New Parents Try Baby Food

– Yum, yum, yum. Yeah, someone’s excited. (laughing)
(lighthearted music) Today we’re gonna be trying and reviewing shop-bought baby food. Are you excited? (giggling) – [Clara] She’s very excited. – She likes eating my arm. – We normally do homemade purees and a bit of baby-led weaning. – Don’t we? – So this is something a
little different today. – Now I’ve gotta be honest, I’ve never really tried baby food before not sure why I would. – When you a baby. – Oh, yeah. (laughing) All right, let’s do it. (bouncy upbeat music) All right, so this is cauliflower cheese. Okay. – Smells like cauliflower. – It does smell like cauliflower and it does smell like cheese. You know, when I was a kid cauliflower was actually one of my favorites. – Strange kid. – I actually used to like cauliflower more than I liked broccoli. – Maybe she’ll take after you. I mean. – Sorry. – It’s not good. – You know, like, on MasterChef, like, purees are like all the rage, aren’t they? They’re, like, get them and they do the fancy,
like, thing like that. (laughing) If this is what all the
purees are about then. – Don’t think it is. – I’m not missing out. – I dunno why I’m still eating it. I mean, that face really says it all. – Cauliflower cheese. I dunno, what would you give it out of 10? – I would give it about three. – I’m gonna give that a five out of 10. Sorry, baby. (bouncy playful music) There’s real beef in this? – The ingredients say so. But it doesn’t need to be refrigerated which seems a bit odd to me. – So beef you don’t need in the fridge? – Yeah. – That’s the best kind of beef, isn’t it? – Cheers. – Cheers. (laughing) – It’s actually not bad. – I’ve gotta be honest. This is very tasty. – Do you know what? I feel like, on a piece of white bread, lots of butter, a bit of this. Oh!
– Oh! Yeah, I think you’re onto a winner there. – I recon, seven out of 10. – I’m gonna give this an eight out of 10. – Eight? – This is delicious. Delicious! (bouncy music) She’s clearly excited. – Who doesn’t love spaghetti bolognese? This is the first thing
that you can actually see. – This looks like the thing it is. I mean, it looks delicious. Are you excited? – She looks thrilled. – She looks absolutely thrilled. – It’s quite bland, isn’t it? – It’s quite mushy compared to the others. – They were literally mush. – That’s true. That one’s disappointing. – No. – All right, out of 10? – Two. – Yeah, I’m gonna go with two as well. Are you impressed? (baby gurgling loudly) She is disgusted. (laughing) (playful bouncy music) – How’d you say it? (baby screaming loudly) – It’s not like that,
that’s not how you say it. Paella. – Paella. – Paella.
– Paella. – Paella.
– Paella. Again, a meat that doesn’t
need to be refrigerated. – Chicken that doesn’t go in the fridge. Feed it to your baby. What do you think? She can’t wait. – Do you know what? That’s actually quite nice. – It’s delicious. Really, really nice. I’m just gonna say right
now that I finished this. I’m really enjoying it. (laughing) (baby shrieking) Are you enjoying it as well? (bowl banging) And she’s dropped the bowl. – I’m gonna go eight. – I’m gonna say eight and a half. – Oh! I know what’s for dinner tonight. (playful music) – Can you see this? That looks like cat poo. – It’s just the curliness of it. – I actually don’t wanna
have a lot of this. – Cheers.
– Cheers! Okay, first reaction is
it’s not as bad as it looks. – It’s not as bad as it smells either. – But it is very much a paste. – Yeah, I mean, cheese pie paste. What’s not to love? – I mean, she’s enjoying it. (laughing) Okay, marks out of 10? – One. – I’m gonna give it a four. She seems to like it. – Not good. (upbeat bouncy music) – Do you wanna eat this cat poo? Do you wanna eat this cat poo? – Don’t normally encourage
her to eat cat poo but. – I mean, I must admit,
the smell isn’t too bad. It reminds me of, like,
crisps, certain crisps. – It smells a bit like an armpit. (laughing) That’s actually not bad. – Really, I think it’s disgusting. (laughing) What do you think? (laughing) I’ve eaten the whole thing even though I didn’t like the texture. – You’re not fussy though, are you? – I guess I’m not. I mean, it’s on both hands which. – I would give it a 10. – I think that means it’s a 10 from her. I’m gonna give this a
solid seven out of 10. – Like a cat poo solid? – Can we stop talking about cat poo? (laughing) – I would say six. – Six out of 10? Final thoughts? (bouncy music) – Any thoughts? – Well said. Should we give you some real food then? – Are you looking for it? – Want some breast milk? – You looking for the boob? – Do you want the boob? I don’t have them, there you go. (giggling) (lively bouncy music)


  1. i love how the baby is doing her own thing and totally ignoring her parents while they're talking to each other: so adorable

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