The Best Bloopers From The Office We Could Find

With a show as hilarious as The Office, it’s
definitely worth taking the time to watch all the blooper reels. “Ok wait, how do you know it’s a warehouse
worker who stunk up the bathroom?” “They stink up the bathroom with their smelly
poos and…” (Laughs.) “They’re gonna turn on us, come on.” If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands,
never fear: we’ve rounded up some of the very best bloopers from ​The Office​ right
here. In the season two episode “Office Olympics,”
Michael takes Dwight to the condo he’s hoping to purchase. Dwight wastes no time making his boss highly
uncomfortable pointing out a string of potential problems. “Wow, you’ll be paying this off in your mid-seventies… Forget about retiring when you’re sixty-five.” But in this blooper from the episode, it’s
Dwight or rather, actor Rainn Wilson who seems really rather uncomfortable… and the reason
why soon becomes clear. “I love you.” “What?” “I love you Michael.” “I love you too. What are you even talking about?” “I was just talking about… I farted.” “Are you kidding me?” Great to know that actors go through the same
struggles as the rest of us. Sometimes, actors can really miss the mark. Take Phyllis Smith, for example. “Phyllis, come on… oh, Jesus… are you
alright?” “Phyllis are you okay?” “I’m okay.” She’s not the only Office actor who occasionally
fails at sticking the landing. It seems Brian Baumgartner has yet to master
the subtle art of sitting down. “Don’t you even f—— keep that in there!” Meanwhile, in the season five episode “Michael
Scott Paper Company,” Steve Carell encounters some serious car trouble. “F—. I think I’m gonna need some, um, new pants.” Hey, no one ever said getting out of cars
was easy. We all have our things. Well, actor John Krasinski evidently likes
to pretend to get his finger caught in clapperboards. “ow” “Ow” “Ow” Who wouldn’t want to try their hand at that? Clearly Brian Baumgartner was eager to get
in on all the fun. “That’s my joke. That’s my joke.” “It’s funny.” And here comes Jenna Fischer to show ’em how
it’s really done. “Teamwork! He didn’t get me!” Everyone, put your hands together for these
clapperboard kooks! In the season 7 episode “Viewing Party,” the
whole staff gathers at Gabe’s apartment to watch Glee and make homemade pizzas. “So. These are your cheeses, your hams, your sausages,
your herbs, and your vegetables. Here’s what’s been done. Start creating.” Early on in the episode, Michael is seen throwing
pizza dough in the air… and then this happens: “Try to destroy the old ways, Gabe; I will
not let you.” But in one unused take, the scene goes a little
bit differently. Bon appétit. “Try to destroy the old ways, Gabe. I will not let you do it.” For an actor, staying in character takes a
lot of hard work. And it can be tough to remember all those
lines. In a scene from the season 4 episode “Dinner
Party,” Dwight unexpectedly arrives at Michael’s condo with two wine glasses and a creepy date. “Coming.” “Hello…” “What are you doing here?” “We came here to eat dinner and to party.” Obviously the scene wasn’t shot in one take,
as this ridiculous blooper proves: “What are you doing here?” “Hi, how are you?” “Hi.” “I’m not in character yet.” Hey, at least he’s being honest. Throughout season six, Pam does everything
in her power to hold off labor as she wrestles with her fear of giving birth. In a scene from the episode “The Delivery:
Part 1,” Michael gathers the staff to brainstorm how to slow down Pam’s pregnancy. As Erin reads off a list of ways to stimulate
labor, the group suggests ways of doing the exact opposite: “Ok, Number Three: Eat spicy foods.” “Okay, yeah — the opposite of that?” “Stick spicy food up her butt.” “Nope, nope!” For obvious reasons, it took a bit of work
before to nail down this particular scene. Take one! “What is the opposite of that?” “Make spicy foods come out of her.” “No, no…” Take two! “Make spicy foods come out of her.” “Nope, nope, we’re not doing that. Pam?” Take three! “And the opposite of that?” “Make spicy foo … ooohhh.” Turns out, practice does make perfect. Let’s watch the final cut one more time to
bask in the glory. “Ok, Number Three: Eat spicy foods.” “Okay, yeah — the opposite of that?” “Stick spicy food up her butt.” “Nope, nope!” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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