’t give Ludde too much now. Honestly, was this planned? I’m suspecting that this is a lucky accident that happened in Ludde’s kitchen. Now but I know you’ve put down a lot of time. That’s what’s so fascinating.
You’ve spent a lot of time… and Mange has spend loads too. And we haven’t done anything.
And it’s still us in front of the camera. And now we get it. Well done by the way.
Thanks, you too! This is one of the colors Mange did. Look at this shimmer on the back. Green-Bronze-Gold. Imagine someone being a fishing and whisky lover. That would really be a collectors item. We will sell a very limited number of these. We will make as many as Mange’s fingers can handle. Apparently it’s really tricky to make them. Well that’s four pieces then. Okay we’ll do four. We’ll have to protect these then. Maybe we’ll bribe him. And we might have a few more.
A couple will be sold. – Grab a pike now Ludde.
– I will. Show me where they at. I love fishing towards the sun. There we go! There!
Nice Ludde! Not so big, just a small one. So much fun! Closed my eyes, enjoyed the sun,
and fished it fast. And Bam!
Fast retrieve seems to work as well. We’re getting some fish at least. He’s smokin hot now Lundin! Same size. What would you know! They want speed! – A bit bigger than the last one!
– Nice! So you found the tactics? Oh yes, shut your eyes,
cast towards the sun and just enjoy! And fast retrieve! That is rude. Damn! There we go!
A bit better calibre! Not too shabby! We’re splitting the bait now. Since it’s a jointed bait. Now it’ll get the right character. And once again, a template. Makes life a lot easier, right Mange? Always. – We’re getting closer.
– Oh yes. Love it! Something with jointed lures get me going. I really fancy this S-shaped action. Your biggest pike is caught on a jointed bait right? Exactly, and that’s where I got the idea from. I have my personal best on a similar bait,
with similar action. Every fish that we catch on this bait… give me a special feeling. You really fired me up by catching that first one,
and it was this size. And you were like “what’s up Ludde?” Mange you must know this feeling. When someone catch a fish on a bait that you have given a lot of thought. Wonderful feeling. You’re always hesitating wether it’s going to work or not. And then you get your answer. It’s a good one. We’ve arrived at the step that stands for the magic. This will make the bait… a pike magnet. And we will get the barrel in the bait now. We will infusion the soul of
Tullamore distillery in this bait. And also spread a nice smell in my shop. Let’s drill some eyes out of this whiskey barrel. Can you feel the smell? Yeah. Clearly. And then you use the saw? Okay, so you’ll make a few in a row. Oh yes, but smell this! It smells so much of whiskey!
Wow! Can I smell it? This smells so good! That was crazy! Splendid! You can’t be serious now? Mange, tell me your tactic? Close your eyes and enjoy the sun. Wonderful! Mange had to switch his bait out.
He had an accident moments ago. What the f*** happened? Where’s the bait? We had only four baits before that. So he had to switch. One of his other masterpieces. There Pike!
Great bite! What a bite! It’s not tiny.
Not at all. This bite was so nice. Fished it closer to the surface. You did? I haven’t felt the size yet.
It might be small actually. Yeah it’s coming too easy. If it’s over twelve I’ll net it. It feels heavier. Oh it’s long! And it swallowed the whole bait. No doubt about what this guy wanted. I fished it more shallow.
And jerked it a bit faster. He took that bite as a whole. Check it! He wanted some whiskey! One double whiskey on the rocks! Super sweet autumn pike.
It’s chilly out. We’re with Mange in Skellefteå. And it just said Bam on the new bait.
Tully Bait. Fished it a bit faster. And this lovely lady came. I’ll let her go back and get even bigger. Nice right? Sweet! Brother. Well done Johnny. You’re worth it. – Not so sure about that.
– Nah okay I’ll take it back. But that strike was… That’s the beauty with this bait.
When you retrieve it you can feel it swim. Stop it, give it a jerk. Retrieve… Swallowed it all. They’re scarred for life now. We’re doing it now at least. The first burn mark is done, and it is perfect! Mange has to deliver again now. Let’s see if my hands are any good. That is so damn nice. There are so many different moments. I like the part when you make the wooden bodies. The woodwork. I’m feeling very satisfied by that. But painting them is the best
thing with making your own lures. Full creativity. Creators joy,
and its a quick job. It’s the fastest step in the process. You have prepared this bait a bit Mange? You had some Tullamore in the lacquer right? Oh yes. It’s almost amber colored now. A bit color, and some more
lacquer and we’d be good to fish. And you’ve lacquered this three times now right? We’re only missing the eyes on this one now. You’re applying the eyes now right? After painting, and then eyes… Then two layers of lacquer. Then painting the eyes, and another layer of lacquer. So eye color is the very last thing you do. So I get the pupil to stand out a bit from the color. Wanna make another color test? Get that bottle out and I’ll put a dot on it. Thanks for today! – Well done!
– Thank you too. I feel a little dizzy from everything we’ve seen today. And all the epoxi. Really nice with some guests in the shop. The next time we’ll see each other,
we’ll be on Ireland to get the barrels home. Both literally and figuratively. I mean that the pike are like barrels on Ireland. We’ll fish there, for two days. We’ll see the distillery, and get the barrels. And you back home will be able to buy these further on. That will be a party. Cool, let’s go! We have made our way into the warehouse.
And they store insane amounts of whiskey in here. I would call this a four kilo pike. I’m a little bit nervous too I have to admit.


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    Skitfiske till er!

  4. Nice video and bait👍🏻 Are you missing a test person in Denmark for that bait? I’am ready👍🏻😂
    Is the name Tullybait?

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