Hey y’all and Welcome back. I wanted to
make this video because I have gotten several comments on my last video that
uploaded yesterday of me and my mom My son was saying that he was my boy and
not my mom’s. I didn’t think it was really that big of a deal at the time. My
mom would ask him “are you my boy?” “are you my boy?” and he was like no I’m
mama’s or I’m mommy’s is what my three-year-old son was saying. I didn’t
think it was a big deal at the time, but my momma later on that day she started
crying and I was really confused why she was crying, but she said that she was
very upset that my son was saying that he was my boy instead of hers and I got
a few comments saying that my mom was not being fair about feeling that way
she was making it uncomfortable for me and I just kind of wanted to address
that and also kind of give my perspective on
what happened and just as someone who like just from the mom’s point of view
and vs the grandmas point of view, So in the middle of this, I asked my mom
“Well I love you. Is that not enough?” and she said no and I’ll be honest and say
that did hurt my feelings and it kind of surprised me because I think a lot of
times grandmas forget that the mom to their grandkids, their daughter, is still
their daughter. But one thing I’ve just kind of accepted is the fact that once
you have kids people, really don’t really care. People aren’t really that concern
about the mom. I pretty much learned with my first that throughout your entire
pregnancy, everyone focuses on you and how you’re doing and also your baby, but
once you give birth, though, a lot of times
everybody just focuses on the baby and How the baby’s doing and not the mom.
That’s just how it is I want to talk about why my mom feels
this way and her point of view, but I can’t really speak for her point of view,
but I can just tell you how it is. My mom is extremely involved with me and my
kids. She has helped me so much our baby girls nursery would not be
anywhere complete like it is without my mom and that’s the truth, I asked other
people for help and they would not help me at all and me being pregnant, it was a
little hard for me to do things, so I am so grateful for my mom and when I was
pregnant with my son, she was there for me the whole way. When I was halfway
through my pregnancy with him, I had not got a single thing and she told me “Don’t
you worry, we’re going to get you everything you need. You don’t have nothing to worry
about a thing” and that’s how my mom has always been. This car that we’re sitting in
right now that I drive is my mom’s car that she said that we can share and
that’s just the way my mom is. She’s just so good to me and she’s so good to my
kids Y’all will see in our vlogs, she’s always
getting my kids like new clothes, new shoes. Anytime they need anything, I know
my mom will get it for them. She has always been there for me. She went to
every one of my doctor’s appointments and you can really tell who cares about
you when you see who’s really there for you. My mom has been there for me through
everything. She went to every one of my doctor’s appointments. She was there for
the birth. She has been there for me after the birth. Of course, she does work
a lot, so she’s not here every single day I wish she was
I really do I wish that we can live together and that would just be so
wonderful. You just have to understand the
situation of how involved she really is with my kids and that she does love me
and I guess it hurt my feelings but I’m used to it by now.
That’s just the way it is. Let me know y’all thoughts in the comments below and
if you’re a grandma, tell me how you feel about this and if you’re a mom, tell me
how you feel about this or anybody can tell me how you feel about this because
I’m very curious, but that’s just my thoughts on it. I’m just used to it and I
don’t think that my mom is toxic or anything like that. I just think that she
really loves my son a lot and she loves my daughter a lot and she just wants them
to love her a lot and that she wants them to be excited to see her. She’s a
very important part of their lives and I really appreciate that so much. That’s
why I have to accept it, but thank you so much for watching this video and I have
some videos coming up that I really want to talk to y’all about some things
that’s been going on, but thank you so much. I also have an Instagram at morganfamily_yt if you want to follow me there, send me a message. I
guess I’m gonna go now bye


  1. Honestly I was laughing along, It’s just something grandparents do, my mum would have been the same and honestly one of the biggest things since she passed is seeing how much her grandkids miss her, it just really shows the amazing impact that grandparents have on their grand babies. I also have to say I love your mum! I can see how much she helps you and loves you all, never take that for granted. People now just take everything for granted, some people (not you) think that because it’s their grandkid they have to do things for them when they need to remember it’s a privilege to have them there and have them help out, a privilege that some people would love to have, I know for certain that when I have my own kids that the one thing I’m gonna miss is the fact my kids won’t have their grandmother in their lives. Keep your head up, let the haters run on ❤️❤️

  2. Your mom is seriously precious. She’s a good mama and so are you 😍 love your family! My mom is the same way. I can always fall back on my mama though no matter what. I think your son will get super attached when he gets a little older, my daughter who is 6 now is so attached to my mom it’s unreal. She literally calls my mom for everything, even stuff I’m like grandma doesn’t need to know. 😂 right now Jaxon just doesn’t understand what she’s meaning my boy to a 3 year old he’s like no she’s my mom. Lol. It makes sense to him. So I get it. I’m sorry you felt you needed to explain yourself because of comments but chances are those comments were from people that aren’t close to their moms, or don’t have children themselves. 😍

  3. The haters can just move on. You can tell that you are close to you mom and that is awesome. It takes a village to raise children and she is part of your village. People can be so rude. You have such a sweet family. Your a good mom.

  4. When she started to cry, I thought it was too much for her to be crying since that is your child, but then I thought it is just because you guys are close. You have a very close relationship with your mom. I do not think she is toxic at all. Yall have a great relationship and I enjoy watching you 2 together.

  5. It’s just sad that the mom gets pushed aside after she has a baby and I think this is what contributes to postpartum depression and anxiety, I have 3 kids and I can count on 1 hand how many times people have checked up on how I was doing, I actually had more people ask my husband how he was doing when he went back to work than how I was doing as a stay at home mom all alone with 3 kids 2 and under.

    It hurts to feel like you don’t matter (at least that’s how I see it)

    My mom passed away when I was 15 so she never got to meet any of her grandkids and that just sucks because she was an awesome mom and she would have been just like your mom calling my kids her babies

  6. I think your mom is lovely and I know she loves you very much. There is just something special about a grandchild's love and it is ok if your mom had one tender moment regarding Jaxon's love for her. We can all give her a moment of grace. She is a great supportive mom and grandma but she is human like the rest of us! The bottom line is that she loves you all and you all love her!! 🙏

  7. I personally really liked that video I laughed alot during it I think the bond you and your mom have is special . I don't think it was wrong when your mom did that I think she just loves him like her own .

    Love your videos! ❤️

  8. As a grandma myself, I really think people are taking things out of context. As a grandparent we love our children very much. But I think at least in my case we want to be someone very special to our grandkids. We want them to run to us when they see us. We want that special bond. I in no way would want to take my Daughters or my sons role in their kids life. That’s a bond that they deserve and need. But as a grandma, I just want them to see me as someone they love and trust and can have fun with. I don’t think that is to much.

  9. As a Grandma myself, there is no love like the love of your grandchildren. Of course we love our children but nobody better hurt those grandbabies cause here comes Grandma bear. Lol! I think it would have made her day for him to just say he was her boy once. Maybe you coultell him he could be both. Grandma's boy when she's around and your boy at home. Just a thought. It all sounds like it was done in fun anyway. You guys are very special. Keep making goog vlogs.

  10. My dad does that but my son will say he is a papa boy and I am happy he is because I am a daddy girl and so happy my son is a papa boy .

  11. Heather, you don't have to explain anything to anyone ❤️ Sometimes people turn things into more than what they are 💞 There's nothing wrong with a grandma showing how much they care💞 And she is just joking about what she said to you ❤️

  12. Your mum is being your mum and doing what a mum should be doing! You are her daughter. If my mum was here she would be the same. She passed away 2 and a half years ago. It sucks now im a mum i dont have that x

  13. Hey Heather! I love that you are so close with your mom and that she is so involved with your children. Grandparents are special and her support is so helpful for your young family. My mother avoids my son like the plague Lol, she checks in on me every once in a while but doesn’t seek a relationship with my son. My mother-in-law however is very involved and will come by once a week just to dote on him. Everyone is different and expresses love in their own way, I think it’s a blessing you are close and that she cares about your kids so much.

  14. I think it's wonderful that your kids have a loving grandma in their lives as much as they do. I can understand that she would be upset, but she has to remember that they are YOUR children and she can't take all the power for herself. YOU are their mother and she needs to accept that YOUR children are going to love you with their whole heart. ♥️

  15. I honestly didnt think twice about it. My husband and I do the same with our kids , joking around asking who's the favorite. My mom lives 2000 miles away and cant see my kids bc shes lives so far away. My husbands parents parents luve an hr away. I guess they just dont care bc I havent seen them in months. They dont call and talk to me or ask how the kids are doing. Consider yourself lucky your kids can experience grand parents

  16. I’m 46 and have five children. Three are now adults. I personally think grandparents should not get bent because its not their child and it just seems a little possesive and boundary stepping. There should be no competition. She is grandma, but YOU are the mother. My husbands mother acted like my oldest was “hers” and it went over like a lead balloon. I think its great you have a good relationship with your mom but your kids affection should not be a competition.

  17. It's hard being a grandma, we love our children and we love our grandbabies, as a grandma myself, I raised my grandson for seven months until My daughter left with him, I cried because I gave up My life for seven months, be patient with your mom ❤️, you are blessed to have a beautiful woman in your life, I wish my daughter could feel the same way about me. Crying now from traverse City Michigan

  18. Iam a new nana ( grandma ) I respect my daughters wishes with my grandson. I never over step. I give advice. She doesn’t have to take it. I tell her to go with what she feels because she is the mom. She is a wonderful mother. Way better than I ever was. Iam so proud of her. And my grandson. I want to give him a peck on the lips or call him son- as in grand son but I don’t because he is not mine. He’s my grandson and there are things you just don’t do. So I try to help by cleaning up because she works. I play with him and read books, and we sing songs and clap and dance. We look at the planes that fly by. And I call her everyday to see how she is. And I give her endless rides to wherever she needs to go.

  19. If you’re all happy that speaks for itself. You can see that your mum and son have a special bond. Some souls just click together. From a mum of adults now…enjoy and nurture the bond your son has with your mum. As long as it’s not crossing boundaries that you feel comfortable with. Our kids need all the positive love they can get. It truly does take a village to raise a child. And anyway, despite their bond, Jaxon still says he’s mamas boy. And you all have a beautiful family…gramma included!

  20. I know exactly what you mean once you become a mom no one really cares as much it’s probably one of the hardest transitions when becoming a mom

  21. My mom love every one of kid. She does help me the most I total understand. My husband. Help me also sometimes his mom but most is my cause she a stay home mom also

  22. I think you two have a beautiful relationship. It's very much like my own relationship with my mom. She is very much like a best friend as well as my mom and I know when I have kids she is going to love them exactly the same way as she loved her own kids. ♥️♥️♥️

  23. I found it a bit odd. I love your bond with your mom and how lovely a family you are.
    I just found it odd that she would cry because he said he is mumma boy. He is your son and that's how it should be. Her relationship with him is hers and there should be no contest, your his mumma

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