Saturn in 6th house of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

the planet of delay is coming into the
house of delay what yes in last video we discussed about Venus in the sixth hours
of the horoscope in this video we are going to talk about Saturn yes
Saturn in the sixth house of the horoscope if you want to know more about
this keep watching this is one of the excellent positions for the Saturn namaste and welcome to Pramanik
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all the comments so I’m waiting for you there Saturn in the sixth hours of the
horoscope before we talk about Saturn in the sixth house what is Saturn Saturn is
the Karaka of the delay death saturn is time ii literally is the kala kalah
literally means death or time and Saturn is the Karaka of the color saturn is all
about the negativity in life saturn will restrict you by time and how it will
restrict you by time not only by the time but through h as you grow older you
become dependent on others it brings certain kind of disability in
your life when you grow older it leaves us your strength now you started to
shrink your inching towards debt and that’s where satin lies Saturn is dead
and it will restrict you through this it is also about the delays law karma
disabilities it also shows subordinates it also shows
work work work did I mention work and sorry
work it is that important for certain Saturn is relentlessly working Saturn is
a kind of a person who is not bored of doing repetitive jobs Saturn has the
highest levels of patience he is ready to wait he’s ready to wait for anything
for any amount of time because it is time okay
Saturn is also the Karaka of the subordinates the people who follow you
in an organization suppose you are a manager and you have hundreds of
employees reporting to you they are your subordinates then those hundred people
are signified by Saturn in your chart so if you have a good second you will have
great people supporting your cause and that the the group of subordinates and
your relationship with them is determined by Saturn Saturn is all about
the masses Saturn is also the significant of the people who are
socially or economically underprivileged and Saturn loves to protect the
Saturn is also very intellectual planet he won’t believe anything because he has
that fear in his mind that’s why he is critical and he has amazing analytical
skills so the second kind of people are the people who will ask you difficult
questions if you are an astrologer they will ask you difficult questions does
this astrology really work this they will ask a difficult question does this
astrology thing really work or it is just like related to the sunshine moon
sign which I use it as an icebreaker when I start the conversation and many
other difficult questions which you may not have answer to because he has that
piercing intellect he has that sharp intellect coupled with the analytical
skills and the hard work and stubbornness so it becomes a unique
combination if you really want to stop him or counter him you have to be subtle
you have to be an another Saturn but if you want to stop them you have to be
them only Saturn can stop the Saturn now let us talk about the sixth house what
is six hours it is the – tanah house or per chair
house Arthur Cohen house it is all about the delays day its arguments diseases
Papes under privileged people your your daily
routines your continuous work difficulties confusions all this can be
seen from the sixth house now Saturn is coming into the Sixers let me tell you
this is the best placement for the Saturn if I had a chance to place my
Saturn wherever I want to place I’ll place my Saturn in the sixth house because the energy of the settle feels
great at the 6th house what is so great about Saturn in the sixth house let’s
dive deep into that the planet of hard work is coming into your daily routines
6000 about the daily routine and now Saturn is coming into your daily routine
so it will bring the discipline patience perseverance into your daily routine and
I think this is the recipe for the success you just keep working hard and
you can overcome any difficulty so ii loves to be in the 6th house
6th house is the house of subordinates and Saturn is the planet of subordinates
so the person with the sixth house Saturn gets support from their
subordinates more so they are very compassionate towards their subordinates
that’s why they support them because we all have those bosses who always
compassionate towards us and we love them so these are the Saturn 6000
who are ready to understand the subordinates and that’s why they get
help from them next 6th house is the house of data and what is Saturn I
forgot to tell you about Saturn signification poverty is also one of the
significant of the Saturn yes this the house of the planet of poverty is coming
into the house of dates so these people don’t have any dates ok so this makes a
person the 6th house settled debt-free we’ll talk about this later in this
video how the 6th house at earn really helps the 6000
next sixth house is the house of disease and Saturn is the planet of delay delay
to disease its health so these people are very healthy people you will
surprised to know how healthy they are I had a lot of friends with Saturn in the
sixth house they have the greatest and robust of health they will go out in
range be it 45 degrees 30 degrees in mountains in the rivers they are all ok
when they come back home they they they have the best of the health 6th house is
the house of problem and Saturn is the planet of hard work and analytical skill
so the person with the sixth house Saturn has the ability to solve the
problem once you have the problem the person with the sixth house Saturn
starts working on it patiently he is not bored of the repetitive action so he can
check all the combinations so we have this solution is the solution working
practical profitable no let’s check another scenario and he can do it for
any number of times he is okay with it he’s not bored of it he has the energy
to do it he has the patience to do it and that’s give him immense strength to
overcome any problem now let us look at the aspects of six of Saturn in your
horoscope Saturn has three aspects the normal seventh house aspect the special
aspect on third house from where it is placed and tenth house aspect from very
displaced now let us look at these aspects
from the six us from the sixth house comes to the eighth house of the
horoscope from the sixth house Saturn also aspects the twelfth house of the
horoscope with its seventh aspect second also aspects the third house of the
horoscope with its tenth aspect and if you look at these houses carefully eight
thousand twelve house third house and sixth house eight houses of the strana
house twelve houses of the Strada house 6th houses of the strana house and the
third house is the house of self-effort is the house of delays is the market
house because it is eight from the eighth so third house is the ultimate
house of struggle ups and downs and the maraca house and now saturn is expecting
all these houses so wherever Saturn is aspecting it brings in the delay so from
the sixth house it is aspecting the eighth house of ups and downs death and
rebirth longitude e transformations occult mysticism inheritances huge money
legacy all this is aspected from the sixth offset now second slows down the
eight thousands what is the eight thousand things eight
thousand aging process it has is a death now from the sixth house is aspect in
the eighth house of the death so it gives them it not only gives them the
good health there to Saturn in the sixth house but it also gives them long life
because now their death is delayed what is the delay dead it’s a healthy long
life so the sixth house Saturn is slowing the eight how’s things is
reducing the vulnerable nature of the eighth house with the seventh aspect
second is aspecting the twelve hours of the horoscope
what is the $12,000 scope twelfth house is the house of isolation twelve house
is the house of losses twelve house is the house of the alone and private time
twelve house is also the house of losses twelve house is also the house of
foreign sources twelve house is the house of gains twelve house is second to
the eleventh eleventh to the second what twelve houses one of the touched on
house now second from the sixth house slows down twelve housings now it
reduces the losses now reduces the expenses now it reduces the loss of
energy okay and I have seen this in many many people who are extremely successful
because all the douche Turner houses are settling down all the destroyer houses
are getting delayed so if other planetary alignments are allowing these
people can become extremely successful now with the tenth house
Saturn is aspect in the third house of the horoscope third house we often
overlook and don’t give importance to the third house but third house is the
house which is the house of self efforts which brings in struggle what is self
effort it is not easy you how to make an effort
so the 10th house aspect tenth house is all about the work Saturn is all about
the work sixth house is all about the work third house is all about the self
effort and now this Saturn is expecting this third house from the
sixth house with the tenth House aspect Wow so these people are always working
they are never bogged down they always have the patience to keep working that’s
why they get good results that’s why they become successful and it also kind
of settles the third house things it reduces their struggle or delays their
self effort but they are not shying away from the effort because they’re ready to
work if you have exalted Saturn in the sixth house
it becomes Russia blog now and it is extremely positive sign for your chart
because it is also the yoga Karaka for the Taurus ascendant and now it is
coming into the sixth house of work and is aspecting all these houses and if
they also have a good Venus it will definitely a positive sign for that
chart so yes this was settled as much as I could hold grasp and share with you
guys but if you are starting into Vedic Astrology I have a playlist called how
to get started into Vedic Astrology or if you want to know more about Saturn I
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them as an in screen to this video so yes this was settled as much as I could
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vibrations see you in the next video keep working allow and peace


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