My Perfect Hospital Birth!

I’m having a baby! We’re headed to the hospital right now. I have been having contractions that are Let’s see about three and a half minutes apart Last thing about a minute long each, and you’ve been having them for oh my goodness. They’re three minutes apart now That’s a minute closer than they were When they first started and how many for almost an hour now? Yeah, they haven’t stopped I’ve been happening for about an hour now, and they’re so strong So like take my breath away, I can’t walk. I can’t talk just leave me alone So it’s exciting. It’s the one time where I’m like. I can handle this pain for a little while until I get never drona’s. I’m Excited on – how their contractions are actually going to do – stay painful. Oh, yeah Really, Yeah Yeah, they definitely don’t feel good Yeah in fact starting one I just I always have this fear that what’s together It’s all going to stop But that’s unrealistic. I think here we’re going to go. I mean for two days away from your due dates and progressively, okay that one was a little bit longer than it has been I’ve been leaving almost exactly 30 seconds that one was like 40 seconds, so You don’t know what that means, but that means something I’m excited you’ve been on the phone. They’re like you gotta Get got a little bit ready making phone calls trying to get people over here. Yeah So what’s up with the fennel is an hour away know for sure honey. We had our good friend who lives close by he’s at our place right now watching the place So we can go ahead and take off, and I’ll worry about dragging them around with us or anything. Yeah, wow crazy Yeah, I’m so excited. I am so excited It’s the day after home, last night It was Halloween last night was Halloween And I did not want to have a Halloween baby and I was praying please don’t let me have a Halloween baby We’re worried that she’s gonna come on Halloween, but it looks like she waited after Halloween We should get breakfast because if I don’t get breakfast, I’m not gonna eat for hours Let’s go to McDonald’s Are you sure you can wait that long? Yeah, I think I’ll be okay. if my water breaks then well just Ditch breakfast to go Back Guess from that I don’t know. Is it bad if you eat right before No, they say don’t because you’re gonna throw up on me is what they tell us They’re like dont do it! but I don’t throw I haven’t thrown it with either one of them. And I ate right before, so You did eat right before? Because I’m hungry Actually no, with James. I was asleep when my water broke. Yeah so you didnt eat before you and it uh was it was horrible cuz I Starving to death I was just so hungry. I was like please can I have some food in there like nope Sorry nope sorry, and I’m just like oh my God So what are you gonna? Get you got to get something? That’s not really nasty like What’s so if I throw it up? It’s not gonna look too bad All you eat is fries and hash browns Let’s beat that yeah. I’ll probably get some orange juice and Something I don’t know. Anyways, I’m so excited. I’m so happy. It’s finally Happening. I was like this is never Gonna happen. I’m Gonna be pregnant forever And I’m so uncomfortable all the time. Look at how big this belly is.So big. Oh my goodness It’s just so huge to me See you at the hospital. Alright. We’ll see you guys later So we’re here at the hospital And you got a new night gown thingy And they’re about to get y’all hooked up and checked out Things are gonna start getting real. Where you dilated tips? Yeah, there’s no, I don’t think you’re gonna just slow down and stop from this point. And I was like crying, I was like I may not be pregnant anymore. I was like so worried about it and then Called out my scriptures, and I was reading him and there was like the perfect description. That was just like What did it have like the perfect words that were like? Just be wise have faith, and then it was like. I will make it happen If you – just like that It was talking about something else, but it was like the first thing I opened too Congratulations. I just want an epidural Fortunately they have an anesthesiologist on site, ready to come and hook you up. So you should be ready to start pushing within half hour fourty five minutes probably. Oh my goodness the doctors Gonna get here Wow, it’s really six already Think you can just turn yeah Yeah Contractions have been steady for over an hour and a half already This is it I just I’m totally fine doing. I just want an epidural. So if that’s the case then so stop having contractions for just a little while This is what a contraction looks like It’s Gonna be over in five seconds Better? Well, this is a big one. It’s not like it’s just about to have the baby and Amanda’s here now. We’re waiting. We’re reading for Beckett. Well. No, we’re waiting for Jennifer and Lauren to come Dad, he’s going to be over at the He might come but he’s probably gonna be waiting. I don’t think he wants to come inside the room and um Stephens babysitting the boys right now and The kids are at school. Yeah, that’s gonna be fun. Not really for Becca Have you ever seen anything like this before Jessica? Yes. I took a health class Mike, how how close are Becca’s contractions right now? Three minutes, and was she dilated to them? Six. How do you like that epidural? I love the epidural. Yeah, no, I’m just tired Now that the adrenaline’s gone? Yeah Well? No no the pains gone, okay? Now that her hair is all fancy. The pain cause the adrenaline all right Megan you need you know Oh, that’s okay Hey, Mandy, you’re not allowed to have something less you. Give me a foot massage Now I can eat something. Hey Jennifer, you can bring me food anytime you want We’re celebrating it’s a good day. That’s right. I claim the all the doughnuts over there. I dont think so Becca, are you super jealous right now? No i’m not, I’m not hungry. Good. And she was like just be going to herself back there And she hit right bam right in the eyeball and it like actually suck my eyeball back cuz she got me so bad I’m probably gonna have the black eye tomorrow And then Right after that we were trying to get me to I can win and just because I really need to spit it so true And then he spits out the window, and it comes back and goes boom right on my face Was that your window? No I was deaf, but she spit it forward and it came right back into the car right behind your head hit me smack down to the face It was so gross. It’s true. I always I can do this for now How much can you move? Right legs pretty good, left leg I can feel cervix You’re in the wrong spot. You’re getting hard to say I mean I’m feeling a tiny bit of cervix. — but it’s so stretchy and the membranes Right now the membranes are kind of preventing the baby’s head from pushing on okay, so would you like? Pop the bag in and it’s like. Yes That’s what we’re just catch the baby on the way out with the rest of the flow right? He doesn’t have a — Let’s turn that off your — You want to hear the screams? You know – mushroom. Take a nap? Yeah? Yeah, how much pushing did you do? With Corbin, two pushes and then pumped right out But the head was right there Your fine, how do you feel? Good! Actually I feel like it’s not so tight now. Funny how that work, huh? Come on, baby Big Breath in Push hard enough. Two, Three, Four, Five, Six Seven, Eight, Nine Ten One more big breath in And push, Two, Three, Four, Five Six Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten One more big breath. And push Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten Big breath And push, push push Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten Big breath let’s go one more Good job! There she is [Crying] Dad, I’m gonna have you cut right between this tube. Bubbles in it, is that normal? Yeah How you feelin Becca? Good. How are you, Mike? Good. How many stiches do you think it is? No stitches I can come close. Yeah How much she weighs? Yeah Just as big as James. I think right Bigger than James Heavier but same length, right? Eight pounds three point six ounces So what are you thinking about? I’m just happy. Are you shaking anymore? No. I was shaking a lot. I could see the worry in your eyes. Okay Yeah, it’s really dark Hey, James James come here. Come here James look this is your little sister This is your little sister Can you say Ellie, James? What is in your mouth? Candy. Oh my goodness. James, can you say Elizabeth Piper? That’s your little cousin Her name is Ellie Remember we were telling you about Ellie. Well, she’s out of Mama’s belly now. She’s here There we go, yeah. Oh he’s always Gonna get Where’s Corbin anyway? Okay, good deal But we’ll have to let the boys up on your James and Corbin up on the bed Can you, can they borhwash their hands over there. We already put sanitizing. I don’t lose hands oh Corbin, look Do you see the baby? Where’s the baby at? Hmm look my belly small. Oh man. Amanda will you film it? Yes Nikki Cider queen-size It’s Elizabeth, Corbin. Say Elizabeth Hey the labor was really good. Yeah When we want in Becca with Sofia earlier today James said do you get that baby out of my mommy’s tummy? Now all I need is the house. We get the new house soon. James, that’s your little sister How many days you get a dinner – ? Corbin, say Elizabeth. We’ve been working on him saying Elizabeth all night. Say Elizabeth Corbin, say Elizabeth Exchange from the time she was born they were gone so she had black tips on the end of the hair oh Yeah, yeah, good job james. That was so gentle Did another good job Yeah, she she didn’t eat anything for five and a half hours So we were concerned and she was kind of gagging and – and kind of gurgling a little bit She’s like spitting up, so so we took her into the nursery and she spit up probably a couple tablespoons of amniotic food Yeah, a nurse said that her gut was just full She’s been like and that’s why she wasn’t eating and she was just sleeping a lot. They’re like she’s not eating anything it’s because she was full, so she spit it all up and everything came out and then she ate Do they normally eat my amniotic food? No. Well it happens this – on accident And but it won’t digest The nurse. I said if she didn’t spit it up, but just digest and she’s like no it fits in there it will come out, one way or another it will make it’s way out because they dont digest it. Oh she looks so chubby from that angle. Do you know what I realize of what Jamie reminds me of? Uhm, Macaulay Culkin in the very first Home Alone movie. He reminds me of him like the way he acts. And he’s got the blonde hair like that He reminds me of Dennis the Menace from the Movie Dennis the Menace Everybody’s here So it looks like the day we take Ellie home from the hospital, It’s raining. Snowing Let mom know, Let mom know, okay? Alright, okay. We’ll talk to you later Okay, bye Almost two days old Hmm still alive and did’nt killed her yet, well that sounds great. Guess we’re okay parent Look at all the green grass and trees outside Yeah, I don’t like that. Well it is what it is. I guess. Maybe Ellie will like it [Music]

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