Grand Rapids Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic Care |

(upbeat guitar music) – [Kristin] My first education was dance. Though, I taught dance for years but then, after having my first kid, I realized that the schedule
was a little bit crazy. It was just hard and so, I wanted to do
something that helped people. Just dive deeper into
how to heal the bodies since, I knew a lot about the body already through dance. I thought, oh, massage therapy. I’ve heard great things
about massage therapy and then, I found my way into chiropractic and then, found my way to you guys. And so, now I’m here and I’m loving it. (upbeat guitar music) This pregnancy, I had a
little bit of the nausea and stuff going on that first trimester. And honestly though, the
chiropractic care helped me along with that process so much because I’d feel achy, my back would hurt. And, running now along with a toddler on top of being pregnant, but I’m able to do it because of the care that I’ve gotten. I’ve just noticed such a big difference with headaches and normal
pregnancy supplements that really haven’t popped up. I’ve been able to continue working and I’m almost full-term so… (upbeat guitar music) My son, he struggled with colic and was a really fussy baby. And, if I would have known
about Chiropractic earlier, I would have gotten him
in at the beginning. There’s been just so
much benefit with him. He’s moved a lot. He’s been jumping a lot. More physical, physically active. Sleeping better. Oh my gosh! As a mom too, that’s been huge. So, yeah, Chiropractic is great. It’s been great. (upbeat guitar music)

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