1. Girl. I’m a girls girl. And yep been rapped myself. No brutality raped myself. I always believe woman. But. Why now. If it still hurts u. Get help. And put it behind u. And be happy forever

  2. Oh hell no … I don't believe it. Ok I would choose any rich famous girl and just make up story . Lol millions of money for free ! 😂

  3. Now all the GOD DIGGERS will do whatever takes to extort money from guys…1983 are you Kidding me, what a BS. Another thing, let's pretend that it is the truth, what was she doing at the Bar and going spontaneously to a Hotel Room at age 14??? She is full of S! ! !

  4. As a woman, I do not believe the story that lying bitch is spreading and shame on buzzfeed for spreading such lies. Why now.

  5. Almost Family didn't have a chance. Fox didn't know how to promote it. It should have been on Freeform, not Fox.

  6. Seriously I don’t believe her .. Sadly it will effect his life and his family it’s all about money 💴 ..

  7. This woman needs to be jailed ! There should be a limit to this #metoo movement. You and I know some women, no offence, are here to milk an issue.

  8. This is not fair. This is horrible for Tim and even worse for real victims that aren't believed and don't get any justice. Victims that want justice NOT money. I stand with Tim.

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