Maaf Tak Indah (2020) | Episod 16

This is my promise to Adam. I know Adam can’t understand… …but my promise can only be fulfilled
if there’s you and Adam. Let’s go. Do they know I’m here? Mama and papa have
been waiting for you. I always bring Adam here.
Sometimes Adam even sleeps here. That’s why I know that
mama really misses you. Papa looks like he’s angry with you… …but deep in his heart,
he really wants to see you. I’ve always been here. I know that… …but KL is huge.
Without an address, it’s hard to trace. You work with Jai
and I’ve a lot of dealings with Jai… …but we’ve never met. You and Jai…?
– What’s important now is… …what’s in front of you.
Mama and papa are waiting. I admit, … …my fault in this matter.
I didn’t give you a chance. Forgive me Sya. Forgive me, Sya. I’m the one who should be apologizing. I disappointed
the both of you. Actually I wanted to bring Tia
to meet you. Who is Tia?
Is she your daughter? You remarried? No, she’s our daughter. When I divorced Sya,
she was pregnant. Sya raised Tia
on her own. When is Adam going to wake up?
I want to play with him. Adam is not well.
Let him rest. If he’s sick,
let me take care of him. Of course. I’ll bring Tia over. No need. What I meant was
you don’t have to bring Tia here. Mama and I will go there. You gave me such a fright. I was starting to feel nervous. If you won’t allow Sya to stay,
I’ll leave. You can stay here on your own. Before you can even go,
I’ll go first! Sya, you can stay in
this house with Tia… …once Adam gets better. This is all because of me.
I was being too hard headed. Let’s leave the past in the past. I’m so thankful
that you’ve accepted me. There’s actually no one here.
Usually, everyone will be here. You were born disabled… …and now you’re sick. I thought there was no one here.
– Why are you here? I’m here to see Adam.
– Really? Or are you here… …just to make Adam’s life
a misery? How could you say that?
Don’t you trust me? I don’t trust you.
– How many times must I tell you? I brought Adam home
because I missed him. Where’s Raimie?
– He has gone out with Sya. Father?
– He has gone home. Raimie and Sya… …are there as well.
Tia is there. You still don’t know?
You don’t know! Tia is Sya and Raimie’s daughter. When Raimie divorced Sya,
she was pregnant. Hopefully the children
will bring them together. I’ve to go. How did I miss out on that fact? Because of that girl,
they are becoming closer. Come in. You’re really rich.
– Not really. Your house is so big, … …you’ve a big car
and you’ve a piano. My house is small. This is not just my house.
– Whose house is it? It’s my house, Tok Mi, papa,
mama and yours too! I don’t have a house,
I stay with mama. Papa is my son.
Mama is my daughter too. You’re my granddaughter, so this is
your house too. – Adam? I forgot!
Of course it’s his house too! Please don’t leave him out.
Poor Adam. I’m sorry, my mistake. It’s okay. Adam and I
will play together here. – Of course! You didn’t shut the door,
so I just came in. Thank you. I keep hearing the same thing. I’m not asking anything from you. I just want you to forgive me. I’ve discussed this with father and umi.
Mama and papa know about this too. I want to you back
as my wife. I’ll think about it. How much time do you need
to make a decision? Don’t make me wait so long.
– I know but to marry you… …is not a decision that
I can make at a drop of a hat. I understand. How much time do you need? I’ve wasted so much time.
Please don’t take so long. You’re not doing this because of me,
it’s for the children. I made this decision for us.
It’s not just for the children. No matter how much I hate you,
no matter how much I try to forget you, … …I can’t. There are two reasons
why people remain quiet. One is a sign of agreement
and the other is the opposite. Yang mana? This is the report for the sale
of the land in Perak. I’ll take a look at it later. How long have you known Syaza? Lebih kurang 5-6 tahun. Am I not good enough for Syaza? Just tell me.
I’m fine with it. Do you really love Syaza?
– Yes. Do you think you can forget
your feelings towards Syaza? Tak boleh. The same goes for Syaza. Her love for Mr Raimie is so deep. It’s not easy for her
to love someone else. Who is she?
– Aunty Zila, my niece. You don’t know who I am?
– She’s not used to you yet. I’m going to pray,
could you see to Tia? Sya and Raimie aren’t here yet.
– It’s okay. They will be here soon. Grandfather, wait.
Can you wait until mama gets here? I’m sorry Tia.
We can’t delay prayers in Islam. It won’t take long, okay? I’ll be here.
Come and sit here. You’re that evil woman’s daughter.
– No, I’m mama’s daughter. Your mama caused Adam to be like that.
– Like what? Can’t you see your brother is ill?
It’s all your mama’s fault. People fall sick
because it’s God’s test. How dare you! You’re just like your mother! Where were you?
I waited so long for you! What are you doing here?
– I thought of visiting Adam with you. How did you know I’m here?
– Umi told me. No, I called Umi. Aren’t you going to apologize? Go home.
I’m sick of looking at your face. I’ll go to the hospital myself. Have you visited Adam?
– Yes, but he keeps sleeping. Adam is not well,
so he needs to rest. Just ignore Zila, she’s like that.
– I know. I just find it strange,
how did you fall for a woman like that? What? When did I fall for her?
– You were about to marry her. That was why you left me. Since this fruit is here…. Next time watch your mouth. If you mention it again,
I’m going to feed you the fruit and plate. When can Adam go home?
I want to stay with him. You want to stay with him?
– I want to feed him. I want to play with him. Then pray for Adam,
pray that he’ll get better. I’ve prayed for him. Is papa nice like uncle?
– Papa is a good man. Everyone is good. Now let’s go to bed.
We’ll visit Adam tomorrow. I thought papa was a bad person.
– No. The super bug that attacked Adam
made his lungs worse. The ventilator setting used for Adam
is the highest. I advise you and Mrs Syaza
to be ready for any possibilities. I hope you understand. What did the doctor say? The doctor told us to be prepared.
It’s just a matter of time. Who was it? Rahim. It’s quite late,
it must be something important. We need to be ready.
It’s just a matter of time. It’s okay, Adam. I’m letting you go. We’ve to let him go. He has been holding on
for too long. Remember,
Adam is a child of Paradise. This is all my fault. Sya, you can’t say that. It’s no one’s fault. Adam’s fate has been written. It’s my fault.
Have you forgotten what I did to Adam? I was just thinking about you. Apa terjadi?
Awak menangis? I’m on my way. I’m leaving now.
I’ve an important matter to see to. We’ve a meeting this afternoon.
– I asked Rahman to handle that. What happened? Just cancel the meeting.
I’ll come with you. Mama, please don’t cry.
I love you. Let’s eat. You can’t go on like this.
Eat something or you’ll fall sick. I’ll eat something
when I go home. Home?
You promised you’ll stay here with us. I’ve a lot of things to pack. Eat something then go back
and pack your things. Where’s Tia?
– She’s upstairs. I’ll go and check on her. I can’t bear seeing you like this. I feel sorry for my granddaughter.
She’s still young. If you continue being sad like this,
she’ll be sad too. You need to be strong. I’ll go and check on her. What’s wrong?
– I miss Adam. Now Adam is no longer with us. You can’t be sad like this.
You need to be strong. If Adam knows you’re sad like this, … …he’ll be sad too. She keeps holding on to Adam’s clothes.
Sometimes she doesn’t sleep at night. She keeps crying.
I’m worried. Maybe Sya still feels guilty. I hope you can talk to Sya. I’m just afraid she might fall ill. I’ll talk to her. You said that you’re going to
marry Sya… …and I asked her
but she didn’t answer me. If it was up to me,
I would like to marry her. I still love her. Maybe Sya is still unable to accept
me as her husband. Papa and I hope
that the two of you… …will get back together. Whatever your decision is,
we’ll support you. Tia needs a father. God willing.
Please pray for me. I’m here
and I miss you very much. You must be bored
all alone here. Let’s go home. Bye Adam.
I’ll come and visit you again. Bye Adam.
Peace upon you. I’ve to go. Where did you go?
You didn’t lock your door. Where did you go, Tia?
– We visited Adam’s grave. I bought something for you. Tia, go inside.
– Okay. Please sit down,
I need to talk to you. Mama told me you haven’t
eaten anything since morning. All you do is mope and cry. You’re not looking after yourself.
You’ve lost weight. I’m worried. I’m the reason Adam passed away.
– Enough. I don’t want to hear… …you talking about this. You promised me that
we’ll let Adam go in peace, … …willingly.
And yet, you’re still like this. Right now, you’ve to think
about important things in your life. You’ve to think about Tia,
yourself… …and if possible,
about us. What does it has to do
with us? Please take me back
as your husband. I’m not ready. I understand… …but you’re not the only one
who lost Adam. I lost him too. You don’t understand how I feel. There are so many clothes! We rarely came home.
We were at the hospital, … …we were at Tok Ma and Tok Pa’s house. Can I fold clothes with you?
– Do you know how? Yes!
– You want to help? Yes! Show me then. Who is that?


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    සමග බහු පෞරුෂ ආබාධයක් ] පසුව සොයා

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