(hissing) – My thumb is killing me right now! Hey huntys, it’s your girl, LaToya Forever back at it with another video! In today’s video, I’m doing a storytime! Y’all better be twerking right now, because y’all be loving yo
girl’s storytimes right? Anyways, today’s story. Y’all are gonna freak out, but just calm down. Take a deep breath, drink some water… (sipping) Y’all…I legitimately thought I was pregnant with baby number four. Number four, y’all! I had Ayah on September
11th, and I literally thought I was pregnant with baby number four. Panic mode! The reason why I thought I was pregnant is because when I
conceived Zayn and Samia, I got my period six
weeks after giving birth. With Ayah, I did not see no period, okay? And I was freaking out, because Adam’s trying to get it on, I’m trying to go to bed. I don’t want any more kids, and I honestly think that my mission in life, well,
God’s mission for my life, is to have children every single year. Like, Lord, I get that and… Children are amazing, they’re a blessing, but can I just have one year to myself? You know what I’m saying? I’m trying to be selfish. 2020, it’s a new decade. I need to be selfish, okay? Forget these kids. Honestly, I would be crying, depressed, and like literally just…like… Oh! (laughs) Yeah, that’s exactly
how I would be all year. Okay, y’all, back to the story. So they say when you are
a breastfeeding mother that usually, normally, you
don’t get your period, okay? That wasn’t the case with
my first two pregnancy, but that was the case with Ayah, okay? The complicated pregnancy, Ayah. But she’s an angel, you guys. She’s such a beautiful little angel. I love her temperament. She’s just so kind, and
gentle, and sweet, and smiley. But the pregnancy was
a hot ass mess, okay? She better be an angel. Anyways, that wasn’t the case with Ayah. I did not get my period, okay? So that was concerning to me, because Adam and I were getting it on, like two kids in damn high school. Like…crazy, all right? Like, no care in the world. In the bathroom. On the floor. In the kitchen. Outside. You know, you know I’m, on the chandelier, you
know, you feel me, like, in the car. Like…just crazy. My husband, an African man, he loves the hanky panky, all right? So anyways, I was concerned, because I’m like, okay, we are
doing this a little too often and I just need to stop
breastfeeding for a week to see if I get my period, because my doctor said that
if you stop breastfeeding, you will get your period, okay. So I stopped breastfeeding for a week. Your girl did not get her period, period. Period. Okay, so I was quite concerned. All right. Then family members and friends
start reaching out to me, trying to speak into my life things that I don’t even know exist. Y’all know my cousin,
Dee Dee, she’s a witch. A good witch. You know what I’m saying. She, like, predicts things and it happens. It’s crazy, like she’s the one that made Samia come out on October 12th. Like she gave me all these massages and she said that the
baby’s coming the next day. Like, her, she messaged me, okay? On December 21st. I will never forget it. And you know what she said to me? She said, is your period on schedule? That’s the first thing she said to me! Not even hi, hello, how’s my boo? How you doing? Like, oh my God, like
I’ll be in Atlanta soon. Like, let’s turn up and whatnot. Did you get your period again? I said no, I did not get my period, yet. I said, did you have a dream? Because witches, you know,
they have dreams and stuff. About people and stuff, and
sometimes they be true and shit. Right. She said no, I didn’t have a dream. She said, it’s worse. I feel it in my gut. Bruh. I feel it in my gut, bro. She said, I feel it in my gut! Honestly, my heart started to race. I was freaking out. I was like so paranoid. I was paro, like, you know
how some people be so high and they just be so paranoid. Like paranoid to the 20th power, bro. I was so scared, like,
and I was so scared, I didn’t even want to
take a pregnancy test. You know what I’m saying? At all. I’m like no, I cannot be pregnant. I cannot be pregnant. Like this is not…this is not a thing. Like, I’m not pregnant. Literally I will kill my
husband if I am pregnant. So I started researching
pregnancy symptoms like an idiot. Like I don’t have three kids already. ‘Cause I was that scared to take a test, because if it said positive,
I would be so, like… I would be tripping. Anyways, I hit up my doctor cousin. Okay, my cousin, she’s a doctor, and I harass her life every single day. If I sneeze, oh my God, am I dying? If the kids are coughing, oh my gosh, are my kids okay? Like what’s going on? Should I bring them to you? Like, da-da-da-da. Like, I just go off. Every single symptom I
have, I message my cousin. I said, cous, where’s my period? I didn’t get my period. She said, “Are you
breastfeeding consistently?” I said I stopped breastfeeding,
okay, to get my period and it is not here. She said, “LaToya, calm down. “Did you take a test?” I said no, I didn’t take no test, and I’m not taking no test, okay? Tell me when I’m gonna get my period. She said, “LaToya, the
only way you’re gonna know “if you are pregnant or
not is if you take a test.” I said, “Sam, I’m not taking a test. “And I’m not going to the
doctor for blood work. “Tell me if I’m pregnant.” Tell me if I’m pregnant. But honestly, y’all, like, okay… So there’s actually one sign that I can tell if I’m pregnant or not. So every single day, I was
doing this in my mirror. I would stand in my mirror to the side and I would suck in as hard as I could go. And usually if the bottom
piece of your abdomen, like your lower stomach,
underneath your bellybutton, if it’s kinda puffy and swollen
and you can’t suck it in, that’s a good telltale sign
that your ass might be pregnant. I kept sucking in, and another symptom is
if you’re gaining weight. Your girl was fluctuating
between 149 and 150, sometimes 152. I said, girl, I’m gaining weight, hunty. I’m getting paranoid. But I was not taking no test. I was listening to my body. Then my next cousin messaged
me, talking about, girl, I had a dream of fish, and somebody’s pr– Get your ass out of my DM’s. Get your ass out of my iMessage. Get your ass out of my
WhatsApp, okay, get out. Get out. It wasn’t about me. I said, I don’t know what
you’re talking about. I ain’t pregnant, all right. Meanwhile, I’m thinking I’m pregnant, but everyone just making me so paranoid. And then I’m on Instagram, scrolling, and I’m seeing all these pregnancies and women being pregnant
and having babies, going to the mall and the supermarket, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant. Like just craziness, yo. I…oh my gosh. Then chicks on YouTube,
Keisha, getting pregnant. I’m like, oh my God, please, Jesus, I do not wanna be pregnant. Suck in my stomach again in the mirror. My stomach a little bloated. I’m like, oh shoot, I’m bloated. Am I pregnant? Do I need to take a test? (sniffling) And I’m sleeping early. That’s another sign. So then, y’all, I’m having
serious conversations with my husband now,
because I’m concerned. And every single time
I would approach him, he would laugh. Like, bro, what’s funny? I’m having pregnancy symptoms and then you’re laughing in my face. Like, his pullout game
is so weak, you guys. Like, that’s why I thought
I was knocked up again. Like, yo. Honestly, I told him, you are
gonna have to do something to yourself to prevent
us from having children, because we cannot have any more right now. I’m trying to live my best life. Stop impregnating me. Stop doing it. Let’s go ahead and do
the snip, snip procedure where they snip you. As a matter of fact, get
me some damn scissors, we are having this
procedure on this bed today. And I’m gonna do the snipping, okay, and it will be six weeks recovery for you. Then he was like, “LaToya,
if you honestly think “you’re pregnant, go take a test.” I said no, no, no, no, no. You should know. You tell me. You tell me if I’m pregnant or not. Am I pregnant? Laughed in my face. No, heh heh, no, LaToya,
you’re not pregnant. You’re not, go take a test. Why do I have to take a test? Why are you laughing? Like there’s nothing funny about this, because if I am pregnant, trust me, World War IV will be up in this piece and I’m not playing with you. Shit. So since everyone was in my ear, I think I was going
through pregnancy symptoms, I accepted the fact that I was
going to have a fourth baby. So I went to Walgreen’s and got Clearblue pregnancy test. The one that says “pregnant”
or “not pregnant”, and then the one with the lines, right. So I took the first test. Tell me why it said “invalid”, okay. Pissed! I’m fuming, I’m going crazy. Luckily, I got another test. The pregnant or not
pregnant Clearblue test. And I have beef with
Clearblue but anyways. So you know, go to the bathroom,
’bout to pee on the stick. Tell me why the damn test
said I need to go the menu and read the instructions. Because it’s invalid. They were both invalid. I was gonna call Clearblue
and go off on them. Like, how do you, first of all, I paid $20 for that test. No, $23.99, I remember, plus damn taxes. And yo, I honestly want my money back, because both of those tests were invalid. Now I am so paranoid, you guys. So I just accepted the fact that, okay, I’m pregnant. I’m going to have four children. I’m going to be dropping off four kids off at school, hauling and
lugging the football team out the damn van, because I’ll be driving a minivan now, because all these damn
kids going to school. Like, literally. Crazy. Then I start to thinking like, 2020, I wanted to travel
the world, you know. I wanted to… Just go everywhere around the world. Go to Mars, even, the moon. How we gonna do that with four kids? So then, y’all, last week, okay, the best moment of 2020. Your girl started to bleed
on herself, all right. I woke up with a puddle of blood and I was jumping for joy. I was jumping on the bed, I was so happy. Like, your girl got her period! The best period…in life… happened on a Wednesday and I’ll forget it, okay. Like, I was so happy, you guys. I could literally cry right now because I thought I was pregnant and I had a period. I got my period. So I went through all
of that ish for nothing. I made myself so paranoid for nothing. Dee Dee was the one that
really triggered this, so thanks, Dee Dee, for
having your gut feeling, but I’m not pregnant. So maybe you need to check some others. Because somebody might
be pregnant over there. Okay? Yo, and get this. I had an Always campaign
where I had to promote pads. And your girl was waiting for her period. But as soon as I got my period, I used my Always pads,
y’all, I was so happy. Listen. I had my period for five, six days, and that was the happiest
day, week, of my life, okay. You know what I’m saying. Yeah, so that was my terrifying storytime about when I thought I was
pregnant with baby number four. And I’m being 100% real
with you when I say pray for me this year, okay. Pray that your girl does not get pregnant. We can, you know,
rediscuss this conversation about pregnancy in ’21, okay, but 2020 is…me…selfish. Selfish. Let’s be selfish this year, okay? Make sure y’all twerk
on the subscribe button. Subscribe to my channel. I will be pumping out more
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time I post a video, okay. I love you guys and
I’ll see you next week. Oh! Comment below a story you would like me to tell. Like, my first something. My first…blank, yeah. Comment below. Okay, love you! Bye! (upbeat music)


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