High Risk Pregnancy Series: Alvina Calvin

[MUSIC PLAYING] It really made me
smile the other day when I received an email
from James Calvin and Alvina Calvin, who were patients
of mine 14 years ago. Ms. Calvin suffered
from a condition called cervical insufficiency,
and what that means is that the mouth of
the uterus or the womb is too weak to hold a pregnancy. So she had lost some
prior pregnancies. And we were able
to do what’s called a laparoscopic
abdominal cerclage. He introduced a new
procedure to us. He reassured me that this
was a safe procedure to do, and the recovery time
would be very minimal. And going back to
work, I would not have to do anything
different in my lifestyle. Just had to wait for about
six months to get pregnant. What this allowed
for us to do was to put the stitch
around the cervix using minimally invasive techniques. It meant that
Alvina could go home the same day of her
procedure and essentially get the same kind of
operation she would get as if she had an open procedure. Of course, it messes with
your mind a little bit. But knowing that we would
have a baby at the end of this process, it’s amazing. Words can’t even express. It’s like the mother love
that surpasses everything that you could ever
imagine, just having a baby. The first time I saw my
son, I was a proud daddy. It was wonderful to see
him, touch him, hold him, and knew that I was going to
be able to carry him home. From the bottom of my heart,
I am truly grateful and humble for the procedure, and
the time that you took out to care for us, and to believe
in us and this procedure to do it. It reminded me of why we
do the things we do here at The Medical
University, that we really change what is possible. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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