Today I have exercises to target the
mummy tummy a common frustration amongst many women after having a baby. By the
end of this video you’ll have 10 of my best postnatal exercises to tighten tone
and flatten your tummy after pregnancy and if you have an abdominal separation
or you had a c-section birth these exercises are completely safe and
suitable for you too and subscribe to my channel for more exercises created
specifically for mums after birth and beyond and be sure to hit the bell to be
notified of my new video releases every Tuesday. I’m Vicky War founder of bump and beyond and these are the very exercises my clients have followed to
flatten the mummy tummy, fix diastasis recti and lose inches off their waists. So let’s get started! You’ll need a set
of hand weights for some of the exercises in this routine today you can
choose two three or five kilograms so we’re going to begin on seated on to our
mats and we’re going to bring the right foot in and then just take the left leg
and the left foot behind us the heels behind and the right heels just in front
we’re just gonna start with a quick dynamic stretch to open our hips before
we begin the tummy exercises so you’re coming to this position you might find
that your left glute is kind of lifted up a little bit that’s okay you’re just
gonna breathe in and then as you breathe out through your mouth just kind of
create some space create some release to try and just think that glute into the
floor now from here we’re going to place our left hand onto the outside of the
right knee here or the right thigh and then just take the right hand down to
the floor and just turn around towards your right, opening out the core drawing in the belly button and feeling a
stretch down through the side of your back here. It’s a really lovely one to
start with and then breathe in we’re going to just take it across to the left
and then come around towards the right feeling that stretch down through the
outside of your back or through here breathing in breathing out and then one
more time so turning around to the right keeping your right foot here just in
front and then back to the centre. Now we’re going to take both soles of the
feet together to do the hip a rock just place your hands around your feet or
around your ankles or onto your shins and just make sure you’re sitting
really tall so just find your sit bones. We’re shift a little bit and these
are the bones just right in the middle part of your glutes, your bottom. Sit
really tall so you’re lifting the crown of your head up towards the ceiling and
then just gently rock from side to side. You’ll feel a really gorgeous stretch just
in your hip flexors to open up the hips before we begin the actual main
exercises. These are so important to do so stay with me on this short dynamic
stretch sequence here before we begin and we’ll release tension in the hips
because you don’t want to feel your hips overworking during the tummy exercises. Oka, so two
more rocks and then just rest so now we’ll just
take the left hand in front of us take the right heel and the right foot behind
again you’ll probably find that your right glute is coming up off the floor
so just take a deep breath in and then as you breathe out just kind of let
everything go release and in time that bottom muscle will gradually begin to
come down to the floor as you create space in the body and stretch and
release tension. So we’re going to place the right hand just onto the outside of
the left knee here place the left hand onto the floor turn around towards your
left look over your left shoulder feel that stretch through the hip and through
the lower back and then breathe in, come back to the center and then take it
across to the side again breathing in breathing out creating space all through your core to
your deeper abdominals and then breathing in turn towards the right and
take the hand back onto the outside of the knee place the left hand to the
floor look over your left shoulder. Release and then bring the soles of the
feet back together again. Remember to sit really tall here push forwards from the
hips relax your shoulders, relax your chest and then taking hold of your feet
or your ankles or your shins just gently rock side to side to open out the hips
so be conscious of your body position here just allow those shoulders to melt
down and lift the crown of your head up and release. Excellent so we’re gonna to
begin with our first exercise you don’t need the weights for this one. Lie
down on to your back. Now if you have an abdominal separation or diastasis recti
recti be careful here you want to log roll down so you want to come onto your
side first and then log roll over lie on your back, feet flat to the floor
knees are bent, arms by your sides. From here lift your right foot off the
floor, flex the foot, bring the knee towards the chest and then breathe in
breathe out extend the leg away keeping the foot off the floor and pushing
through your heel. Now here I’d like you to just zip up an
imaginary pair of trousers or jeans all right and scooping down your belly
button to create tension in these lower abdominals. Breathe in bring the knee
towards the chest and again breathing out scooping down the belly button
creating tension zipping up the pair of jeans and then breathing in, knee to chest
and keep your lower back completely flush to the floor during
this exercise and just really work on bringing the belly button down creating
tension in the lower abdominals. Extending the leg away through the heel
keeping the arms down by your sides take this arm to the floor, one
more. Excellent! Then place the foot on the floor and we’ll do the other side so
lift the left foot up extend the leg away, breathing out creating tension,
breathing into chest. Zip up those jeans as you
extend the leg away from you bringing the knee to the chest now remember to
keep your shoulders really relaxed head is on the floor arms just by your sides. Really connecting and engaging to these
deep abdominal muscles between three more, two more, relax the ribs, one more
and then place the foot back on the floor. Brilliant so we’re going to now
add an arm movement to that we’re going to lift the knee towards the chest lift
the foot off the floor take your left arm over your head as you extend the
the right leg away and then breathe in onto side, knee to chest breathing out
breathing in. Now remember to zip up, scoop the belly button down and keep
your lower back flush into the mat or the floor. This is all about
the breathing getting the breath timed correctly with the right part of the
exercise. I’m really creating tension again in
the deep innermost muscle which is called the transverse abdominus muscle
that’s the one we’re most concerned with to really get strength and tone, rather than the six-pack muscles. We’re working inside out first of all to
really help flatten the tummy. Take the foot and the arm down by
your side and then lift the other foot up, flex the foot as you extend the leg
take the arm over the head. Extending that left leg reaching the
right arm over the head onto the floor, scooping out the belly button as you
breathe out breathing in knee to chest so remember to keep that lower back
flush into the floor. Keep ribs down and relaxed you almost
want to bring your upper ribs down towards your lower ribs two more, excellent,
one more and bring the arm down by your side and back on to the floor.
So rolling over we’re gonna come into the obliques,
oblique crunch I call it. We’re going to take the right arm
straight down onto the floor just pointing it away from you bend both
knees and bring the knees up slightly towards the chest. Feet up behind you one
foot on top at the other, place this hand your left hand just onto your hip here
keeping your head down. We’re going to just take this hand by the ear. Then what we’re going to do is
just lift up rest onto your forearm, pushing into your forearm, taking your
elbow towards your hip and then coming straight back down breathing out and
breathing in. Now it’s really important you keep your head back on this one try
not to push your head forward. Just feel that tension in the side of
the waist. You’re breathing out here breathing in as you lower
breathing out as you lift taking the elbow towards the hip breathing in as
you lower. Really fully engage your deep abdominal
muscles, so breathing out breathing in drawing the belly button in, feeling and engaging the deep inner most muscle. You got this! Coming right up onto your forearm pressing the
hand and the forearm into the floor and you’ll notice the difference if you do that you’ll really feel the muscles of the side of your
waist better, your obliques. You’re switching on! Two more, one more and we’re going to hold this one up this is a pulse by tiny movements you’re lifting, your head is back and relax your
shoulders and you’re just pulsing. Just little smooth movements up
and down staying lifted. You can do this! For 3 more, 3,2 and 1 and then gradually
lower to the floor. Let’s switch sides. You can always double
the mat over if you wish just to give yourself a little bit more protection
underneath the forearm so again we’re lying down with your arms straight out
in front of you here, knees bent. Bring the knees up one foot on top of the
other and then the hand goes just to the side of the head. We’re bringing the
elbow towards the hip as we lift the side of the waist up and then lower back
down coming up onto your forearm and then you lower back down breathing out
and then breathing in as you lower. Remember you’re on your side but you’ve
still got to engage that deep abdominal muscle as you’re breathing out and lifting you bring your belly button in. Try not to pull too much on your neck or
with your head just make sure these muscles here are the ones that are
powering this move. Keep going, you are doing great. We’re really toning the side of the
waist through this exercise. Relax your shoulders, making
sure you’re not rolling back at the hip but keeping this hip pointing up. One
more. Now let’s stay here and pulse so pulsing
up and down. Relax your shoulders just make sure your shoulders are not taking too much strain and we’ve got a few more pulses here bringing the belly button in. Four more, three, two or more and lower to
the floor. Excellent, well done! On for the next exercise. We’re
going to take a seat with this one we’ll take our weights one weight in each hand. Make sure you’re sat really tall so
right on those sit bones bringing the hips forwards and the shoulders are
relaxed. Take the arms and the hands so that they are just above the shoulders here
and you’re gonna breathe out and bring the belly button in as you raise your
arms above the head into a shoulder press.
Then as you breathe in just bring the elbows right down by your ribs a
little lower just behind you so breathing out. Push up breathing in. I
love this move because it teaches you how to switch on that deep
inner most muscle again. This kind of switches off a little during the
last stages of pregnancy and after you’ve had the baby and we want to bring
that muscle memory back. Remember to breathe out as you
bring the arms up above the head breathing in as you lower this is also
great for toning up your arm from the whole of your upper body – and also on a
practical level when you’re lifting babies or small children you
need your arms to be strong to do that. all right so as your baby gets older
they’ll be growing and getting heavier. Keep it going, one more.
So we’re going to do one more, where you’re taking the hands just
above the shoulders wrists are facing away from you breathe in just to prepare
relax the tummy muscles and then breathe out take the arms above the head.
Breathing in relax, breathing out. Breathing in so as you breathe out and
take the arms above the head draw that belly button in.
Imagine you’re just zipping up pair of jeans lifting up the pelvic floor muscle
as well. and bringing the elbows right down with
strength to your side breathing out. Breathing in for one more. One more and take the arms down by your sides. Weights down by your sides.
Excellent so we’re going to come on to our knees creating space just in
between your knees and your knees about hip-width apart big toes are
together here. So I’m going to take hold of those hand weights again and from
here we’re just going to keep your hand weights down by our sides and
just look straight ahead relaxing your shoulders we’re going to hinge back from
the knee okay bringing the body back back back back but keeping your bottom
off your heels. You’re pushing your hips
forwards now as you do this you’re breathing out and you want to zip up
again the pair of jeans, and then breathing in coming forward so breathing out as you hinge back, breathing in
coming forward so again really engaging the deep transverse abdominis muscle
along with your pelvic floor muscle. Engaging and activating those
two muscles together really helps strengthen the pelvic floor and flatten
and tone the tummy. All right now we can add a progression to this. We’re gonna
lift the arms up shoulder height and then turn the wrists bring them in by
your sides and lifting the arms up wrists are facing down and then turn the
wrists into your side breathing out, breathing in so keep the big toes
together keep your lower back fairly flat. Okay you will have a natural arch in your back, you want to avoid completely arching your lower back breathing out as
you hinge back breathing in as you come back up. So really focusing on your stomach
muscles you’ll also feel a stretch through your front thigh, so if
you really feel it through your front thigh it’s just a little indication that
those front thighs, quadriceps are tight! So think about stretching those out. Lifting the arms up and level with your shoulders turning the wrists in one more, one more let’s go
and rest it down. Good! So over to you before we do the next
exercises. I want you to let me know in the comments box below which exercise is
making you feel your tummy muscles engage and activate the most? Comment
below this video! Going back to the hinge backs. Big toes
together. This time we’re going to add a rotation so as we hinge back we’re going
to come across to the right and then bring the arms back up and then hinge
back across towards the left still raising the arms up and then turning the
wrists in. So the beauty of this one is we’re now toning and strengthening the
sides of the waist so the obliques. Great one okay and just remember that
you’re breathing out as you hinge back, performing that zipping action. Strong
arms, you can slightly bend the elbows here. You will also feel it
little bit through the front of the thighs, that’s okay! One more each side breathing out
breathing in and breathing out again, breathing in. Well done! So we’re
going to take the weights down. We’re going to lie down, right down onto the tummy,
and extend your arms okay so your arms are by your ears. Take your head down,
keep your legs straightened together and squeeze the inner thighs together. So
from here we’re going to lift the legs up trying to get the thighs off the
floor and then we’re going to do the swimmers. So one arm up, the other arm up just flutter the arms and flutter the legs. Just let it go keeping your head
down, try not to lift your head up too far. This one is just great exercise
to work all the muscles of your lower back. It’s really important to do that!
They’re all part of your core! So strengthening the lower back is
really important for everyone not just mums. We need strong backs
to perform the lifting and the carrying the feeding of babies and small
children. It’s really really important. You don’t want to be putting your
back out in just everyday movements like loading the dishwasher for example. You
want a strong back so this one is a great one because you’ll also feel it
in your bottom muscles too. Keeping your head down, just fluttering
your arms up and down and the legs, four more. Well done. Place the hands on the floor.
Excellent, so we’re going to bring our bodies up, coming on to all fours. Spread
the fingers, pushing into the heels of your hands and your fingers and just
taking your hips over your knees. Flatten your back so your back
wants to be flat. From here really get your body weight into the
hands. Make sure your shoulders are in line with your wrists, tuck your
toes under, breathing in allow your tummy to relax and then as you breathe out
lift the knees just slightly about an inch or four centimetres and
then lift up, up, up and then breathing in and lower. So you breathe in, breathing
out and lower so time the breath with the lift so breathing
out and breathing in when you lower. Shoulders away from your ears
just rotate the elbows out slightly and that keeps your shoulders away from your
ears and again tucking the toes under. Keeping the hips above the knees, inhale
lower, exhale. Lower back is flat, really conscious, mindful of those shoulders. Try
not to allow them to come up to your ears. Again, a couple more, one more, inhale and
lower back down. Excellent! Okay so we’re going to come
back on to our knees and take the hand weights again so in fact you just need
one hand weight for this next exercise. You want space between the knees about
hip-width apart. Big toes are together and then place
both hands around the centre of the dumbbell. Take the arms just above your
right shoulder extending the arms and then breathe in, breathe out turn towards
your left bringing the arms down towards the left hip. Keep the chest lifted
breathing in and taking the arms up above the right shoulder again, breathing out.
Breathing in so you have movement through the waist, whilst feeling those
muscles, strengthening and toning the sides of the waist the obliques again.
Breathing out and breathing in. It’s great! You’re just coming
across the body back up for more. Good, now I change sides so just bringing
the arms across above the left shoulder this time bringing the weight down across
the body, breathing out and then breathing in as you take the arms up
above your shoulder. Turning through the sides of your waist staying on your knees. If your knees are a little weak or a little fragile, just pop a cushion
underneath your knees to make it a little bit more comfortable. You’re breathing out as you bring the
weight down across your body, breathing in as you take the arms back up above
the shoulder. Two more, excellent, one more.
Then release so now we’re coming down onto our backs again. Come down safely
especially if you have diastasis recti. Come onto your side and then a rollover take the soles of your feet together. Now the knees just fall out to the side, here. We want to get the lower back flush into the mat into the floor and
then just take your hands by your ears here or to the side of your head
breathing in. Just allow the tummy to rise slightly no need to push it up and
then as you breathe out scoop your belly button down,
zip up and lift the head and the shoulders up now. There’s no need to push
your chin or strain this or push your head forwards. Try not to cheat
this movement just keep your head really heavy here if you want to you can
just take the hands behind the back of the head to keep the head heavy and then
breathe in and lower down. Then bring the knees together, feet flat to the floor
and then you roll up taking your tailbone away and up squeezing your
bottom muscles and lifting your hips up towards the ceiling. Then lower back
down each part of the spine, lower spine then the tailbone. Take the knees apart big soles
of the feet together and then lifting up scooping out the belly button breathing
in, lower knees together feet flat roll up to lift the hips and squeeze the
bottom. There’s a great one for the bottom as well as the entire core and
then roll down spine part of the spine by part of the spine and then soles of
the feet together. Knees out to the side. Lower the knees, soles of the feet together
rolling up squeeze those glutes come right up onto the shoulders and then
inhale lower back down. Knees out, soles of the feet together.
Butterfly crunch engages the pelvic floor and then knees together, with
feet onto the floor, roll up, roll up, roll up onto the shoulders. Inhale, roll down
slowly so the feet are together knees out. Breathing out, sit up and engage the deep abdominal
muscles. We need to get our feet flat. Rolling up into the hip bridge and lower
so we have four more. Complete the sequence dropping the knees out, one more. Squeeze those glutes, lift, lift, lift, hold it
here and then take your arms by your sides. Keep your hips lifted, squeezing your glutes. There’s lots of muscles working here. In my opinion the glutes are part of your core you need strong bottom muscles as well to be able to fire these up in the right kinetic chain. To fire up when you’re walking around pushing the buggy or stroller and I’m pushing up and down, up and down. Small movements, pushing into
your triceps into your hands breathing out as you lift and lower.
Breathing out on every smaller move. Look up, squeeze your bottom muscles, feel these really wake
up! Two more, one more and then gradually lower down to the floor.
Excellent! So from here I’m going to take the right foot up off the
floor then the left foot. I’m going to show you two variations here. We’re going
to circle the legs. We’re going to take the feet away draw a circle slightly
lower the legs, lower the legs and then bring the legs back up to vertical. So you
slightly lower the legs as you draw a circle. You can make the circle small or
you can make the circle a little bigger. Have a little bit more engagement now
this one focuses on not only your deep core muscles but also the inner thighs.
Now if you want to make it more challenging and you’re a little bit more
advanced with your core exercises then take the circle wider and lower the legs. Make sure the entire time your the lower back is flush to the floor. We don’t want any popping up or doning or any coning across the belly here that just means you haven’t quite got the strength to
create that tension yet. So if that is happening
just make sure you stop, pause. Then just make the circle a little
smaller keep the legs a little more vertical, otherwise if you can
scoop out the tummy, create that tension all right you can lower the legs further
towards the floor. Feel the inner thigh muscles
wake up working with the pelvic floor. ..and the transverse abdominis. Four more,
four, three, two more, one more and hug your knees to your chest. Well done!
Let’s just stretch! Let’s roll the shoulders into the mat or the
floor take your hands over your shins here and let’s massage your lower back
by just drawing with small circles with your knees bring your knees towards your
chest and back round in one direction. Then take it around in the opposite
direction and then just place the feet on to the floor. Roll over onto your side
come up to a seated position. Thank you so much for spending your time and your
energy with me today. If you want to truly flatten, tone and tighten your
tummy muscles after having a baby then book your free discovery call with me to
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If you’d like this video then be sure to give it the thumbs up and also subscribe
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much for watching and I’ll see you next time.


  1. My mummy tummy exercise routine with my top ten wrapped up in a 30 minute home workout. Which exercise did you feel in your tummy muscles the most? Tell me in the comments below 👇. Plus which other parts of your body do you want to tone? Let me know that too in the comments below 👇. Thank you for watching 🙏 !

  2. Loved these exercises Vicky. I found the stretch at the beginning particularly helpful as I often feel quite tight around the hip area and feel the hip flexors taking over when I want to focus on my core. This sort of tip makes it possible to get so much more out of the exercises themselves.

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