Melchizedek priesthood is marriage in one body (eng sub)

I don’t look beautiful and attractive, actually, let’s say I look now pretty ruined And it’s because I represent Word of God in human body all what was done to the book (Bible), to the Word of God it is reflecting on my body all what people changed and done to it because, Word revived the body, Word of God And…that body took everything on itself it means, it took on itself every human evil, every atrocity So, I’m your mirror I’m a mirror of all your ‘humanity’ and your behavior toward Creator Now, I’m going to explain secret of Melchizedek priesthood and that priesthood has the secret of marriage in one body in itself I’ll explain what means “not having beginning nor the end of days” I published already one video about creation of adam-human being there is an explanation about existence of other people in time of creation of adam-human being as marriage in one body which makes Adam the first High Priest by order of Melchizedek (righteous king) as marriage in one body It’s when Spirit (of God), which presents masculine principle enters matter (feminine principle) and revives it and body MUST be female body to give the birth anyway it’s the only way to give the birth, it does not matter if conception is spiritual like in this case it will give spiritual birth (to a male child) anyway, at the end It begins with Adam who was first Temple or Church of Holy Spirit in human body then, it was Melchizedek, … …Jesus I doubt it was his name and now the 4th Church is testifying, before its restoration It means, Adam and Eve, it’s the same person Melchizedek and Salem (*Sothonim was dead name of the body) his body had a name Salem he was king and priest of his body Spirit of God (Holy Spirit), in the female body in marriage with that body as marriage of Spirit with the matter All 4 Churches represent model for Ark of Covenant originating from adam/human being Spirit of God is eternal, reflecting in itself 2 Cherubs on the Ark represent it, and Ark is the body, and Covenant is marriage Marriage in one body people call today transgender People would call Melchizedek priesthood today a priesthood of trans man But it’s the marriage in one body it’s the secret hidden from people that’s how it’s supposed to be, hidden, and I’m revealing it now so…. Adam and Eve are one same person Melchizedek and Salem are one same person Jesus son of man and virgin Mary are one same person And I (as Spirit of God) and my body are one same person (same flesh) but, in every of those 4 Churches (bodies) is Holy Spirit (*we dwell in them among people) this form appears approximately at every 2000 years Every of 4 Churches represent one letter of Tetragrammaton, and 4 riders of Apocalypse Prophet Ezekiel described spiritual conception in chapter 16 reviving Jerusalem, a female baby thrown out in the field revival was with word: “Live! Live!” or in translation Danicic-Karadzic: ” Be alive in your blood!” From that chapter we can see it’s about female baby, and engagement of God with her (he sent his Word,, his Spirit in her body) who wants can find the chapter and read this info there whole story about adam/human being is there, what I published in other video (Adam and Eve are same person) whole story about Adam, and Eve, his body And now, what is visible on me, like missing a teeth hi hi hi hi and all the rest what could look out of order to you all it’s your own mirror It’s all what you have done to God and the book (to his Word) how you butchered it and threw out the truth from the book And now I’m testifying, announcing sooner restoration of this Church and body and I’m announcing the birth of the Son from marriage in one body the Firstborn He is going to appear when he appears I still have some jobs to finish, getting all in order here after my resurrection I found myself in dust of the earth and in wilderness living here in quite some time in some moments was not so great but I’m making progress somehow To finish explanation about Melchizedek priesthood now he has no father and mother it means, female baby who was thrown out to the field abandoned from her parents, she died in the field then Spirit of God revived her sending Word into her body there’s no mother and father anymore, no beginning nor end of days soul of previous owner of the body left that body and now, Spirit (Word) of God entered the body and lives in it it has no birth, nor death My own origin occurred in same way, coinciding with this story and all 4 Churches (in flesh) have similar…destinies it’s actually cyclic life and cycle begins and ends in same point, and… and I can’t say everything repeats literally but, on the other level, very similar things happen (*fulfilling what is written) and that’s my testimony Look at me now how I am and soon you’ll see me how I’ll be And how it actually looks like when Word of God is restored with truth, you’ll see how Word of God truly looks like, not like this now, what I must bear testifying with my body that’s it…

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