My Belly Transformation After Pregnancy | First Modeling Job Since Having Triplets


  1. Is anyone else stalking the info below the video and waiting for that Chatfam merch website to show up!! Lol….cough up the goods Darik!! 🤣🤣

  2. Okay, but why is Gemma the cutest thing I’ve ever seen? She is incredibly smart and sweet and just so funny! I don’t think I would ever stop laughing or smothering her with kisses if she was mine. I seriously come here for the Gemma Eats segments. And wow, the triplets got so big and get cuter by the day! How chunky and cute is reesey girl?!

  3. idk why but when Gemma said Sunny it clicked and I was like “ that would’ve been a perfect name for Gemma cus she’s just so radiant” 😂 I love you guys ❤️

  4. So precious Gemma reminds me of my younger sister so full of life energy i cant wait for the triplets to get a bit older to see what they would be like altogether the chatwins stay blessed

  5. I think it's great to be an affectionate father, but the constant kissing is a little over the top.

  6. 4:43 Wren's face😹She's like"My sisters' such a mess"
    19:52 I die. Reese's so soft and delicate and loveable. Wanna hold her forever. 😩❤️
    Feel like Gemmers has issues with Reese, not sure though😳😢

  7. Omg cara your makeup is soooooooo good ! You’re always beautiful but with this makeup omg you look stunning and different ! This type of makeup goes really really good on you ! Hugs and love from Lebanon 🇱🇧 ❤️

  8. Reese on Gemma's shoulders at the end is everything 🤣🤣🙈🙏 You guys are seriously so special 😭😭😭😭❤ soooo beautiful!

  9. We love that Snow Basin and PowMow are in our backyard. Definitely check out Monte Cristo in the Spring or Fall for some amazing backdrops!

  10. Hi chatfm gemma so beautiful. Darik good father. Cara you so beautiful. Hear ro laugh so bless rain and ress so sweet…amazing family.

  11. I bet those pictures turned out amazing! I would love that many photographers always, then you would always end up with a great shot! Also i feel like when the kids get a little bigger you may always need that many lol. beautiful family and the babies are getting so big. thanks for sharing.

  12. You guys are just so awesome and bless love the pictures the place is very beautiful thanks for sharing this video with us

  13. Darik: "I don't own a motorcycle because I have 4 kids I have to stick around for."
    Also Darik: "Moose are dangerous. Let's see how close to them I can get. If they charge me, I'll go viral."


  14. Love y’all so much but the 4- 6 mid roll adds now are tough. Really breaks up the interest in your wonderful videos😕

  15. Loved watching this. So much going on. Beautiful Cara photo shoot, lovely time with Gemma in the Jeep. Love the babies – and then those bloody Moose Meece lol!!! Love you all. Pls come visit Canada.

  16. 💚Oh 🌺my 💚gosh 🌺you💚 look so🌺 stunning💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺💚🌺

  17. I love Cara I’m still like.. wow she held 3 babies in her stomach❤️ she’s Wonder Woman. She’s a strong woman. Cara I love you girl! ❤️❤️ love the family 😄

  18. I really love your videos #chatfam 😍😍 you should do a TV reality show it will be awesome 😍😍 much love, ikram from Algeria 😍🇩🇿

  19. I love your family so much. I will never tire of telling you what a beautiful couple you are and how the love you have for each other just radiates through the screen. Gemma is absolutely adorable with the sweetest, kindest nature and your other three little munchkins are just the cutest, happiest & most delightful babies ever 🥰🙏 xxx

  20. When do we get to see the pics from your photo shoot? Can't wait! Also, Cara – I hope you might consider some modeling jobs again. Why?? Just because ya can!!!

  21. Derik, for canker sores you want a prescription for triamcinolone acetonide (or comparable type) dental paste. You put a little dab on the canker at bedtime and by morning it is almost gone. It is awesome stuff.

  22. should of been no hat. flower crown. It would of looked so much better. You look the same right after you had kids skinny.

  23. Hola chicos, siempre los veo pero no entendía nada jajajja muchas gracias por los subtitulos. 😊😊😊

  24. Cara wakes up one day and is like, “I’m a model.” What she doesn’t realize is that she empowers others to do it too.

  25. YOU LOOK SO HANDSOME AND BEAUTIFUL!!!😍😍😍😍 I don't know why, but when I see pictures of Cara being pregnant, I think it fits her so well!! She is so beautiful!!

    Roro's laugh!! It makes you laugh too!

    Gemma and Darik looks like they enjoyed their ride!! Cool 😎


  26. Darik: Alright Gemma show me the Jeep then get in the back seat.
    Jemma: Ok!
    Also Jemma: Opens front door

  27. I really love u guys,,, cutestness family ever,,love from India,,,please shout out my name please,,.. Angela here

  28. OMG you guys the photoshoot was so beautiful ! And by the way I didn't believe the moose were chasing you hahahaha

  29. Im sad dat my comments got shorter but due to lack of time n busy schedule i cantt but i hope it gets bttr soon❤️but still u guys knw i love u guys so much💓may Almighty always bless u guys❤️❤️ #chatfam #cF

  30. ¡Oh por Dios! ¡Subtítulos en español! Estoy súper emocionada… ya voy a poder ver sus videos junto a mi mamá. ¡Saludos! 💕

  31. Thank you for having Gemma backwards in the car, its the most save position for a child in the car, please, keep her in that position for as long as posible even thought the legs are a litle bit squeezed in against the seat.

  32. Wow!! So inspiring. Cara, your gorgeous in and out. You look amazing and you should be very proud!! Babies are still so adorable and Gemma is still so funny!

  33. Estaba viendo el video y aún no me había dado cuenta de qué hay subtítulos en español. Eso es genial, muchas gracias. 💗

  34. Cara, wow you looked absolutely incredible in the shoot! So beautiful! Glad you two got some time alone again. Love to you all x

  35. Those photos were gorgeous! Wish I was good enough to model but I’m no where near as pretty as you, Cara! This was such a cute vlog ❣️ thank you guys for coming into YouTube because I look forward to being a part of the ChatFam and seeing you all grow 💫 love you so much ChatFam!

  36. Cara…how is this woman so pretty? Like…mother of 4 kids!? WHAT!? NO WONDER WHY DARIK IS SO WHIPPED. CARA IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OUT.

  37. I love Gemma 😍 she is so cute and s9 smart ! You are a blessed family !! The triplets and Gemma 😍

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