THIS Is the Most Fun You’ll Have With Money

– And next up, we’re gonna talk about the last Ramsey Baby Step,
which is probably the most fun. Baby Step 7: Build wealth and give. But before we dive into that conversation, here is a really great clip from Financial Peace University that shows what this step is all about. – We are here to do more
than just for ourselves. We’re here to do for others. – Our focus has shifted
from surviving to thriving. – But when I think about
how much we’ve paid off in seven years, and we
tithed the whole way, it’s mind-blowing that we had enough. – The process sort of
unlocks that part of you that’s a giver by the way it allows you to develop the means to be
able to do more of it. – When you start to think of yourself as more than just a spectator in life, it’s such a joyful feeling. – If you hold your money like this none can get out, but no
more can get in either. If you go like this to God, it just flows so much you can’t even hold them. – Here I am. I’m giving money away, and I’m
richer than I’ve ever been. – When I was working in the schools, and I would see kids
come in to eat breakfast, I started wanting
to somehow branch out and do something with it to
help these kids on the weekend. That’s how I came at starting
Blessings in a Backpack. – If you start looking at money as a tool that you use. It’s an asset that the Lord has given me. And I pray, please show me how I
should use your resources because it’s not me anymore. – And now we have all this time to pour into ministries
and people going overseas to spread the gospel. – I pack food for kids I don’t even know, but I feel really great knowing that there’s 24 kids that
are being fed this weekend. – You know with this generous act my parents have done for me, I really have to shift my mindset, you know. Because before, when you don’t have enough, you’re always worried about
taking care of yourself, what do I need to do to help myself. But this, it just shifts my
mindset to transcending that. I have the ability to pay it forward in a way that other people maybe don’t. – The amount of money
that we’re able to give, and enjoy giving—it’s more than I ever would have imagined. It’s just amazing. – So you better be ready for the ride because it’s freaking awesome. (laughing) I totally love it. – All right, Baby Step 7. All that’s left is to
build wealth and give. And we cover this in
Financial Peace University, and this is called outrageous generosity. And this is a fun step, you guys. Like, this is where we get people. And you always say that
it’s an emotional step because there’s like, all
the hope that’s accumulated, like, this is what the plan is for. – We’ve lived like no one else. We’ve paid the price to win.
And our definition of winning, then, is you become debt-free so that you’re able to build wealth. So, you live like no one else so that you can live like no one else and you can give like no one else. So, I talked to a friend of mine yesterday, as a matter of fact. We
were having a discussion, 40 years of marriage, and he was telling me that Ritz Carlton now has a cruise line. I didn’t know this. But he just booked a really nice cruise for
his 40th anniversary. So he is living like no one else, and this guy is unbelievably generous and you would never think he would spend money on himself in any way, but it’s a very small percentage of his world because his
world is very big now. – I love it. And the giving aspect, it’s just incredible. And we always say it
really is the most fun you can have with money. There’s fun parts of changing your legacy, and going on a nice
cruise, and all of that. But when you give, there’s something in your heart that’s just different. It touches a different place
in your life, giving does. Do you find that, Hogan, with
the everyday millionaires? – It really does. And these
everyday millionaires were very intentional
in setting aside money each and every month to be able to give. So this wasn’t an accident.
This is in the fiber of who they are. And we
say that we’re blessed to be a blessing. And so, these millionaires have that same kind of mindset. Yes, they want to take care
of their own financial future, but they’re also trying to help others in all kinds of ways: at their church, at charities . . . And so it’s just fantastic to be able to see that these people have the right kind of heart and the right kind of motivation. – Yeah, that’s so great. All right, it’s fun. The Ramsey Baby Steps— they’re complete. You end with living and giving like no one else. So, before you guys leave, a question I always ask my guests
are what is something that you’re doing with your money, right now that’s creating
a life that you love? But I can’t wait to hear your answers because if yours is buying a new play set for your grandkids, I’d be okay with that. (laughing) We need one. – That’s my life.
– Is she lobbying? Is she lobbying right now? – Live on camera, I decided to go there. – On camera, off camera, full time. – I need proof.
– What’s she doing? – This goes on all the time. – My goodness. – But really, what are
y’all doing right now? People are interested.
This is interesting. – Well, I mean, what I’m doing is, I’m obviously preparing a legacy for my own boys. But being able to give. I mean, being involved in some areas out front, but also behind the scenes. I have to tell you, when
you’re able to give behind the scenes, no one knows, but I know. And so it’s awesome to be able to see the impact of that. – [Rachel] Be anonymous. That’s good. – Absolutely, it’s fun. It’s a lot of fun.
– [Rachel] That’s good. – What are you doing? – Again, the giving—it is the most fun you’ll ever have with money. And it’s not just to pat ourselves on the back and say we’re generous
or something like that. It’s just, you work your tail end off. And we work. I mean, all
three of us work hard, and we make good money,
and we’ve gotten there. We’ve gotten to the point that
we don’t have house payments. We don’t have this. We don’t have that. And so, we’re able—there’s margin in there— to enjoy our money, but
also to just catch somebody. And just, you know, we were in a little Mexican
restaurant the other night. The food was amazing. And
the lady busing the tables didn’t speak English. And it was really fun to just pop a hundred dollar bill on her on the way out.
Just completely made her cry. It’s just, you know, let’s
have some fun like that. – So good. – Because she’s the one that
doesn’t get noticed, you know. The waiter that’s all
dancing in front of you, they’re the one that gets the tip, right? But she’s the one carrying the dishes, and her back, you know
and that kind of stuff. And nobody even knows she’s there. She didn’t speak a lick of English. And I don’t speak a lick of Spanish. But you know what? We both spoke C-note. (laughing) – That’s cool. That is cool. – She knows what that is. That’s awesome. So, so great. Well, you guys, it’s just
been an amazing series, and I’m so glad that we’ve touched on every single Baby Step. But if you really want to dive into this, we’ve got a community of people just like you who are changing their lives, and they’re just waiting for you. So, you’re able to connect with them, dive in deeper. So make sure to sign up for our Financial Peace University class and see your legacy start changing. Thank you guys both for being here. So fun. – Thank you. – Thank you.


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