Persiapan Melahirkan Anak Induk Domba Garut Betina Super Di Kandang Kambing

How to help sheep give birth? What are the characteristics of sheep giving birth? The process of giving birth to garut sheep requires the knowledge and expertise of garut sheep farmers The preparation of garut sheep cages for sheep to give birth should also be considered Welcoming giving birth arrowroot lamb which certainly has the characteristics of sheep giving birth Preparation for the garut sheep cage, which is a special garut sheep cage that must be considered Farmers who should also know how to care for newborn lambs Either the male arrowroot lamb or female arrowroot lamb in the garut sheep cage Has the livestock companion provided a grass mat on the floor of the garut sheep cage giving birth? Provision of grass bedding on the floor of the cage in addition to comfort the mother sheep during childbirth and also prevent lambs from falling Especially when the distance between the bamboo on the floor of the stable stable while the legs of the lamb are still small The size of the garut sheep cage giving birth is of course also greater because it will function as a cage for nursing mothers The characteristics of sheep giving birth that must also be known by sheep breeders, providing grass beds that can be done at least 1 week before the birth of the mother sheep Not just the grass as part of the preparation for the garut sheep cage, make sure that supporting equipment for giving birth is available in the cage Like a clean rag to clean the mucus in lambs, milk bottles and cow’s milk when the mother lamb still does not want to breastfeed her cubs Cooking oil or baby oil if she has difficulty in giving birth Then what are the characteristics of arrowroot sheep that will give birth to children? Some physical characteristics that can be seen when the parent arrowroot will give birth to a child is a slack hips, sheep milk udder enlarged and decreased appetite of sheep

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