Lady Helps Cat Give Birth To Her Kittens | Kritter Klub

Cheeky kitty safe delivery project Head home! Cat’s meow tugs her conscience You can’t come in today Stray cat invades her apartment I can’t help that I feel most comfy here Out! Get out of here~ Apparently, this isn’t the first time this happened Navi couldn’t take care of her newborn kittens This lady lent out a helping hand to Navi Now that Navi is pregnant again She remembered the lady’s help And came to her doorstep You’re in good hands She’s pretty much due anytime soon She needs my help Prepares for her delivery We’ll see what happens You never know After hours of labor She gives birth to three kittens Congratulations~ You gave birth? Good job! (I knew I could count on you!) The miracle of life What beautiful kittens~


  1. What a goodhearted and loving lady .She let stray cat into her house and let her to have baby's i at warm and safe place .Thank you for your kindness and respect for another living souls .I hope you and cats will live happy and peaceful life ..

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  4. This is really nice what the lady is doing for the cat —yes, here comes the but— but, wouldn't be even nicer that they can spay that poor cat? The cat with time would not withstand so many pregnancies, she might suffer later, etc, etc. Please Kritter Klub, you present wonderful histories but so far I haven't seen a single case where the cats or dogs being rescued, haven't been spayed/neutered. Thanks

  5. That lady is bad he took the first baby then sell it for her own money and trying to be nice in front of the camera

  6. I was under the impression that it was bad to handle kittens right after and a few weeks after birth…?
    Something about the scent change on them and that the mother can notice it and could possibly kill the kittens….

  7. One of the kitten look like my dead kitten who got stuck in cage before that there was a monkey take him…

  8. Спасибо женщине что не отказалась еще раз помоч киске!

  9. I wish I woulda known about this video 6 months ago. The lil one that is mostly white looks so much like my baby Nemesis. Who passed away just over a year ago. If I could afford too go there I would love to have taken the lil one home too a loving forever home.

  10. Hermoso vídeo!! . Los gatitos tienen una buena madre gata. Son todos hermosos 😍😍😍🐱🐈🐈🐈❤️

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  12. I remember that there is a sequel to this video and it tells you what happened to the lady and the cat and her kittens. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  13. I think perhaps making sure the cat is desexed before she is let loose to reproduce more kittens would be a much better outcome…

  14. Зачем грубо прогонять кошку каждый раз, просто отвезите её на стерилизацию и не будет проблем.

  15. Моя кошка первый раз родила на моей кровати.
    А второй и все остальные разы на террасе.

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  17. Кошечка пришла к женщине домой, что бы родить котят, дома в тепле и безопасности. :-)💕💞🐈

  18. El amor más grande que puede darle la señora a la gatita es mandarla a esterelizar , ya llego el veterinario que aproveche.
    La nueva vida siempre es emocionante y estos bebés están hermosos.

  19. Thank you so much lady sometime you must take a mother cat go to sterilization? Please keep mother cat and her kittens live with you forever mother cat she know you are very kind with her and her kittens

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