Making Musick – Finding Hope in Delayed Fertility

Offscreen: First word that comes to mind when describing yourself what would be? Oh dang. First word comes to mind… It’s a blank. They say to know yourself… I’m still in that process. When I first met Charis we were attending school. Charis: He wore a three-piece suit all the time. I was loud. He was quiet, structured and planned. And I was a free bird. I believe in getting there as fast as possible. And he’s driving right now. People were itching for us to get married. Then we got married and then they started the… “Your children are
gonna be so gorgeous!” “They’re going to be beautiful!” “I love mixed babies!” We get that all the time. It really set in with me that there was a problem when we went through fertility treatments and none of it worked. My safe zone was my aloneness. I’m still finding out who I am because I never developed who I was as a kid. I’ve been a nurturer of friends… …a nurturer of children. But there’s something about having your own children to call you mom. “I’m taking a test!” I share… …because I think there’s hope in sharing. And there’s togetherness in sharing. Life is short…and it’s getting shorter. Life is really worth finding.

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