Thursday 3/12/20 Minor Prophets Zep. 1:1 – 2:3

– [Announcer] Welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel Network family bible study hour
with Pastor Arnold Murray. Wisdom is understanding
God’s word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s word
alive with meaning as he takes you on a
chapter by chapter, verse by verse study
of God’s letter to you, the bible. (bagpipes playing) And now here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you. God bless you say. Welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this family
bible study hour. We’re ready to get back
in our Father’s word. New book today, Zephaniah. Zephaniah in the Hebrew tongue
means “hidden of Yahweh,” or, “hidden by Yahweh.” It’s talking about
God’s election. He does have them
hidden when all when all the destruction of
the wicked ones takes place God covers and hides
those that love him whereby they’re not even singed. They’re not harmed. Why? Because God loves them. That makes this a
real special book. We hear quite a bit
about destruction but you have to
understand who it is God wishes to destroy on
the face of this earth, then it makes a lot
more sense to you. Okay, Zephaniah
chapter one verse one, a word of wisdom
from our Father. I might say this was written
probably about 515 BC. Along about that time, it
was before the captivity. Verse one, and it reads: “The word of the Lord
which came unto Zephaniah “the son of Cushi,
the son of Gedaliah, “the son of Amariah,
the son of,” and this is spelled a
little different than usual, but it’s Hizkiah, okay? In other words, he was the
great-great-grandson of Hizkiah, being of the royal seed. “In the days of Josiah, the
son of Amon, king of Judah.” That’s when it came to pass and the stage is set and so it is. Verse two: “I will utterly consume all
things from off the land, “saith the Lord.” This of course is future,
hasn’t happened yet. We know that at the seventh
trump when Christ returns and even through the millennia, and then things are the
rudiments are done away with. That’s to say that is evil. God never harms
those who love Him. You’ve heard me
mention it many times, this is the reason
you have the example in the Book of Daniel of
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They were in that fiery furnace and Christ was
watching with them, and they weren’t even singed. It is that the example set
forth that wherever you are then certainly God
takes care of you. But you have to remember also as we cover this
destruction and change at the seventh trump, what
happens to these flesh bodies? Good, bad, somewhere in
between, it doesn’t matter, they’re all changed instantly. In the twinkle of an eye
into spiritual bodies. Even the flesh itself
is done away with at that seventh trump and
at that time of cleansing for God is a consuming fire. But again, I rush to say God
will not harm those He loves. Or I could correct
that by saying those that love
Him and follow Him. Verse three: “I will consume man and beast; “I will consume
the fowls of heaven “and the fishes of the sea, and the stumbling-blocks
which the wicked;” notice the
stumbling-blocks mentioned, “and I will cut off
man from off the land, “saith the Lord.” in other words, the idols
are the stumbling-blocks. False teachings are
the stumbling-blocks. False teaching causes
many people to stumble because they will put
their faith and trust in the traditions of man rather than putting them in
the word of Almighty God. How precious our Father is
that He gives us His word, His understanding, and
we thank Him for that. Verse four: “I will also stretch out
mine hand upon Judah, “and upon all the
inhabitants of Jerusalem; “and I will cut off the
remnant of Baal from this place “and the name of the
Chemarims with the priests.” In other words, Chemarims
is an old black robe priest. It was one of these robes
that got Achan in much trouble in the Valley of
Achan that is to say. Much trouble for hanging
on to the garments of false teaching
and false religion. Father doesn’t want that. Father wants you to pay
attention to Him and His word and the simplicity in which
God Himself brings that forth. How precious it is that our
Father brings that forth. You know, we always know that
judgment begins at the pulpit. These people claim
to be priests, but they’re not priests of
God though they claim to be. There’s gonna be a great
cleaning coming down the road. When you teach you want to
make certain that you teach God’s word chapter by
chapter and verse by verse and let it be God that speaks. Let it be God’s voice,
not the voice of some man. This man or any other man. You always listen
to the word of God. You can’t go astray
that way, okay? But when God said,
“I’m going to consume,” back in verse three He said,
“I’m gonna sweep it all clean.” And that’s what
He’s going to do. And praise God, it’s
time for a cleaning. All of this land
needs a cleansing. We’re getting like Sodom
and Gomorrah again. Father doesn’t like it. There is a cleansing
and a sweeping coming and our Father knows
exactly how to do it. He knows how to get rid
of fake preachers also, that’s what the Chemarims are. With the priests that
would be otherwise. Verse five: “And them that worship
the host of heaven “upon the housetops;
and them that worship “and that swear by the Lord, “and that swear by Malcham.” A lot of people say, “Well,
what’s wrong with that? “They’re worshiping
the host of heaven.” It is a gross sin, what
is the host of heaven? It’s angels. Angel worship is a terrible sin. You can believe in angels for
there are protecting angels, but you do not worship them. You’ll remember that
both Daniel and John were very sternly corrected when they began to
worship a messenger when they fell down
before him and he says, “Get up from there, I’m
a man just like you are.” So you do not worship
the host of heaven, you worship Almighty
God your Father. What is this business here,
that, “Swear by the Lord.” They claim to swear by
Yahweh, our heavenly Father, and they swear by Malcham. Malcham, you know what that
means in the Hebrew tongue? “King god.” It is also a form of molechism. You know you don’t
want to go there because molechism is
where you sacrifice your own children to the fire. A lot of people do
that in ignorance when they tell
their own children, “God is gonna burn you up if
you don’t change your ways.” Because God would rather correct
with love and understanding and to help the children, to
take care of the children. As he would say in another
place, “It never entered my mind “that you would
sacrifice your children.” That’s not God’s
way of doing things. Verse six: “And them that are turned
back from the Lord; “and those that have
not sought the Lord, “nor inquired of him.” Who is that? Apostasy. The great apostasy that
takes place in this earth in one instant. What does the word
apostasy mean? It means someone changing
their beliefs and religion in one wink, just one instant. How could that be? Because people are taught
that Christ is coming to carry them away. That’s the message
of anti-Christ. The moment that
those church goers who have been studying
under the Chemarims and those priests that
teach traditions of man, the moment that he
appears in the last days they’re going to worship him
rather than the true Christ. Why? Because they’re ignorant. They don’t know the difference. They haven’t been taught,
and that’s a shame. I certainly take no
pleasure in that. That is one of the
reasons why you always as often as you can
teach that truth. Teach that word of God
whereby that word can go forth and they can hear, they can
understand, they can know. Apostasy will come. Verse seven: “Hold they peace at the
presence of the Lord God; “for the day of the
Lord is at hand.” Do you know what the
day of the Lord is? It’s a thousand year period. Be not ignorant of this
one thing as it is written in second Peter chapter
three verses seven and eight that one day when the Lord
is as 1000 years with man, that is the Lord’s day. It’s coming. “For the Lord’s day is at hand: “for the Lord hath
prepared a sacrifice, “he hath bid his guests.” He has chosen or
separated his guests. Well, who is that? The hidden ones, the elect. When is this? A time period is given there. When does the Lord’s day begin? At the seventh trump,
the last trump. If you’re familiar with the
great Book of Revelation you know exactly what’s
going down at that time because you have the seal
of God in your forehead that lets you
recognize those events. That time sequence
is set in motion and you know that that is the
time for the change of bodies. That as it is written is
first Corinthians 15 verse 52, and so it is that our
Father on that Lord’s day makes a clean sweep. He has prepared, chosen, and
bid his guests to a wedding. And they will be those that have not worshiped
a false Christ. They’re still
spiritually virgins. They were not seduced or
deceived by the false messiah who came at the sixth trump. Verse eight: “And it shall come to pass “in the day of the
Lord’s sacrifice, “that I will punish the princes,
and the king’s children, “and all such as are clothed
with strange apparel.” Now, you’ve been given
the time period here. What is the correct apparel
to have on at that time? Especially at that time. That is to say at
the seventh trump. It’s the gospel armor. You’d better have the
helmet of salvation. You’d better have declared
that you love our Father and that you are a saved one, and you better have that
shield out in front of you which is Christ. But also, you know
what the gird is? The gird is your belt that
holds your britches up. Do you know what that belt is or gird is in the gospel armor? It’s the word of God. If you don’t have the word
of God sealed in up here you’re gonna lose your britches. That’s a sad state of affairs. That’s why some will
enter heaven naked for they have no righteous acts. That’s why it’s so important
that you not be placed in that place, but that
you love your Father. That’s why He created you
is to give Him pleasure. Well, what pleasures Him? You telling Him that you
love Him by following Him, by absorbing this letter
that He has sent to you giving you the warning. Just as we learned in the
last book of Habakkuk, make this sign and make it big and cry that warning
out to everyone, the true Father is returning
back the fake come in first. Do not be deceived. Naturally, strange apparel, you remember in
Christ’s teachings when he had the wedding
all set and looks over and here’s an old boy sitting
there in strange apparel and he threw him into Hell. You don’t want to go there. You want to love your Father and you want to be
ready for that event. Verse nine: “In the same day
also will I punish “all those that leap
on the threshold, “which fill their
masters’ houses with
violence and deceit.” This loses a little
in the translation because of the time
element involved. At the time of the writing
the nobles sometimes would have people that
they would send out to steal things from
other noble homes. I like to refer it
back to sheep stealers. They try to steal sheep
from another man’s pasture with false teaching. A true shepherd
would never do that. A true shepherd has his own
sheep pass under the rod, that is to say the staff of God, knowing the truth and
knowing right from wrong. But more than knowing
right from wrong, choosing those that do
right rather than wrong. And so it is that our Father, He does not like those
that practice this deceit and certainly what they
are is servants of Malcham. They don’t see anything
wrong with stealing, with lying, and with misleading. Make sure that you know
that when you do teach and spread truth that
it’s exactly that, or guess who’s responsible? Verse 10: “And it shall come
to pass in that day,” now, what again? What day is this? The Lord’s day. “saith the Lord that there
shall be the noise of a city “from the fish gate, and
an howling from the second, “and a great crashing
from the hills.” What hills is that? Mount of Olives. Because what happened? You can read Zachariah 14, we’ll be getting
there in a few days, what happens on the Lord’s
day on the Mount of Olives? Christ’s feet touch
that Mount of Olives and it splits away from
across the Valley of Kidron right to the east
gate of the temple. That means the true
Christ has returned. There won’t be one stone
left standing atop another of the palace that
Satan has built there, imaginary and or otherwise. God knows how to
take care of His own. God leads, God directs. It is important, God is
giving us an account here of what happens on the
Lord’s day and just preceding down to every letter whereby
you won’t be deceived, whereby nothing will
catch you off guard. That’s how Good that
our Father is to us. How precious it is to have the
seal of God in your forehead whereby you’re not deceived. Quite frankly, with
the simple common sense that God utilizes to
help his children. Verse 11: “Howl, ye inhabitants
of Maktesh, “for all the merchant
people are cut down; “all they that bear
silver are cut off.” Maktesh is a mortar. Do you know what a mortar is? Many of you have seen
us on documentaries where you find these
holes in a rock where they beat
grain into flour. Where things are beat
into shape, okay? A lot of people,
scholars think, well, there is a valley
very near this place and there is a hollow there
that kind of resembles a mortar. But I think we would miss if we did not understand what
happens to the merchants. When they stand there as it
is written back in Amos eight with unbalanced scales,
unfair scales, robbing people, selling molding grain and
things of that nature, that our heavenly
Father intends to see that that is made right. It’s not going to happen, and he has his own mortar
that he does some grinding in. Verse 12: “And it shall come to
pass at that time,” not maybe, not perhaps,
it’s going to happen, “that I will search
Jerusalem with candles “and punish the men that
are settled on their lees:” that’s to say in sin, deep sin, “that say in their heart
the Lord will not do good, “neither will he do evil.” You know what that is? That’s an atheist, or it’s someone that’s
just not a believer really. “It’s been the same ever
since the beginning of time, “it’s not gonna happen.” (chuckles) Hang on, friend and
you better have a gird or it’s about to happen and
you’re about to lose everything. Our Father does not
tolerate those who mock Him, and that is mocking
Almighty God. What a dangerous thing. What an unpleasant place to be. And those that claim
there is no God and those that want
the name of God removed from all of our documents,
atheists in other words, boy are they in for
a big awakening. I have noticed a thing in
all my years of teaching, that atheists usually
they’re pretty good thinkers. Many times they know more
scripture than a lot of kind of average Christians. I didn’t say
students or scholars, but just the average Christian they know more
scripture than they do. This is why when usually
they see they’ve got the old death sentence
or they get in hard shape that there’s a lot
of conversions go on. I know this from experience. I’m certainly not calling
names or pointing anyone out, but it is a true fact. God hasten the day. Those that would hang
out and try to do harm to little children by
removing from them hope, and trust, and the
love of Almighty God, they deserve to go to Hell. They can rob themselves, but don’t try to
rob little children. Don’t try to rob them of
happiness, for the only, as there are many surveys
being taken at this time as who is the most happy,
conservatives or liberals, and naturally it’s conservatives
because they’re Christian. Christian people are
happier than other people because they have that
hope, and that love, and that knowledge and
trust in Almighty God. They know that God
takes care of His own. God will search Jerusalem,
it will come to pass, and as I stated, God does
take care of His own. Let’s have the
next verse please. Verse 13: “Therefore their goods
shall become a booty, “and their houses a desolation: “they shall also build
houses but not inhabit them; “and they shall plant vineyards “but not drink
the wine thereof.” In other words,
the end has come. We’re at the seventh trump here. Not that much time left. Not gonna do them any good. Verse 14: “The great day of the
Lord is near, it is near,” two times for emphasis, “and haseth greatly, even the
voice of the day of the Lord: “the mighty man shall
cry there bitterly.” Even the strong men
shall cry there bitterly if he’s allowed
himself to be deceived. But that’s where you
don’t want to be. Father has given you warning
after warning after warning. You want to pay
good close attention to the current events
of this generation. We’re moving into a
time that certain things are aligning with prophecy that lets us know just how
it is near, it is near, how important that is. Verse 15: “That day is a day of wrath, “a day of trouble and distress, “a day of wasteness
and desolation, “a day of darkness
and gloominess, “a day of clouds
and thick darkness.” And of course darkness
is always of Satan, that day of desolation is
the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet. The Anti-Christ standing
in the holy place claiming to be God
where he ought not be. Mark chapter 13. Documented from Daniel
chapter nine verse 27. It’s not gonna be
that bad a day for us. It’s a day to rejoice. For those that miss the mark, it will be just about
one day too late. Too late, Charley,
you missed the boat. “Well, I always said it
was not gonna happen.” Well, it’s going to. If you wait till that day you’re
gonna be in a heap of hurt. Father thought well enough that He sent us this
letter of warning to let us know exactly
how it’s going down. It’s the plan of the day and
it’s going to happen that way. You can check it out and you
will find it is accurate, an accurate report
right to the letter. Verse 16: “A day of the trumpet and alarm
against the fenced cities, “and against the high towers.” Now, what trumpet would that be? See, that would be
a strange question for a student of
God’s word to ask. He just told you
it’s the Lord’s day. Well, what trumpet would it be? The seventh of course. The last. What happens at the last trump? Go back and reread first
Corinthians chapter 15 verse 52. The farther his trump out
is what the Greek states. We will all be changed
into spiritual bodies in a wink of an eye. And God takes over. That that is wicked
will be in bad shape. Those that love the
Lord will be blessed. God has called a
feast, a wedding feast, and if you have an invitation
you’re very fortunate indeed. It would mean that
you were not deceived. It would mean that you
had the gospel armor on and in place and you stood
against the great apostasy that’s going to come
at the sixth trump. You see, we know what
happens at the seventh, but it’s what happens
at the sixth trump that you want to make double
sure where he has warned you the conditions that
will be, the deception as liked to Sodom and Gomorrah. Look around you today. Look around you today. Verse 16. I’m sorry, we got
16, let’s go with 17. “And I will bring
distress upon men, “that they shall
walk like blind men “because they have
sinned against the Lord: “and their blood shall
be poured out as dust, “and their flesh as the dung.” And naturally, you
know what that is. You’re not blind. You have eyes to see,
you have hears to hear, and how precious it is that
our Father blesses you. We thank our Father for that. It will be a day of distress,
but for us a day of pleasure. How is it that they’re blinded? Well, God blinded some of them as it’s written in
Romans chapter 11. He blinds them for their
own benefit to protect them that they wouldn’t have
the brass to stand against the false one without
being deceived even when they knew who it was. That way they will be
taught in the millennium. That’s not a second chance, they didn’t have a chance
coming out the gate. We have people in
this world today that their back bone
is not all that rigid. Father loves all of His children
and He has places for them. Verse 18 to complete
this chapter. “Neither their silver nor
their gold shall be able “to deliver them in the
day of the Lord’s wrath; “but the whole land
shall be devoured “by the fire of his jealousy: “for he shall make
even a speedy riddance “of all them that
dwell in the land.” As we said, God is
a consuming fire. It is that time for a change. If you get real concerned
about just exactly who it is that are done away
with at that time, you might want to read second
Peter chapter three verse 10. For this earth age is
not destroyed by water as the first one was, but it’s destroyed by fire. God is that consuming fire, but the fire only
destroys the elements, that word elements in the
Greek is “stoicheion,” and it means the rudiments or that that is
wicked in the world. It’s all done away with,
but the good remains. Why? Because God told us we would. Follow me and you will be saved. My strength is in Almighty God. God will always protect us. I will never leave thee,
I will never forsake thee, and he will not. But, hey, those that
stand against the Father are going to be in for a great
shaking, a big change up, and you have nothing
to worry about. There’s some pretty serious
warnings in that place and it would be frightening
if you didn’t understand that all bodies, even the wicked are changed into
spiritual bodies. The flesh is done away with. It’s swept clean. Quite frankly, flesh
brings on a lot of sin. During the millennium when
everyone is in spiritual bodies it will be a lot easier
to speak to people and lead people and talk
to people and teach people as it is written in Revelation
chapter 20 verse five, priest with Christ 1000 years. That means teachers
with Christ 1000 years. To help a lot of people. Those people at that
time will listen because Satan will be
locked in the abyss. Gonna turn him loose for a
while, a little testy-testy. God doesn’t take
anyone that’s untested. They got to do it on their own. They got to be hoss
enough at that time to stand up against Satan and love Almighty God. I have difficulty
finding out why anybody wouldn’t find it easy
to love our Father and stand against Satan. I really do. Chapter two verse one. “Gather yourselves together,
yeah, gather together, “O nation not desired.” In other words, you better
get yourself in one wad those that are not desired
by God or anyone else. Verse two: “Before the decree bring forth, “and before the day
pass as the chaff, “before the fierce anger
of the Lord come upon you, “before the day of the
Lord’s anger come upon you.” Two times for emphasis. It is coming and you better know
it and understand it, for the Lord’s day is very near. What happens on that day? He pours out that cup of wrath and if he loves you
you’re in good shape. But if he’s angry at
you, you’ve got trouble. You’ve got hurt. Verse three: “Seek ye the Lord, all
ye meek of the earth, “which have wrought
his judgment: “seek righteousness,
seek meekness:” that’s to say humbleness, okay? “It may be ye shall be hid in
the day of the Lord’s anger.” Now don’t read
over that sentence. It may be that you shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger. Do you realize that
in the Hebrew tongue you have the name
Zephaniah there? Hidden in Yahweh, got it? That’s where you need to be. That’s where you want to be, is hidden in Almighty God because He knows
how to protect you. He knows how to care for you. Don’t miss the next lecture
when we talk a little bit about Gaza and what’s
transpiring there. All right, bless your hearts, you listen a moment
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thinking right now. He does. You don’t even have
to say it out loud. What does He want from you? He loves you. He may not love what you’re
doing, but He does love you. Do you understand that when
He created you you’re unique? You’ve got different
fingerprints, different DNA. He wanted someone just like you, but he wanted you to love
Him, that’s for sure. Let Him know that you love Him. He’s done a lot for you if
you just accept the fact that on repentance all of
our sins are washed away. We have that new
leaf, that hope. Father takes care of His own. Don’t ever forget that. Okay, let’s go to his throne. Father, around
the globe we come, we ask that you
lead, guide, direct, Father touch in
Yeshua’s precious name. Thank you, Father. Amen. Okay, and question time. I’m gonna go with
Chris from Florida. “What is grove worship? “Also, can a bad spirit come
into a Christian’s dreams “and make him or her
have a bad dream?” Our flesh bodies are
good enough at that. We have five senses. Some people have more. For example, if a room
we’re in gets too warm that little sensory
which is your backbone, your central nervous system
is gonna say, “I’m hot.” And you’re gonna start
dreaming of hot fire or something of that nature. The flesh itself, if
you’re real hungry the flesh is gonna say, “If you don’t stop doing what
you’re doing I’m gonna starve. “I’m gonna die.” You have to learn to
control the flesh. Take charge. A bad spirit can, but
it’s very unusual. If you’re a Christian
it’s not gonna happen. They’re afraid of you. Okay, what is grove worship? Grove worship is where
people left the temple and they had a ritual early
in the spring called Ishtar. They rolled eggs of fertility and there were sexual rites and carrying on in the forest, acts of fertility
and quite ungodly. Also, the little bunny or
quick like a rabbit, okay? All these little things
wrapped up into grove worship. Unfortunately, it moved
itself into the church at Christ resurrection,
which is a sad, sad state of affairs. But it happened
because some preachers like to build crowds
instead of teach truth. David from Missouri, I think. Yeah, from Missouri. “I’ve been wanting to
ask for a long time “if our country happens
to change our laws, “like changing to do away
with our Second Amendment, “and our country says give
us your guns or go to jail “are we to obey it or do we
stand and fight like our-” That’s not gonna happen,
number one, okay? There are certain cities
that it might have permits or get someone not
having weapons. Move if they do. I wouldn’t live in a place where
I couldn’t have my weapons. Thank goodness it’s
beginning to get more liberal about having license to carry, or the right to carry
concealed weapons. Every state that this happens in the crime rate goes way down. You know there’s one
thing criminals hate is to have a citizen
armed, you know? There is no fun in getting
your head blown off, okay? That takes the edge off getting the joy of
robbing someone’s house. It’s not gonna happen, but be that as it may. The Lord would return before
that day would ever happen. Yula from Tennessee. “I am concerned about
this war in Gaza. “I have always thought
that the United States “should always back Israel. “What is the truth on this?” Well, I don’t think
Israel needs our help. Israel seems to be doing
pretty good all on their own. Naturally, if it were a case
where it were needed we would. They don’t need us. Hamas has one, they have one thing. They like to destroy
Americans, and Israelis, and people that are Christian
nations, democracies, because they want things
to turn to their way. It’s pretty difficult,
I was very disappointing to understand that our so
called president to elect is wanting to talk to Hamas. Now, what could they … They just want to kill us. What are you gonna say to them? “I’ll lave the back
door open tonight.” It gets a little bit ridiculous when you play politics
and you get up high enough that you’re supposed
to have responsibility and you forgot to check in somewhere down the line
for responsibility. Henry from Arkansas. “In all your years of
teaching have you ever changed “your opinion of a teaching “and start to teach
it differently?” No, I haven’t. You know why? Have I added more
depth to the word? Yes, because the
word is pregnant. As time goes on it grows
and it grows and it grows. I always each time
I teach a book, I don’t even know how many times I’ve taught the
word of God through, but each time I always
try to add another truth to the research. I will not call necessarily
attention to that because it’s the word of God. But if you do your homework and you stick with
the word of God rather than man’s traditions,
it doesn’t change. There’s no way it can change, especially if you’re a
student of the Mosera, because the Mosera
locks the word in whereby men can’t change it. Men might say, “Well,
how can that be?” Well, because in the Hebrew,
the Greek, and the Aramaic just as it is in the English some words have more
than one meaning. The translators of
the King James version from those languages
fore mentioned, they wrote a letter to the
student or the reader thereof to think, and that’s
what you want to do. Sometimes you may
bring both meanings. An example, if I were to say, this is was the Mosera does. I will Englishize it so that
it would be easier understood. It would say, “My boat is fast.” Now, what does that
mean in English? Does it mean my boat is
fast, speedy on the water? Does it mean my boat is
stuck fast in the mud? Or my boat is tied
fast to the dock? The Mosera says in the
minor and the major, the minor basically tells you if a word is left
out and missing. The major at the
bottom tells you the boat’s tied to the dock so
that men can’t mess with it. Don’t ask me what
scripture and verse that is because I made it up
and Englishized it so you can understand
what the Mosera does. It locks the word in
where man can’t change it. A student of that would
pretty well be solid in the word of God, and
that’s as it should be. Does that mean that you
know more than anyone else? No, it doesn’t. It means you stick by God’s word chapter by chapter
and verse by verse. Because God is not wrong. John from Oklahoma. “My wife died a year ago,” very sorry to hear that, “will we be husband and
wife on the other side?” They do not give or take in
marriage on the other side but you will remember each
other as husband and wife and you will be
very, very close. Documentation,
Ezekiel chapter 44, in the millennium you may help a wife, brother,
mother, so forth. Meaning you would
know each other and be very close. Dorothy from North Carolina. “Where is it
written in the bible “to not build house unto house? “I thank you so much
for you your teaching. “Love you, you’re …” Thank you for the comment. Isaiah chapter five verse eight, woe to those that
join house unto house. It’s like if you have
a barrel of apples, you put one bad
apple in that barrel and if you’re not careful it
will turn the whole barrel bad. So it is when man joins
house unto house too close. Disease spreads easier. Man can’t breathe
or have as much room as he would like to have. Country folks are hard pressed, country folks really appreciate Isaiah chapter five verse
eight because of that fact that crime isn’t as bad. You join house unto
house, crime gets bad. It runs amuck, you know? You need room to
live, to breathe, and to enjoy God’s creation. That’s what it has to do with. I know some people
have to live that way and if you’re happy
with it, fantastic. Gwen from Mississippi. “Would you please pronounce
and explain Balak?” It means, “spoiler.” He was king of the Moabites. He tried to hire
Balaam to curse Israel. Balaam’s mule had
different ideas because God thought the animal
was smarter than the man and had the animal talk to him. Howard from Tennessee. “I work as a personal
trainer about 15 hours a week “at a local gym, I am certified. “Concerning
Deuteronomy 24:13-16, “some clients can pay and
some clients can’t pay. “Am I doing wrong by
charging some and not others? “I charge very little. “I retire and do
this part-time.” Hey, it’s your gift. If somebody is in need and they
need your help to be healthy then it is your gift to them. No, there’s nothing
wrong with that. I’m sure that a person
who can afford it would not object to
you helping someone that was in straights, okay? Theresa from Missouri. “Please prove or disprove a
rumor that’s going around. “It has been said that Christ
will return in the year 2012. “How did man come up-” There is a calendar that ends
in South America in 2012. A lot of people believe that that’s a sign that
it’s going to. Nobody knows when the
end’s going to be. It might be a long
time before 2012. We are watchmen. As it is written
in Mark chapter 13, not even Christ knew
when he was in the flesh. He does now, of course,
but when in the flesh did not know when the end was. Only the Father. We are watchmen, and He
gives us all types of signs. To the point that we
can recognize the season and we’re in that season. We’re in the parable
of the fig tree. That’s all we’re
ever gonna know. There is only one
time when you see the two witnesses die in
the streets of Jerusalem, the (indistinct) it is called, Christ will return
in three days. That you can know. That’s why it’s important that
you be familiar with the word then you know basically. You know also now from
Revelation chapter nine that when the one
world system is set up and is operating Christ
will return in five months. Well, how can we know that? It’s written. He does let us know that. That’s why it’s important
that you know the word. But then as watchmen we wait
for those events to transpire and certainly that
identifies it. Johnathon from Oklahoma. “If Moses and Elijah
are the two witnesses “will they be known or
called by the same name?” They’re just the same people. I know a lot of people
disagree with me, it is written that Moses died but God would never let
anyone else bury him, as you’ll read in
Deuteronomy 33. God wouldn’t let man touch him. God took him, just
like He did Enoch. God took him. Elijah went up in
a vehicle, okay? I do not believe they died, that Moses died that is to say. And therefore it will be the
same two that will return. They have supernatural
abilities because it is Moses. What does Moses represent? The law. What does Elijah represent? The prophets. You have the law and
the prophets tied up
into two witnesses and quite frankly, we don’t
have any other witness other than law and the prophets. They tell us everything. Naturally, there would be no
need in changing their names is what I’m saying if that
were to be the two witnesses. No one has a double
guarantee that they are. I say that they have a
strong possibility of being because they are the two that
showed up with Jesus Christ on the Mount of
Transfigurations. Pauline from Alabama. “Thank you so much for your ..” You’re so welcome. “What book in the bible can I
find when Jesus was conceived “and when he was born?” Luke chapter one, but you
have to have a little help if you’re not familiar
with the Hebrew calendar as far as the course of Abiyah. There were 24 courses. They came to pass
two times a year. For a priest, that’s when he
had his duty at the temple. Zacharias, which was
Elizabeth’s husband, he was a priest of
the course of Abiyah. When he was serving
that course of Abiyah, which is a date, that he was told his wife
Elizabeth would conceive. She was an older woman. Too old really to conceive. But it was the angel
Gabriel that told him. When he went home
she did conceive. When that baby was six
months old in her womb Mary was approached by the angel and it was the
day of conception. The conception took place
six months after Zacharias course of Abiyah, which
is December the 25th. That’s the day of conception. He was born on the
feast of tabernacles, circumcised the eight day. Your appendix 179 in
your companion bible helps you with that. Kathy from Texas. “I am thinking that
Galia was a Geber. “I am confused
because Noah’s flood “was supposed to get
rid off all the Geber. “Galia appeared
after the flood.” There was a second influx. Again, I know I allude to the
companion bible a great deal, but that’s the reason I do. There’s 179 appendix in
the back of the bible of deep, rich study
that helps one be informed on the word of God. But there is an
appendix on giants and you’ll see documented
there was a second influx. But we took care of
business, it’s all right. Demiot from Missouri. That’s a pretty name. “My name is Demiot,
I am 10 years old. “I watch your program
with my grandmother. “My question is
what kind of food “did they eat
during Jesus’ time?” Pretty much what we eat today, only he would never
eat scavengers or anything of that nature and went by God’s health laws. Thank you for the question. Patricia from Oregon. “I have a question
concerning tithes. “I earn 1000 …” I’m not gonna go
into the figures, “And I’m sending 10%. “Is this right? “Could you give me a chapter
and verse concerning tithes?” Usually I speak very
little about tithes because it’s a person’s
personal business, okay? But the book of Malachi, we’ll
be teaching it real soon, and in chapter two it
gives you a great deal. “Also chapter and verse about
death and our spiritual soul “going to heaven to
our Father instantly.” Ecclesiastes chapter 12
verses six and seven. When the clay pot breaks,
that’s our flesh body, the silver cord parts. That’s the part that holds
our soul within this body. Instantly our spirit, which
is the intellect of our soul, returns to the Father
that gave it, okay? And this flesh goes back
to dust from which it came. We’re through with it. We never see it again. “But I thought we were
supposed to resurrect.” That’s what it’s talking about. You’re resurrecting
the spiritual body. You’re out of here, you’re gone, you’re not out here in
some hole in the ground. Eddie from Texas. “May God bless you,
I have a question. “Would you explain
John 11:11-14? “Was Lazarus a spirit
with our heavenly father “when Jesus raised him
back from the dead?” Everything that Jesus did was
to teach and prove a point. Naturally, he was
with the Father, but this event transpired
so that we would know. When Lazarus came
forth from that tomb he was still bound from head
to toe in the grave wrappings. He floated out of there, okay? He didn’t walk out. And then coming back,
it was to document what? That Christ was messiah and that he had victory
over death, and so it is. That’s why you don’t die, you instantly go to the Father when this old clay body quits. And so it is. Seth from Pennsylvania. “Was the Gospel of Mark
written first before Matthew “like Luke and John? “Could the Gospel
of Mark be a sermon “possibly given by Peter?” Oh, absolutely not. It was by Mark John. Mark is a Latin name. His real name was
John, Mark John, okay? He was a young lad
and he followed the apostles around. His book was not written
until about 63 AD. It was after some of them. I’m out of time. Hey, I love you all a bunch because you enjoy
studying God’s word. Most of all, God
loves you for it. Makes Father’s day when you study the letter
He has sent to you. When you make His
day, guess what? He’s gonna make yours. We are brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we have helped you, you
help us keep coming too. Won’t you do that? When you bless God He
will always bless you. But there’s one thing that’s
really most important. I want you to listen
to me, it’s this: In your life every day
you stay in His word, every day in His word is a
good day even with trouble. Do you know why? Because Jesus, Yeshua,
he is the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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