Monkey Baby Cutest you have ever seen 2019 | Day 4 Gets up

Welcome to Bop – Monkey baby chanel In day 3, Bop sleeping at night And, Day 4, I gets up when all are sleeping 2 little brothers get up too he is ashamed because I look Little boy loves Bop but is shy mommy is hugging Ton (Bop’s Brother) Bong(his sister) laying next to Bop these moments are so peaceful Mommy gets up too She took his hand and pulled it out So Bop cry Many finger sucking makes his teeth bad So Mommy did so Little brother want to see Bop’s eyes We are recording Bop’s life every day Please register & follow to see many clip Thanks you and Goodbye!


  1. You can try to break that thumb sucking with a pacifier on a thick short ribbon around his neck when he is a little older….Baby monkeys suck mom everytime they are insecure, or frightened….That is why once they start the thumb it is a hard habit to break.Eventually they get tired of a pacifier and let it fall somewhere and it's done. THese pigtail babies have odd insecurities more than the long tailed Macaques….They are a bit more fragile

  2. Валяются как овощи, нет чтоб пойти работать, решили срубить бабок на бедных животных. Где защитники природы?

  3. Baby monkeys do not usually suck on their fingers and when a baby monkey does you know that its missing clinging to mother and nursing all the time which it would do at this age. Its better to feed them small amount but very often, nevertheless then every 2 hours. You might have to think about a pacifier to break him of finger suckking. the reason you do not want them preoccupied with finger sucking is they will do that and not work on developmental milestones they need to reach as their hands are tied up so they can suck their fingers. Better to have them suck a pacifier and have hands free then ro get to where they suck on fingers too much of the time. Once they are a couple of months old and only getting a bottle 3-4 times a day they should not get the pacifier during the day as they would not be suckling mom on demand by then she would only be nursing at specific times and then letting then suckle all night. Then when they wean off the bottle and no longer need milk at about a year they should not get the bottle or the pacifier.

  4. He is still very small so sucking his fingers or thumb won't bother his teeth. Let him do it, it's comforting & helps him self soothe

  5. Bop needs a pacifier to suck on for when it's not feeding time so she will suck on that and not her thumb. It's not that bad, though. She will outgrow it and eventually stop needing something to suck on. But it would make her feel more comfortable to have the pacifier to suckle on.

  6. This monkey is well on his way to becoming a total mental case. It will be no time at all and you will not think he is the cutest. THEN WHAT !!!!’

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