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“My Own Mother Tried To Kill Me Because I
Didn’t Give Her Money For Her Birthday” When I was first married, money wasn’t that
easy to come by. I had a form of leukemia that took up most of our money. Due to this
we can’t just spend money like we wanted to. God bless my husband for being such a
sweetheart. We were only early 20s and he still pushed through this for us. December 23rd is my mothers birthday. She
is an awful person. She tried to get me pregnant at 14 because she wanted more money from the
state. As this was 20 years ago, we didn’t really
have the same type of cell phones we have today. So I didn’t know until I got home
from treatment that my mom had called me multiple times. 3 minutes later, I counted, she shows
up at the door. She asks for her money. Both of us are confused of course. She wants her
birthday money, which I’ve never given before to her. She wanted $608. That exact amount.
When I told her no, we can’t afford that, she lost it. Screaming at me, calling me a
wh*re and an entitled b*tch. She gave birth to me, so I should do what she says. And then I say I’m an adult and I don’t
have to listen. I was angry and tired, and I just threw up a few minutes ago. This set
her off. She grabbed a kitchen knife and ran at me, while my husband is trying to hold
her back. She stabbed me right between two ribs, but didn’t pierce any organ, thank
God. I don’t know what happened in my husbands mind, but he snapped. He broke her arm backwards
in rage, while screaming something I don’t even think was a human language. He called
the police and she was arrested while I was taken to the hospital. Even more bills to
pay, but surprisingly that was taken care of by a domestic violence victims foundation. She got 7 years in prison. I moved out and
moved to Louisiana. This morning, I got a call from my sister that she passed away last
night. How she did I don’t know. Don’t care. She took her entitlement and almost
killed her own daughter because of it. “You Can’t Work Here If You’re Pregnant” I’m a cocktail waitress. I’m 7 months
pregnant. No, obviously I don’t drink while pregnant,
or drink on the job ever. A woman (the Karen) comes in, with what I’m
assuming was her husband and son and daughter and asks to be seated four for lunch. We’re
not really a restaurant, but we have a really small sandwich and wings menu. I give them menus and Karen says, “But,
wait, do you work here?” “Yep.” “But you’re pregnant, you can’t work here if
you’re pregnant.” “I work here, I don’t drink here.” I say, with a laugh, trying
to keep the mood light. The woman looks me over and says, “Have
you taken any prenatal courses? Do you really think that’s responsible to have your unborn
baby in here?” This is where I made an error. I get defensive about anyone asserting I’m
a bad mother, obviously. So I said, “Well, you’ve brought your kids in here.” “Yes,
and what kind of example do you think you’re setting for them?” I’m still collecting
my thoughts at this point when they grunt and wave me away. I figure I can kiss my tip goodbye, but hopefully
that’ll be the end of a discussion. I see them flagging down the bartender after
a few minutes and figure they’re ready so go over. Karen asks to speak to a manager.
Now, they haven’t even gotten drinks yet, so I ask if there’s anything I can help
them with and her husband (Mr. Karen) says really sternly “No, just a manager, didn’t
you hear my wife?” The place is too small for a manager. It’s
just servers and bartenders and two owners. The one who’s working is in the back on
a phone call and will be pissed if I go and bother her. I realize maybe they’re still uncomfortable
with my being pregnant so say, “Maybe ‘Ella’ (the other server) can help?” Karen gets
up to physically look for the manager. I admit defeat and go back and drag her off her call. The owner goes over and with a big smile asks
if there’s anything she can help them with. “Your server is pregnant.” Owner says
she’s aware and asks if they’d prefer a different server. Karen: “No no no, she can’t be a drink
girl if she’s pregnant. That’s child abuse.” Owner: “I assure you, none of our employees
drink on the clock. Especially not our pregnant ones. If you’d prefer I can have Ella serve
you…” Mr. Karen: “I don’t want my kids seeing
this!” Owner: “Maybe I’m missing something. Seeing
what, exactly?” Mr. Karen (talking really slowly and condescendingly):
“A. Pregnant. Woman. Around. All. This. Alcohol.” Me:”I don’t know what you’re insinuating,
but I would never drink during pregnancy.” Karen: “Look honey, didn’t you take a
health class in junior high? With a drink right under you half the time, alcohol vapor
is absorbed into your blood through the air, and then that blood goes to the fetus and
poisons it.” Owner and I exchange a look and realize we
won’t get anywhere with her. Owner: “So, we can have Ella serve you,
or I’m afraid there’s not much else we can do.” Mr. Karen: “We’re not leaving until she’s
fired!” Owner: “We can’t help you.” Mr. Karen: “I’ll call the police! You’re
an accomplice to child abuse!” Owner: “There is no child abuse to speak
of sir, please leave.” Karen (getting crocodile teary): “YOU MAY
WANTS ME TO DO!” The entire time she’s delivering this tearful
speech she’s looking around expecting others to, I don’t know, join in with her? Applaud? Owner: “You’re disturbing my customers
and if you don’t leave, you’re trespassing, and I’ll have to escalate this, which I
really don’t want to do.” Karen: “JESUS IS LOVE AND JESUS SAID THIS
IS NOT OKAY. JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK IT’S OKAY TO ABUSE A CHILD IF IT’S SMALL ENOUGH—” This is an Irish pub and the owners are devout
Catholics. She wasn’t having any of this. Owner: “HEY! I don’t need anyone to tell
me what Jesus said. If there were abuse here I’d have acted to stop it, but there isn’t
any. I need you to please leave.” Mr. Karen: “I’m calling the police.” Owner: “Do that.” We just stop trying to service their table.
As we all wait for the cops to arrive, Karen keeps trying to give her sermon but there
was a game on that people had come to watch and eventually everyone yelled at her until
she piped down. Enter Awesome Officers. Awesome Officers 1: “(Town name) Police
department. Is there a Mr. Karen in here somewhere?” Mr. Karen: “Right here officers!” Awesome Officers 1: “You said you were witnessing
child abuse — are the parties involved still in the bar?” They point me out. I pretend not to notice
because I’m worried they’ll take them outside and I won’t be able to watch any
more fireworks. Awesome Officers 2: “So what exactly was
going on?” Karen: “That woman was drinking! She’s
pregnant, you can plainly see she’s very pregnant.” Before I can go over and tell them she’s
lying about my drinking, the officers look at each other and look back at the Karen family. Awesome Officers 2: “That’s not illegal.” Karen: “WHAT?!” Mr. Karen: “Look here now—” Awesome Officers 1: “It’s definitely not
recommended, but it isn’t illegal. Now do you know the woman, is she a friend of yours?
Family?” Karen: “She works here. In a bar. And she’s
pregnant!” Mr. Karen: “I want to see this place’s
liquor license revoked.” Awesome Officers 2: “So, listen, she isn’t
doing anything illegal. What I can do is I will talk to her, but we can’t take any
action beyond that. Is there anything else you observed that you’d like to report?” So Awesome Officers 2 come over to me and
take me to a quiet spot, while Awesome Officers 1 is getting their personal information and
taking the rest of the statement. Karen is crying again, and I assume bemoaning being
the last bastion of good Christian morality in this bar. Awesome Officers 2 introduce himself and congratulated
me on the pregnancy, and say I probably overheard why they were called, he starts to offer me
some public resources for new mothers, parenting classes etc,. I didn’t want to interrupt
him, so I was waiting for the right moment to interject with my innocence. That’s when patrons come over thinking I’m
in trouble and start defending me. We have plenty of regulars who know me, and they would
not let this BS stand. They even complained to the officers, that the owner had asked
the Karen party to leave, and they’d continued to make a scene. So Awesome Officers go talk to the owner who
said she was just about to call them, but sirens outside are bad for business, and she
was hoping the Karen would eventually leave on their own. The officers tell the Karen party they need
to leave. Mr. Karen: “This is a public place! I have
every right to be here if I want!” Awesome Officers 1: “No sir, this is a private
business, and the business owners have asked you to leave. It sounds like more than once,
but at least once since we’ve been here.” Karen: “THIS IS A DISGRACE. THIS IS AN AFFRONT
TO… TO… TO SCRIPTURES AND CHILD SAFETY AND—” Awesome Officers 2: “I understand you’re
upset. Let’s talk about it outside. (He places a hand on Mr. Karen and gives him a
firm look.)” This next part was said as Mr. Karen walks
out backwards, so he can keep yelling at us, but bumping into things every step of the
way. Mr. Karen: “I’ll be contacting the authorities
about your liquor license. I happen to be close personal friends with the mayor! And
you two, I want badge numbers. Don’t think we’re done here because we haven’t even
started.” So the officers took them out and as it was
told tome by a regular who left around the same time, walked the Karen’s to their car,
which was illegally parked in a handicap space. For which they were ticketed. They did make a complaint to the liquor authority,
claiming among many things that we served minors, and we were investigated, but obviously
came up fine. My boss asked me to hold off sharing this
story with anyone until the matter was settled. But now it is. So had to share. Still laughing
about it. “Entitled Karen Files Baseless Lawsuit – Ultimately
Ends Up Paying Thousands In Legal Fees” This story is from a few years ago when I
worked in the legal department of a 1,000+ store national retailer. As part of my job,
I handled customer complaints that elevated when the customer threatened legal action.
The cast is very simple: Me Karen, who was also an attorney Awesome Elon=Our awesome attorney Our customer service call center forwarded
Karen’s call to me after she had threatened legal action. Karen left a message claiming
that she was not provided $10 in customer reward coupons (Spend $200, receive a $10
coupon in the mail sort of thing…This was before apps.) based on her purchase of clothing
for her son and daughter for back to school. I looked into it and called Karen back. It
turned out, we had an old address associated with her rewards account. No big deal, right?
I spoke with Karen and offered to send her the original $10 coupon and an additional
$25 for her trouble to the correct address. That did not satisfy Karen. She claimed, we
should have known her address and threatened to sue us if we didn’t pay her $1,000 in cash.
Her rationale was, that it would cost us at least $1,000 to defend the suit (she was in
a state in which our company did not have any offices.) so we should just pay it to
her. I declined, but still forwarded her the $10
coupon she was entitled too pursuant to our rewards program. Sure enough, she sued us
for breach of contract, fraud, and any other conceivable charge. I went to my boss, the
COO, and told him the story. He asked what I wanted to do. I said I’d rather pay legal
fees to a defense attorney than pay Karen, and he agreed. I contacted Awesome Elon, explained the situation
to him and I shit you not, he said (in a Southern drawl): “I get to sue Karen? I should be paying
you guys. There are a lot of lawyers in this legal community who would love to sue her,
as she is reckless, unpleasant, and a total pain in the ass to deal with. I’ll gladly
take your case.” He agreed to defend us at a reduced rate. Part of our defense strategy was to counter-sue
her under the state’s frivolous lawsuit statute, which would move the suit from small claims
court to the larger civil court. Awesome Elon filed our answer and counter-claim. Although
Karen was an attorney, she was not a defense attorney, so she had to engage her own attorney
to defend against the counter-claim. After a couple of hearings, she offered to settle
for no more money exchanged (she didn’t even get the extra $25 coupon I offered her.) and
the dismissal of both suits. I talked with Awesome Elon about continuing
our claim, but he advised it would probably be worth settling and being done with it rather
than being vindictive. Although vindictive would have been fun, courts tend not to like
that, so I agreed. My company ended up paying Awesome Elon $900 in attorneys’ fees. Awesome
Elon later called and told us that the attorney Karen engaged charged her $1,700 to defend
the suit. Although I would have liked to continue with our suit, I think her having to pay $1,700
over a $10 coupon sent to the wrong address is sufficient justice.


  1. Judge: Ill give you six hundred and eight.
    EM: Dollars? (says with widest grin).
    Judge: What….no….six hundred and eight weeks in prison (btw thats 11 years and 8 months)

  2. another religious nutter, any religion is poison, Evolution is truth we are all naked apes (no fur)
    on youtube see hitchens/dawkins/aronra or the unholy trinity

  3. I'm glad she's not drinking on the job and idk if what they said was true about the beer vapor shit but that's a thing with cigarettes that's all I know for fact but I really believe the mom about life at conception I honestly hope the baby doesn't get hurt because of the stress this woman is giving the mom

  4. Don't judge all Jesus followers because some abuse Jesus and the Bible for their crazy agendas. We don't condone this behavior. So sorry for this kind of behavior from those who use their religion in this way!

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