Three incredible birth stories: Aurora West Allis Women’s Pavilion

I had Lucy on a Saturday, I took her home
on Monday but my doctor told me to
continue monitoring my blood pressure.
Wednesday morning I took my blood
pressure and it was 160 over 90. While I
was hooked up it climbed and climbed and
climbed and climbed until it hit 220
over 110 and they were they’re like no
this isn’t this isn’t right this isn’t
literally I thought I said you know I
thought I was gonna die I thought I was
gonna die and I was gonna leave this
baby behind and um what made that even
harder was the fact that my fiance is
bringing this beautiful little girl up
to the visit my eat me I don’t want him
to bring her my nurse very gently
pointed out to me what I already had
recognized which is that when the baby
came in the room I seemed to get more
agitated and my blood pressure seemed to
go up the nurse brought it up very
gently in a way that made me feel like
it was okay for me to process that
information if I hadn’t gotten help when
I did I’m sure that it would have been a
much rougher road for me I’m really
grateful for that
bori Anna was my first micro preemie she
was one pound and a half
brunette 26 weeks Sophia was 28 weeks
she was 1 pound 11 ounces they fit in my
my daughter wore my wedding ring on her
that’s awesome all they were I think of
those nurses and their their blessings
their ability to not only talk to me but
to my husband and probably 50 million
family members who were in the room with
me at the same time family connectedness
is is the essence of Who I am it’s what
my culture embodies so I felt I felt
that that patient care experience and
involving my family was an integral part
of me feeling okay I definitely had a
great experience being a mom at the
hospital I always felt like even though
I couldn’t be there all the time
I she had me and then she had like five
other moms know which was her NICU
nurses if they were here I’d hug and
kiss them all when I got pregnant with
Lila I definitely wanted to try for a
VBAC which is the vaginal birth after
cesarean and I know that V backs are
risky so a lot of different providers
will be hesitant on offering that
service so considering that that was
something that I really wanted to
attempt I reached out to the Aurora
Women’s Pavilion in West Allis and was
met with a lot of support and
encouragement I was very excited but
apprehensive because I knew that it
still wasn’t like a slam dunk I could
still end up in surgery so I started to
say to my husband and my nurses and my
doctor uh you know I see a c-section on
the horizon I won’t hold my breath
fortunately I had a really awesome
doctor and wonderful nurses and
the next thing I knew I was completely
dilated and ready to push definitely
check out the Women’s Pavilion at the
Aurora West Allis location I all my
expectations were mad
everyone was so accommodating realistic
informative encouraging I wouldn’t have
had it any other way it was the happiest
moment of my life when my daughter was

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