Hey y’all and welcome back to our
channel! I’m Heather and this is my husband Shane and we have some news for
y’all. I just… we really want to keep
y’all updated on everything that’s going on with us and I originally started this
channel about our trying to conceive journey of baby number two. It was a lot
more than I expected to happen happened it took us nine months and… I don’t even want to talk about
this really. It’s really hard to talk about. It took us nine months and Shane don’t stare at me. What am I supposed to do? Look at yourself in the view finder. Oh my gosh. Don’t look at me in the view finder. it took us nine months and I can’t
even say… you say it. It took us nine months to conceive and we did have… Vera was
a rainbow baby. Yeah we had two back-to-back early miscarriages last
year and it’s a lot and we’ve shared everything with y’all and I just really
wanted to keep y’all updated on everything that’s going on with us and
we honestly were we kind of felt like we weren’t going to have any more kids after
Vera Yeah I mean we weren’t really… Especially after the trouble we’ve
had. Yeah it’s scary and we weren’t really sure, but we kind of thought maybe
that was it for us, but honestly immediately after I had her, like the
very next day, I was sitting there holding her. I told Shane I want another
baby so bad. Didn’t I? Yeah you was like, this was so easy Let’s do it again. Yeah that’s exactly what I said. because the birth was like amazing. It
was. It was a lot better than the first birth with Jackson. That’s for sure
yeah it was so easy and it was just amazing and yeah the first one was like
bloody massacre. Yeah I had. This time I was just. Yeah it was really bad and my
first baby, we had or I had fourth degree tearing, had to have surgery after. It was
really hard. Yeah it was a lot of tearing and it was very hard for me. It
was very traumatic for me. You and me both. I knew I wanted to another baby. But it was scary but luckily with Vera’s birth, with our
second baby, the birth was really good and it just reassured me that it would
be okay if we had another baby. There’s something I’ve thought about a lot and
really just want to think about. but we want to talk about that today about baby
number three. Whether we’re going to have another baby, try to conceive again and
what we’re going to share on this channel with y’all, so
we’re going to be trying by this summer yeah we’re going to start trying this
summer for baby number three and she had said she wanted 20 yeah I say I want a
whole litter. I don’t know like we’ll just see how it goes like you know but
we’re going to trying this summer and we are of course going to be sharing
every detail with y’all, almost every detail with y’all. Of course, I don’t know. We have shared quite a few.
Yeah but I’m going to be I’m going to be taking ovulation test and
I’ve already started to take them to just try to get good a feel yeah yeah
try to understand my cycle because I’ve yet to get a period back.
I’m only two months postpartum, almost three months postpartum, so we’re really
excited and of course I’m going to be taking a lot of pregnancy tests every
single month and we’re really hoping that they won’t be as big of an age gap
obviously because with our Jackson, our baby number one, and Vera there are a
three year age gap and that really was not the plan. We really were hoping for a
two and a half year age gap, but it just that’s just the way it went so it took
us oh I don’t understand why it’s really hard for me to get pregnant but it is. Jackson took us 12 months and then And then with Vera, like we said, took this nine
months in total. I really don’t know what’s going on but we’re really excited
and yeah so we hope that y’all are excited too. Let us know in the comments
below what you think and what you want to see from us. If you have any questions,
I definitely want to do like a Q&A with y’all definitely about baby number three,
so if you have any questions that you would like us to answer in a future
video, definitely leave it down below and is there anything else you want to say? Nah, I think you about covered it all Thank you so much. We are so excited. If you
haven’t yet, definitely subscribe to our channel if you want to see more from us. We also have an Instagram at morganfamily_yt
Feel free to message me on there and we love y’all so much


  1. I don’t wanna sound mean…but I really think waiting til she’s a year old would be better….just enjoy her while she’s a baby…of course your welcome to do whatever you want but I feel like trying before a year old can sometimes be to soon on the body…but either way good luck ❤️

  2. I'm excited for you guys! You and I have something in common! My boy is 5 months old, and with him I had a 4th degree laceration and a 4th degree episiotomy. However I am 8 weeks pregnant with baby #2 (Surprise baby) and to say I'm scared of how this birth is going to go is an understatement. But you give me hope! Good luck!

  3. I'm currently pregnant with my unplanned baby number 2 and I feel so scared about losing it do you have any advice for a nervous mama

  4. Dont listen to everyone else's words! I'm already seeing opinions here. Heather only you and Shane know what you want and how you see your family! My boys are 17 months apart. My oldest was only 7 months old when I got pregnant again, on purpose! It was amazing!!! You do you!!! I am extremely happy for you guys!

  5. As a mom of four kids very close in age I will tell you that it’s hectic (just like with any amount of kids) especially being so close. My very most kind hearted opinion for you would be to wait a little, enjoy the time you have with your two kids especially the new baby! I personally found myself struggling to take care of myself and my mental health while trying to be the best mom to my kids. From one mom to another💋

  6. I'm so excited! Can't wait to follow you on your journey to baby #3! Sending lots of positive vibes and babydust your way!🥰🥰

  7. Hello. So I've been watching you channels and I love you and your beautiful family. So I need some tips please!!! So I've been trying to have another baby baby #3 I have a 7 year old and a 3 year old and I been trying to have a baby for about 7 months and I can't😣😥😥😥 any advice ??? Please help!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Wow! you just had a baby in December and you are already wanting to try when she is 6 months? Why are you in such a hurry?! Just enjoy the time with your new baby and stop wishing time away! You will have plenty of time to get pregnant in the years to come! I agree with some of the other comments. Waiting til at least she is a year old would be ideal. Give your body time to heal!

  9. How exciting!!

    I had a hard time convincing my 3rd and needed clomid. I’m 11 months pp & TTC.. I just started ovulation strips this month.

    I love watching you and your family ❤️

  10. Congrats to your family. You do what you feel is right in your heart. Your babies will be so blessed to have each other. Many well wishes. 💜

  11. Please enjoy her as a baby she needs your full love and attention. Adding another baby would be the worst thing to do right now, she won't get the same amount of love and attention your son got, she will be grow up with chronic middle child syndrome.

  12. Me and my husband have been trying since 2018 after we got married. i already had my son when i was 16, in 2009. me and my now husband met in 2013, married in 2018 and been trying since :/ goodluck on the 3rd trying for another blessing, mamas! take care ❤️

  13. We're in a similar place. We had baby #3 in December, and we thought he would be our last (I said the same after my second baby too). Now we're pretty certain we'll have another. 😅 I can't typically get pregnant though until about a year postpartum, so we'll see.

  14. When you start trying for baby number three this summer I wish you good luck and hope everything goes well!!!!!!… Also I must mention when you do become pregnant, I can't wait to see your cute little postpartum belly blossom into a beautiful pregnant belly, as you grow throughout your pregnancy and to see the changes with your beautiful belly throughout your pregnancy 😉

  15. I took ovulation tests with my second and I could never tell when they were positive! The month we stopped using ovulation tests was when we conceived. My husband told me to relax and quit taking them and now we have a newborn! Haha
    So so excited for you guys! 💕

  16. Awwwwww. I'm taking O tests now think I had my positive on Saturday. I have a almost 6 month old son so we are not officially trying untill early next year but if a whoops happens I'll be happy. Good luck guys. I'm 40 so not sure it will happen but I hope so. I've also had 3 Misscariges so I'll be worrying about that. Cant wait for the live pregnancy tests❤

  17. You do what you feel is right for ur family im currently due with my 9th pregnancy and hopefully my 5th baby in November

  18. 9months isn't that long .I try 3 years and 4 miscarriages and finally got my rainbow baby .joy the children u do have now .she still a baby .not good on your body least wait till she one and they still be under 2 years apart.

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