This Maternal Mortality Story Is Devastating

Charles Johnson is a single father who’s currently suing cedars-sinai hospital in Los Angeles after his wife died during childbirth
This story is difficult. I’m just warning you guys before we toss to the video
But with that said here is Charles Johnson explaining what happened to his wife. I can see the Foley catheter
From Cure’s bedside began to turn pink with the line
He says doctors told them now three-year-old Langston’s births would be a routine cesarean section
I just held her by her hands and said please look my wife isn’t doing well
This woman looked me directly in my eyes, and she said sir your wife. It just isn’t a priority right now
It wasn’t until 12:30 a.m
The next morning that they finally made the decision to take here back to surgery
as critical minutes turned into hours Johnson says he was continually ignored by staff at cedars-sinai hospital in Los Angeles as
Kyra’s health continued to suffer
When they took her back to surgery and he opened her up, there were three and a half liters of blood in her abdomen
From where she had been allowed to bleed internally for almost ten hours
And her heart stopped immediately such a devastating story, but
Unfortunately, it’s not unique or isolated. This is actually a huge problem. That is
Definitely prevalent among the african-american community now Charles Johnson told CNN I started to do research myself
I realized oh my gosh, we’re in the midst of a maternal mortality crisis. That isn’t just shameful for American standards
It’s shameful on a global scale. So to give you a few statistics
America is the only developed country with a rising death rate for pregnant or new mothers
approximately 700 of these women in the United States die each year one of the richest countries in the world and that’s what happens and
one of the biggest issues is you know much like Kyra’s case when a
Woman needs help. Especially a black woman and says she’s in pain or isn’t feeling right
Oftentimes that call for help will be ignored and there are serious consequences to that people literally die
I think a lot of people forget that the medical community would do
experiments on people for centuries and
essentially poke prod cut us open with this idea that we don’t feel pain and
Unfortunately, some of that has continued to press through to modern-day medicine and medical care providers who continue to ignore
Women and especially black women when we let you know, there is a problem
There’s something I know and we saw it with Serena Williams and her trying to explain to the doctors. No, I have a problem
there’s something going on and literally having to throw a fit before they actually
Listen to her and that it really affects our daily lives and the possibility that we may end up
Admitted to a hospital in some way or some form and hey, they’re not gonna listen to us
Even though we’re telling them there’s something wrong. Yeah. It’s like in the hospital if we’re too hysteric
Don’t get any help or help. Our pain is not treated as as important if we’re to asterick and the cops pull us over
We’re dead
Yeah, it goes to this thing. You’re saying it’s like it’s
difficult just
Existing in this country as an african-american sometimes good. It’s like you’re walking on eggshells
Just trying to be treated like a normal person but like that
this is such an indictment on the health care system that like
Republicans and a lot of Democrats are saying is the number one health care system in the world
The one that produces the best outcomes and this is happening cedars-sinai is a really good Hospital
Yeah, they’re phenomenal hospital like their doctors who work there. I’m sure fine
but like this happens in our health care system on a day-to-day basis that they’ll say like, oh
But other countries they wait for their care people die waiting for their care here, and we do nothing about it
But no god forbid
We have socialist Bernie care that will ruin things and something also too I think is important to note that
Blacks indigenous and Alaskan Native women are 2 to 3 times more likely to die during childbirth
Or as a result of pregnancy related complications than white women
Yeah, and it’s because doctors don’t listen to us and just like a quick story
I went out on a date maybe six months ago first date. I have no problem telling a man
I want triplets the man. His response is it’s probably for the best because of the high maternal mortality rate for black women
It’s the only way just to do it once oh my because you can’t risk doing it more than once as you may not survive
Some excellent pickup line. I’m gonna use that please. Oh, yeah Wow
Works anytime apparently good way of breaking up. Oh my god
I think when he said that to me, I was like, oh my god, like he was down and he knew exactly
Why and why it was so important you?
Want triplets, dude?
I can only do it once cuz like if I go into a doctor so only reason though all that and they’re like cute cuz
they all look the same and you can like switch them up and
They look cute but there’s three of them
Runs away. I have an insurance policy two more. We’re not. Oh my god. I just always imagined like in middle school
They just like switch them around
No one ever knows who’s like, oh, is it the twin who’s in class today are the ones I’m playing hooky?
It’s a sitcom boy now. Sorry I needed light in the story
We did need that but let me give you a few more facts about this it’s you know, look a broader
Look at what’s going on?
So there’s a non-profit that does research and activism in the field and they came to more
Devastating unfortunately conclusions on this every mother counts
Says many of their deaths are because of unequal health care or the unequal health care system and systemic racism
Also an expert in the field added a well-educated
african-american woman with more than a high school education
Has a five fold risk of death compared to a white woman with less than a high school education
so that might feel like a weird thing to bring up but I think it’s incredibly relevant because
oftentimes when we talk about
Unfair treatment it’s seen through the lens of socioeconomic status and that certainly plays a huge role
But even if you have two people with the same education, you know the same wealth the same everything
there’s still a problem in the way that
People are perceived certain groups of people are perceived. And so I
Want to plug this even though I have issues with some of their reporting but the New York Times wrote a very detailed feature on
how black women are
Most vulnerable to this and it was just really well done. So, please check that out. It was a good piece and
There are good reporters working at organizations that I don’t necessarily agree with all the time
So take a look at that article and more. Thanks for watching The Young Turks. Oh, really? Appreciate it
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  1. Leave it to TYT to make the healthcare system racist. if you're white and go to the hospital you're a racist who needs to check his privilege!!!

  2. Do you really think people see a black woman and they want her to die? They risk their reputations, medical degrees and licenses, conspire with the nurses, other doctors and administration all because they hate black people? Filing the paperwork, answering for your role in her death is all worth it because she was black!

    You people are delusional and this kind of video must be seen by the entire country to understand what kind of people Progressives are.

  3. The US has a very high rate of C-sections as compared to other countries. I cannot be certain, but the lack of follow-through which resulted in this woman's early and tragic (and highly likely PREVENTABLE) death was probably because other surgical procedures were being done that night, some of which were unnecessary. Much of the behavior of the US medical system is driven by a fear of liability (I.e. getting sued). In the US, we have medical inequality. Some folks are in the ER for items which could have been prevented (folks not being able to AFFORD their medicines, etc). And lots of folks are being OVER-TREATED. Too much medicine also is not good medicine. Many surgeries performed here are unnecessary. Many prescriptions here are excessive.
    Our CNN and MSNBC and DNC "War on Bernie" is literally an attempt to perpetuate our class-based unequal medical delivery system. It's a war to keep the "Cadillac plans" away from the "unwashed masses" for fear that some allegedly entitled person will have to wait for care (when they feel like theirs is paid for and everyone else's IS SOME FORM OF WELFARE).

  4. This is tragic. I heard about this story and the mother should be alive. Glad TYT covered this. I trust them and Roland Martin

  5. So thankful to Adrienne for her much needed levity.
    This story made me sick to my stomach.

    Also… did that dude get a second date? He sounds like a keeper!

  6. This is an example of white flight as the medical personnel were all blacks & browns. California is now the 3rd world.


  8. What is it with people ignoring pregnant women's pains during/after labor? What because she's supposedly "designed" to carry and birth a baby so it's no big deal if she's hurting because it's normal? If there's even a 1% change someone could die from something then no it isn't normal nor OK. Until we invent artificial wombs or something, people need to take this shit seriously and stop the slaughter. A kid is never going to see his mom and a dad has to raise him all alone because some idiots thought her life was not a priority!

  9. That almost happened to me but my doctor was adamant and would not take no for an answer. Safe to say she saved my life and I get to see my now 3 year old grow

  10. Where did you gather your make a statement like most of them are black people who ask for help and then they die…where did u gather the statistics for that claim?? I am a man of color .I'm just curious where you got that information to be able to say the majority are black people who asked for help..

  11. There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the black race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the African American to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

  12. "Story had Nothing to do with race"


    Its actually the progressive left Who make everything about race, Not conservatives

  13. She has no idea what she is saying when she says she wants triplets. It is not easy to carry 3 babies at the same time. I will remember she said that and I am not sure I will believe anything she says is thought out. Ignorant!

  14. why was the hospital so busy? ….. illegals? ……. gang bangers hurt? ……. everybody that worked there spoke a different language?

  15. Hey Turk and Democrat Motherfu-ks, now that our intelligence agencies have determined that Russia is meddling in the primaries favoring Bernie Sanders I demand that the primaries stop immediately and they go to a delegate brokered convention

  16. why dont the africa american start their own hospitals and maternity homes to avoid this situations. i hope that bernie sanders wins

  17. This is so sad. He has a right to sue. He was literally told, “your wife isn’t a priority right now” and man was that true. That’s so sad.

  18. 2:10 Yeah a long time ago, a long time ago we believed that diseace were caused by demons, so how is that related to anything that happens today? this woman is just mentioning random horrible things of the past and acting as if whites are still doing it today just because she and TYT hate white people.

  19. 2:20 NO, you braind dead morron doctors today do nothing even remotely close to what you just said, you are just randomly accusing whites of being evil. By that logic I can just say you are a serial killer cannibal base on nothing.

  20. 3:02 No if you act as a violent criminal that is a clear threat to the cop life you may die, as will any person of any race.

  21. Also illiteracy rates in some states, infant deaths rivaling africa in some states, rising autism rates, civil forfeiture that is racially targeted against innocents, election irregularities, price of insulin, patient dumping (including white patients who HAD the health insurance, just not relatives to notice the patient dumping), police-commited crimes, and unregulared toxins in foods.

  22. "Richest country" means nothing when the wealth is concentrated to a perverse degree. Here's a hint: When people use statistics, check to see whether they use averages or the median to argue. Averages are easily skewed, when there are extreme outliers like the 0.1%. The median is a better measure for then.

  23. In no way am I trying to minimize the plight of African American women but it should frighten the hell out you that it is just as bad for white males. A few years ago I was hospitalized for a life threatening staph infection and while my wife was visiting, I began feeling intense pain in my leg. I called for a nurse to administer some more pain medication but she refused, saying that it was too soon. By then the pain was so intense that I actually began to whimper even though I have an unhealthy high pain tolerance. Seeing that the pain was too much for me, my wife knew that something was very wrong and went out to talk to the charge nurse. It took over an hour for her to get someone to give me a "priority" but eventually it turned out to be a blood clot that could have killed me.

    Sadly, our health care system is dangerous for everyone!

  24. Something like this happened to my African-American wife. she's alive and is perfectly healthy but only because of how hard we fought to keep her in the hospital for another few days. She had preeclampsia and our daughter was born of cesarean section a month early. She is completely healthy but my wife wasn't doing so good her blood pressure was erratic she was having dizzy spells her cesarean section went beautifully it only took a short amount of time. After 5 days in the hospital a doctor came in and try to basically push this out of the hospital. They refused to take my wife's word for how she was feeling. she ended up getting sick and her blood pressure was spiking really high if she would have went home that day there's possibility that she could have died. We're in the hospital for another two or three days after that until she's stabilized. the attending physician that tried to get us out of the hospital and try to make it sound like we just wanted to be there had to come back and apologize to my fiance. not to mention the fact that there were so many different nurses from all over that were terrible we had to make three formal complaints to against nurses and one against the attending physician. One nurse told us that the bilirubin LED lights would melt our daughter's eyes if we let the mask come off. This is completely not true. It's just sad thatlack of personnel and properly trained and paid personnel lead to so many deaths a year. most nurses see people is just complaining or making you know a mountain out of a mole hill. we need medical reform so bad both my now five month old daughter and wire for perfectly healthy but if we didn't fight so hard that could be so different.

  25. Oh wow, a whole 700 died last year? 700? You do realize millions of births occur in the US every year. I'm sorry that this man's wife died but this is not news.

  26. If he was really concerned with her health he would of called a ambulance to transport her to another hospital. The mortality rate of black mothers is due to cardiovascular disease and heart disease along with high blood pressure which can present during pregnancy. It is not a race issue it is a genetics problem. California hospitals are on the verge of bankruptcy which is caused by illegal alien child birth. In California alone 84 hospitals have closed after being anchor baby factories. Medicare for all will only make the system much worse. Socialized medicine puts a emphasis on quantity over quality of care and are forced to do more with less. The low medicare reimbursement rates are simply unsustainable. Doctors would be forced to treat more patients to maintain costs. A overworked and underpaid doctor is a disaster in the making.

  27. the american conservative pro lifer doesnt care one inch how many minorites and poor die, they all have it coming to the right. A right winger will deny themselves free healthcare in hopes that the poor and blacks remain shut out

  28. Alot of the accolades that America boasts are self proclaimed. If people bother to research anything, they will find that we are not that great.

  29. I do not understand something like that. I had two cesareans, care like that is unthinkable here in Germany. Pro tip though: triplets are about eight times as much work as a singlet.

  30. Just so glad I intuitively knew to get the hell away from mainstream medical decades ago. If that's one of our best, omfg. It is, once again, all about the level of power we put in the hands of others. We don't learn about our own bodies or so many incredible, inexpensive and effective natural/"alternative" remedies (note, we were so effin' stupid yrs ago, they mocked Jack LaLanne promoting exercise, not to mention all kinds of other stupid "health" advice they spewed back in the day). After this story, seriously, you mock home births? Uh, how about go talk to women who did this themselves, and ended up having a healthy child, and still being alive afterward. Instead of just so readily swallowing their lies, go talk to women who have vaxxed children compared to the ones they didn't vaccinate… But sadly, even after such a horror story, the girl in the middle is still willing to risk her life to bring three more children into a world of ppl that are so incredibly ignorant about their own bodies, still judging ppl, their value, by the color of their skin AND their pocketbook. She wants to bring more children into a world that is circling the drain, and that supposedly has (maybe) a decade left. THAT is how brainwashed our ppl are, so entirely incapable of realizing that these effin' systems were created by hard-core left-brained MEN. Half-brained, as in stupid/ignorant, because they didn't use, aren't using, their whole brain. We worship that masculine side (see sky god), and that is the root of all the insanity. That left-brain is "logical" and "practical," but it is devoid of HEART, "intuition," actual higher wisdom (yes, we can know things without white coats). As a whole, this and most all of our systems (created by masculine energy) have no true compassion. So when you choose to or you're forced to hand over your life to them, you're gd right, and no matter your color or anything else, that is a major risk to your life. And if you survive, you really have no idea just how much they harmed you. Then on down the road, when that harm manifests into disease, you won't even connect the dots. And it seems no matter what, you just keep going back to them, keep seeing those white-coated ones as "gods." And your response to that, what else can we do, "he/they" have all the power (just like sky god?)? You're wrong. sigh

  31. Actually this has nothing to do with racism because my aunt just recently died of the same thing, she’s white!

    If you watch the young turks long enough you would know that They’ve been trying to stir up racism by calling everyone racist for the last 5 years.

    I don’t know why they think that this is helping because the only thing that it is doing is making people paranoid that their friends, neighbors and coworkers hate them.

    They need to help bridge the divide instead of injecting all these propaganda points.

    That’s a story for another time though, this is a true medical crisis that has been happening to all races.

    One of the contributing factors to this is because during the last four years medical professionals have been trained to ignore people saying that they are in pain.

    The main reason is because medical professionals think that the only reason they are complaining of pain is so that they can get opiates, so with medical professionals have this subliminal idea in their head instead of saying oh my God we should probably take this person seriously they think this person is just looking for some painkillers.

    Compassion has gone right out the window!

    Everyone feels pain, everyone gets sick, everyone suffers from injuries and at the end of the day we all suffer from the maltreatment by the medical industry.

    But this has nothing to do with racism and I wish they would knock that shit off if you look at the real numbers versus their own statistics from places like vox or skate, mother jones etc you’ll find it this is a problem no matter what the ethnicity

  32. Again I ask….why this has to be a race issue? Can it just be criminal negligence that needs to be closely looked into and that's it. Is that too much to ask?

  33. Its a damn shame, that people working in US hospitals are actually allowed to call themselfs doctors and medical professionals.
    Its not "doctors not listening to us" but rather, American doctors. It has nothing to do with the profession, but with the people. Only in America, doctor is viewed as "just a job" or "a way to make good money" rather than a noble profession.

  34. That's why they're dying faster than they multiply! Everything they do to us comes back on them! All praises to The Most High! Deal with them Most High!!!

  35. We've been complaining about how law enforcement abuse people of color for decades and even in the age of hand held video we still get white people denying it and saying that it must be something we are doing as they watch a black child being gunned down. Now the fruits of systemic racism are revealed in the health care system and I suspect just like with law enforcement the excuses will be a mile deep as they watch one of us bleed out on video. As DL Hughley said "The most dangerous place for black people to live is in the imaginations of white people." We are not seen as completely human and this fact is reflected in the systems and institutions that they created.

  36. I used to think Cesarean sections were for women who weren't thick enough in general.

    Why? Because my dad always told me sticks break from the tree, and the tree goes on alone.

    Meaning go for the thick women. The ones who don't have wide hips and big buns aren't gonna have the strength to give birth.

    Guess he was wrong, btw? That woman was a stick too. Still, she should of gotten the help she needed.

  37. Why are people wasting their time watching TYT, if all they wanna do is express hate. I guess like the comedian said … if you got hate in your heart, let it out.

  38. I swear to god doctors just don't listen. It's been proven that they take women less seriously than men (then blame women because we're 'not direct enough' (what part of there's blood where there shouldn't be isn't direct?)) and then they take black women less seriously than white women. Why is the medical community so messed up?

  39. I would like to say that I didn't know this – but I live in the UK and I knew. It is another sickening fact about the USA that demonstrates that you guys are in serious serious trouble

  40. 700 deaths means that a small number of deaths can change the percentage. Deaths can happen weeks or months after one gives birth. 1/3 of deaths were the result of heart disease or stroke. The U.S. also has the highest rate of C-sections and as surgeons say, there are no completely safe surgeries.

  41. Not "one of the richest countries in the world", it is the richest country in the history of the world.
    It's good to hear that Americans are beginning to understand how backward their country is in so many ways. It's been a long time coming though.

  42. The SOUL of the WHITE MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD
    (Deuteronomy 28:47-68)
    (Psalms 58:3)
    (Proverbs 29:2)
    (Job 9:24)
    (Malachi 1:1-4).

    (Isaiah 14:1-21)
    (Ezekiel 25:12-14,35:1-15)
    (Habakkuk 2:4-12)
    (Obadiah 1-18)
    (Revelations 13:9-10,18:4-10).

  43. Love how channels being helpful constructive (trying to give facts ) get monetize.
    This kind of monstrous behavior is done to 45 ensure BLACK LIVES DONT MATTER… it's a test on power! You tube had a few [noticeable] doctors who made scary findings of the medcial care industry int he U.S. , EVEN ONE WHO NOTED ABOUT organ donors with older white people and YOUNGER BLACK KIDS! People won't notice they died in a mysterious way. This one doctor spoke of the American government wanted to make sure everyone who got an ID of any kind ( whether you ask for it or not) had to be pit on the donor list and your ID must state it! Without your consent! Which means free parts for people that can afford to buy them!

    Once you get a person in any FORM of care they work on you where you can't help yourself! Open you up and do what they want!… It's reminds me of that movie "TURISTA" – STICKING PEOPLE INTO A SITUATION WHICH THEY CANT HELP THEMSELVES ONCE YOURE THEIR TARGET . ITS ABUSIVE OF POWER ONCE YOU ARE AT THEIR MERCY!And it's too late.


    WE ALL GREW UP Hearing children are the future!…this is they're way of helping am issue they have with WELL PROSPEROUS BLACKS – Why not stop the future of the most affluent and well rounded." WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE" — The black community has found too many ways to ascend and that's a problem for those who feel M.A.G.A is the American standard. WHEN ITS NOT JUST THEM! I did my research on this too! It's shocked me! To think….who would do this! It's not just woman in child birth but Dental care, older people! – which they claim they died from old age or it was their time! – but yet! They we're healthy as an ox just th e day before! And no one is willing to investigate this mysterious issue! Of the healthy person just died! …. like that sports news anchor who was shocked, himself that his own health went from 0 to 100! And died in 2 weeks. Nothing was questioned. All that was said! It just happens!

    I'm sorry! But this scare even me! Who's next! Really! There are too many cases of people who are non black who have TERMINAL DISEASES AND SEEM TO WALK AWAY WITH A NEW LIFE. AND PEOPLE OF COLOR CAN DIE OF A MINOR SCRATCH!

    Seriously, DESPITE if it's hillbillies. Living and thinking and actions the same type of people are gunning for those who are doing well! And living better! And it's worse to know that blacks are a large target! Especially if life is doing well! YOU SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED TO POPULATE [ colonize] YOUR WEALTHY OF ANY ELEMENTS!?

    Also, the Problem is too many people that are non white follow this threat ( harming others ) too! But Most! Latin And Indian and Asian POLICE [and commanding chiefs ]targeting black men. East Indian doctors, which If I'm not mistaken was this mans wife doctor refusing to give proper care! And doing FRAUDULENT medical work, which kills patients! Look up whistleblower cases! It's shocking to know this is happening – This is All to fit in assimilate (so not to be the target – they pick on the who is the a standard – those who do have BIZARRE biases which most don't realize are directed towards those who are on the menu for systemic hate crimes! The usual targets.

    ITS beyond. AFTER Listening to people claim they take an oath [Do no harm,] to protect and hold up justice! But Blacks and brown people have to worry about being Jailed for life or dying at the doctors [ for basic care]

    Plus, how do you know the doctors is telling you the truth about your health if they are the only ones who understand how to fake the results! And no other doctors will dare counter act the original doctors prognosis. People live in fear based on who is being honest or honestly using you as a test corpse!

    And they continue to do it because they don't fear the law! Because the law is in the pockets of big phrama! If someone one can name one huge Medical case that a person of color won a windfall.., which isn't the point or IMPORTANT!… I would love to know! But the legal law stress people of color away from medical malpractice suits! And will tell lies to keep ypu from suing in their own best interest! Because they are paid for by the medical community! They know the doctors are killing black patience!

  44. I went to the ER with a bad asthma attack, so bad my fingernails where purple and i couldnt inhale… no one even came to LOOK at me for vitals until i started screamign with what lil breath i had "someone help me im dying". Turns out I had a collapsed lung and almost died. ANd yes I am a woman of color black, native and spanish.

  45. It's mind boggling how the supremacists of America would rather hurt themselves in order to hurt us. *smfh*

    Taxes MUST return to NORMAL so that we may save America from itself.

  46. Black woman here in Akron OH just last month went into the ER with chest pains. After waiting 5hrs she decided to drive to urgent care since she wasn't being seen. She didn't make it. She was late 20s early 30s. Cause of death, heart attack, go figure.

  47. Well it’s called triage, if there are multiple emergencies and they are seen as more pressing than what is believed as a routine procedure, the more pressing emergency is given priority.

    This isn’t a case of discrimination, it’s a case of bad doctors who think they know better. I’ve had 1 family member and 3 family friends killed by incompetent doctors and their reaction was, “well everyone has to die sometime.” Thing is Texas state laws protect doctors from medical malpractice lawsuits to an ungodly extent, even when it is clear negligence it’s almost impossible to file a lawsuit here.

    At least in California the laws permit him to sue for her death as a result of malpractice.

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