Not your ‘Average’ baby shower – Ep 4 Almost Ready

Okay, so, I know I said that
I wasn’t going to have
a baby shower, but a few things changed
and, uh, I decided I was going to. So here is all the decorations. It’s gonna be good. Hi. Um, my baby shower. Love you, bye.
( smooches )( music playing )Yes! ( overlapping chatter ) This is for you, baby! Oh, these little bottles
are wonderful. Yes, do you have your bottle? Yes! Whoo! ( all cheering ) Yes! ( cheering )( phone chimes )( screaming ) ( cheering ) Oh, my God! ( indistinct chatter ) What?( phone chimes )– Holy.
– Oh, my God. Ladies up here,
look out for Shay. ( music playing ) ( indistinct chatter )( phone chimes )– Whoo-hoo!
– I’m so excited you’re here. Babe, I can’t believe
you’re a freaking mom. You’re about to be a mama. – Oh, my gosh.
– Are you nervous? Yeah.
I am terrified of giving birth. It’s just a lot. Okay, so, look.
Maybe– I’m just putting it out there,
maybe you should get a doula. Maybe you should have
a pregnancy coach. Yes. And I’ve kinda been going
back and forth, so I feel like that might be
something I should look into. Yeah, I mean, when you
prepare for an audition,
do you have a coach? – Yes.
– When you train for a workout,
do you have a coach? – Yes, a trainer.
– So, when you’re about to get
on this, like, – this is about to be the
biggest journey.
– Right. – I feel like maybe that’s…
– It makes sense. But I will say, too,
no one is gonna be able to take
of you like your mom. Yeah. I’m actually going
to Vancouver, so I’m gonna get the whole
lowdown on her story. – Yes.
– And then just get ready
for the countdown. – ( squeals )
– And then bounce back. I’m bouncing back
just like you. – I’m gonna come back.
– Melissa: Babe, you are. – Okay.
– Yo, when I see the footage,
though, what’s my reaction gonna be? I think you’re gonna be, like,
that was a nice show
that you guys went to. Mm-hmm.
Like artful performance. Artful and creative
and very artistic
in their movements. – Okay, great. Did you have fun?
– Anyways, it was really fun. Yeah, it was great. I think more people should have
a baby bachelorette there. “Baby bachelorette”? Shay:
I’m really looking forward
to seeing my mom
’cause I feel like
just seeing her will not only
put me at ease,
but make me feel better
about what I have
coming for me.
Other women are just like,
“Oh, what’s your birth plan
How do you plan
on going into this?”
I don’t know.
I have no plan.I talk to my mom 50 times
a day, and she has no idea
that I’m here.
We’re the worst surprisers
ever. My mom is right there
sitting on the deck and she can probably
hear us right now. But we’re gonna try.I’m definitely the prankster
of the family.
Actually, I got that from
my dad, so who am I kidding?
I don’t think she thinks
it’s even possible for me
to travel at this point,
so she really believes
that I’m in L.A.
– ( dog barking )
– ( screaming ) – ( laughing )
– Oh! ( indistinct shouting )
What are you doing here? ( laughing ) ( shouting ) What are you doing?
Oh, my God! Hi, puppies.
Did I surprise you? You know.
But you’re supposed
to be working. How about that, ey? – So this is all planned?
– Yeah. I’m lucky I didn’t pee
in my pants. May you need to wear
a diaper, too. What did you say to me
when I asked you about labor? You were 17 hours. When your water broke
or whatever for me,
what happened? Actually, no,
my water didn’t break. It didn’t break, and– How can your water not break?
Your water breaks. – It’s, like, in the movies.
You’re like this.
– No, no, no, no. And then all of a sudden,
you’re like, “Oh, my God!” Sorry, it didn’t.
With Sean, yes. – Then how do you get it
to break? How do I come out?
– Nothing. So I went to the hospital.
It’s awful. I didn’t want
to tell you. They used, like a, you know,
like the knitting needle. – They– inside you and poke you
and broke my water.
– What? – Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Why did I ask?
– See, I told you. That’s exactly what happened.
I’m not making it up. It’s awful. I’m d– honestly, I just heard
the most disgusting story. I don’t want to talk about it,
but I’m gonna tell you. – Are you listening?
– Matte:Yes.I asked my mom
how her labor was. I said, “When was that moment
that your water broke?” She said,
“My water didn’t break.” So the doctor got
a knitting needle. They had to break
the amniotic sac
for it to break. And she goes,
“It was a knitting needle.” Like, what?It wasn’t actually
a knitting needle.
It obviously was not
a knitting needle, not that. She’s like, English is her
second language, but still. – It’s like– was it painful?
But what I’m saying–– It’s uncomfortable,
that’s all.
– Mom. Oh, my God.
You guys are useless. Okay, I am absolutely getting
a doula. I don’t want to do this anymore,
so– Well, too late now.
( laughing )( music playing )Do you ever put ranch
with your pasta or Caesar? – No.
– I don’t think it’s, like,
a craving thing, but all of a sudden,
I’ve wanted to put, like, – dressing in pasta.
– Really? When I was pregnant,
and craving Haagen-Dazs
ice cream. – Believe me. I used to have
the trucks deliver it.
– Yeah. – Mark.
– Would you say that you had
an easy pregnancy, Gram? I did. Easy pregnancy.
Easy delivery. – Wow.
– Which was a precursor of what
was to come, clearly. I was just telling her
about Dr. Gehr putting his foot
on the bed. Yes.
And that’s no exaggeration. He pulls out these forceps and I’m just looking
at these things. It’s like, “Oh, God.” And he puts his foot
on the frame of the bed. Puts the forceps on your head, and starts pulling using
the lever– pulling you, yeah. – Me?
– Yes. I can’t even breathe ’cause
I’m expecting your head
to pop off, but miraculously it didn’t. ( laughter ) You know, the other thing,
of course, that you have to be cognizant
of, you and Matte, you’re bringing in another
human being into the
relationship itself. Matte’s a great guy.
I think he’s gonna be
a great father. I think he’s gonna
grow into it, as I did. And, uh, I can’t wait. Gram, what’s your advice
for me? Just do what you think is best
for the two of you, that’s it. – Mm-hmm. That’s it.
– Oh, yeah. And drink a lot of rum
and Cokes. ( laughter )( music playing )Shay:
So while it was great
to see my family,
it didn’t necessarily bring me
the comfort I was looking for.
I know I’ll have Matte there
for moral support,
but I feel like having a doula
who can give us advice
would be a really good idea.Hi. What’s up, baby? – You eat?
– You’re cooking now? – Yeah.
– Wow. So, how was Vancouver?
How’s the fam? Fam was good.
Gram was great. Everybody’s really excited. Um, I do have somebody
that’s gonna come over. The doula. I think it’s good that we both
talk to somebody who’s unbiased, who knows a lot,
so we can ask her
all of the questions. – Yeah.
– She’s gonna be in the room
with us while I give birth. And I think she can handle you
if you try to make
any sudden movements in the room
that I’m not liking. I don’t want to see
what’s going on. So are we making a pact
right now that no matter
what happens, you are staying north
of the shoulders? I might want to peak
during the crowning process. No, I– see, this is what
I’m talking about. I don’t want that to happen. – I don’t want that to happen.
– Okay. So, swear right now
that you’re not gonna do it. – I’m not gonna swear right now.
– Why? ‘Cause I can’t do that. I’m putting it
in my birth plan, and basically your birth plan
is like the law. And I’m telling my mom, too,
that I don’t want you in front,
and you know she’ll stop you. She’s not– no one’s gonna be
thinking about me in that room.
I hate to tell you. – Matte, I don’t want you
in front and seeing anything.
– I am the smallest piece of the process.
Okay, I just said okay. Like, there’s one thing
that I think should be remained
a mystery. Honey, I just said okay.
No problem. It’s up to you. A hundred percent,
it’s up to you. – So them swear…
– Okay. – …that it’s not gonna happen.
– I can’t do that. – What?
– I can’t swear. Stop saying that you are not
gonna do it and then you fucking
do it. Say that you swear
you’re not gonna do it. I can’t do that. Okay. both: Hi! Oh, my gosh,
it’s so good to meet you
in person. Me, too. – It is hot today.
– Yes. – Ice water.
I need this all over.
– Thank you. Ice packs. – Matte?
– Hi. – Hi, nice to meet you.
– What’s up? Nice to meet you. – Let’s hug it out.
Let’s hug it out.
– Congratulations. – Love it.
– We’re gonna get close. Real close. So, I don’t really
understand this. ‘Cause I don’t–
I don’t actually have
any information, but I know she’s, like, “Yo,
a hundred percent,
I want a doula.” My role as your doula
is to help guide you. – Mm-hmm.
– So I thought, like,
let’s talk about what type of birth experience
you want to have. We’ve been having
a discussion recently just about the idea
of epidurals. – To not epidural.
– Yes. – Or no epidurals.
– Right. I think sometimes
you need an extra layer
of support. – Yeah. Yeah.
– If you’ve been in labor
for three to four days, – the epidural is your friend.
– Three or four days? – Yeah. Oh, wow.
– Yes. Mm, how soon after
can I have a drink? – ( chuckles )
– Or do I go straight into
breastfeeding? Well, you do go into
breastfeeding, right, so, um… Okay.
Maybe she deserves a little
celebratory drink, too. – You know what I mean?
– Right. So, but there are
people who have a celebratory drink
at birth, right? – Okay, yeah.
– Should she eat the placenta? – That’s a personal choice.
– Yeah, I want to. – Yeah.
– But does that actually help? It has shown to help
with mood swings, milk production. How much does it help
with mood swings, by the way? What, you want me to take ’em
right now? – No, no.
– Are you okay? – No, I am. Just asking.
– It depends. – Oh, okay.
– It depends. So, shots? – Like, shots after the baby’s
– Immunization. – Immunizations?
– Okay. Around the baby’s
third day, you have to take the baby
to a pediatrician. Oh, we have– so a pediatrician
is different from my doctor
that’s delivering? Yes. You need a pediatrician.
Your baby needs a doctor. – Oh, we gotta find a
– Beforehand? – I– I suggest it.
– No one said that. – No one told us this.
– Well, now you have a doula. – Thank God.
– See? What would we have done?( music playing )The birth part has been
so scary to me,
however after meeting Andrey,I’m finally feeling
some clarity
on how I’m going
to face it.
Okay, week 35,
headed to the doctor’s office. I feel good.
I feel great. Now, let’s see what
the doctor says. Well, the baby’s healthy. – Here’s the baby’s spine
coming down here.
– Okay. There’s the heart.( heart beating )Oh, the baby is not–
his head up. – Oh, ( bleep )
– What about that? – Oh, my God.
– The baby’s a breech. Oh, my God. Shit. She’s not in the right position,
which means that if she stays
like this… ( groans )
I could potentially be getting
a C-section. That’s why you don’t have
a birth plan ’cause you can’t
plan. You can’t plan.
They want to do what they want
to do. –Knees are right at the edge.
– Yep.Okay, you’re going to walk
your hands down to the mat.
Oh, are you moving down yet? Come on.
( exhales deeply ) You just gotta go like this.
Dew, dew.


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