Cartoon! YEAH! (rooster crows) Hi, there! My name’s Gary and this is my best friend Polly. Tell ’em my last name, Gary! Ya mean “Doodle?” YEAAAA!! (mutant dog bark) What are we going to do today, Polly Doodle? We’re gonna draw cartoons! (furiously drawing cartoons) This is fun! I have MY pencil! All you folks at home got YOUR pencils and paper? Draw an oval for a head. My hand’s getting tired. (tired Polly panting) WHEE! I always wanted a farm with lots of animals. In a barn, silly! In a barn! Well, let’s draw a barn! That’s how you draw a mouse! Mouse traps! (angry cat sounds) What will the cat eat? Hmm… The mice! (elderly puppet laugh) (cat growls and mouse squeaks) Have a DOG to chase the CAT! THAT’S the dog! This is MY farm! I’M the farmer! The kind of animals that crows at the crack of dawn… Hmmm… Animal that crows at dawn… You mean… a cow! (cow moos) A duck! YEAH! (quack quack quack) We better get them a leader! Let’s draw a smart pig! (pig squeals) Our cartoon pig can look like he’s going to a graduation. Do you know a story about farm animals? We can invent a story! (cat growls, mouse squeaks) We must all vote to see if we get rid of this vagrant mouse! Looks like you lose! One vote for the mouse! And SIX votes against her! Let’s have some FUN! Yyyyeah! I love you, Gary. (crickets) That was fun, Gary! YEE-HAW!


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