Natural fertility treatment. Finally, a breakthrough with actual scientific evidence!

Getting pregnant naturally is what every
couple would like to do but it doesn’t always work out for everybody. There are
tons of ridiculous and unproven remedies on YouTube that you should avoid. Today
on InfertilityTV we are going to discuss a Natural Fertility Treatment
with actual scientific evidence that may help you conceive naturally without
fertility drugs or IVF. First, it is important to rule out any obvious absolute causes for infertility. Importantly, you need to make sure that
your fallopian tubes are not blocked, make sure your partner has sperm and
makes sure you are ovulating. If you have done those things already, then you may
have unexplained infertility. Couples with unexplained infertility are
excellent candidates for natural fertility treatment. First, how can you
tell if any fertility treatment works? The only way to prove if a treatment is
effective is to compare it with no treatment. Well, let’s say you have two
identical groups with unexplained infertility. In one, you do nothing
except to tell them to keep trying for the next six months. In group two, you
give them your treatment and then have them try for six months. At the end of
six months, you compare how many couples got pregnant in each group. Let’s say
20% of the couples in the no treatment group became pregnant and
20% of the couples in the treatment group became pregnant. Did the treatment work? No! While the couples who did treatment might be convinced it was
the treatment that worked for them, they didn’t get pregnant any more often than the couples who did no treatment. So there was no proven effect. Now let’s say that 40% of the couples in the treatment group
became pregnant and 20% in the “no treatment” group conceived. Now it really looks as though the treatment was effective. Twice as many couples got pregnant with treatment compared to no treatment The natural fertility treatment I am going to discuss today is made from poppy seeds. What could be more natural than that? The natural oils from the poppy
seeds are combined with iodine which is a natural mineral in our body.
With this treatment, the fertility doctor will gently squirt the poppy seed oil
into your uterus. That’s it! That’s the entire treatment! Now how do we know this treatment is effective? For that, we will turn to a study conducted in New Zealand
called the FLUSH TRIAL. In this study, couples with unexplained infertility
were split into two groups: one group received a one-time flush of the natural
poppy seed oil and the other group did not. Each group was followed for six
months Guess what? The group that received the
natural poppy seed oil became pregnant and had a delivery nearly twice as often
as the no treatment group. Natural fertility treatments like poppy seed oil
are not for everybody. You should absolutely have some basic fertility
testing before you try this. Obviously, if you are allergic to poppy seeds or
iodine this would not be a good choice for you. Before you make a decision on
whether to pursue a natural fertility treatment like poppy seeds, you might
want to do research about other types of fertility treatments. Check out this
playlist to learn more about the most common fertility treatments, but before
you go make sure you like this video. If you have a suggestion for a future
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  1. watching from Holland i did check everything doc. the last one was this 21 of Jan, the xray for my falloptian tube but result are we are fine but still cant get pregnant. now im waiting till feb 9 for another appointment. me and my partner trying for 1 year and 6months now. i hope can get pregnant soon in Gods will🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💙💙💙🍀🍀🍀

  2. The IVF-LUBE trial – a randomized trial to assess Lipiodol® uterine bathing effect in women with endometriosis or repeat implantation failure undergoing IVF. disagree with the finding DR. confused

  3. Had endometriosis surgery to remove, and also removed left tube in October. Would this procedure be good for me?
    My blood tests: vitamin d is 121, dhea: 62, tsh: 0.80. Ovulating on day 14 of cycle, typical cycle of 23 days ( to 27days)… please advise. Thank you! Also I have frozen eggs from years ago (16 mature eggs) and looking to first try naturally or IVF if doesn't work… my job pays for it all… so weighing out my options. If doesn't work naturally.

  4. Hi Doc! I'm really interested in this procedure. How can I request this with my current RE without offending her or sounding like a madman?

  5. Gm sir I had left tube ectopic pregnancy before 10 months methotextre given to me after 10 month I m again pregnent with right tubal pregnancy what should I take decision for future how can i conceive I m really very worried I dnt have baby my age is 33 plz help nd guide me

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