FUNNY THINGS NO ONE TELL YOU ABOUT PREGNANCY || 24 Hours Being Pregnant Challenge! by 123Go! Play!

Today, we’re playing around with magic. Poof! Anything good in there, Betty? Gah! It’s a big, nasty spider! So scary! Ok, this next trick better not have eight legs. ICK! Looks like Annie could sure use a tissue. Okay, third time’s a charm! What’s this? 24 hour being pregnant challenge? Who’s getting pregnant? What was that? Are we having an earthquake or something? Oh no, we’re too young to die!! Aw man, what a weird dream — I’ve gotta
stop binging those horror movies on Netflix. Good morning — ah! Am I… Oh no. I think I’m gonna be sick. Buckle up for some hilarious pregnancy moments! Woah! Look how far along Betty is! And look how strong her sugar cravings are! Time to finally take a bite. Oh no! Looks like being pregnant turns you into a real butter fingers. Aw man, how am I gonna get all the way down
there to pick this thing up? It’s all about angles. I just won’t bend too far forward or backward. Gah! Giant belly! Stop staring at me like that, chocolate, you
know I’m trying my best here. Let’s try this one more time. No matter how hard you try, Betty, you probably
need to bring in some reinforcements. Now we’re talkin’! C’mere, little guy! Come into my cold, plastic grip! And we have contact! I knew you’d be mine somehow! This first bite is gonna taste so good. OW! How did I not see that? Yikes! Look how sharp that corner is! If I bumped into it, pregnant Betty will definitely
hurt herself on it. Okay, I’ve gotta make this place safe for
our mommy-to-be! This mission, should you choose to accept
it, is to make this living room safe for a pregnant lady! And this bubble wrap is just the man for the
job. Right, focus! No corner is a match for this kushy, plastic
wrap. Don’t forget to tape it down so it stays
in place. Well, how’d it turn out? Mayble? What are you doing? What are you looking at? Why am I safe-proofing the furniture when
I can just pad you? Okay, watch where you’re going and you’ll
be completely safe. No need to thank me, it’s my honor to protect
my favorite little mama! When you’re living with someone pregnant,
any normal day can be interrupted by the unexpected. My belly! Uh, your glass, Betty! Are you okay?? Is it time? Hold on, I’ve gotta go grab your overnight
bag! Unfortunately, when you’re in panic mode,
you have a hard time thinking clearly. Why has getting dressed suddenly become so
difficult? Okay, Betty, I’m all set, let’s go have
this baby! How could you be drinking tea at a time like
this?! Oh, sorry. It was just a false alarm, I’m not having
the baby yet. Oh man, I just almost had a heart attack for
nothing! Ooh, looks like we have a pizza party on our
hands! Hi everyone! Oh good, you’re here just in time! Sorry it took me so long to get out of the
house. Mind if I squeeze in there? Looks like you’re getting the boot, Annie. You’ve always got to make sure there’s
a place for the pregnant lady to sit. This is good, but I sure could use a tad more room. Mind scooting some more? You don’t mind standing, right Mayble? Ah, that’s so much better, thank you. Geez, is this couch made out of rocks? Why is this part so hard? Move over, Chloe, Betty still needs a little
more space here! Who knew this party was gonna be standing
room only. Man, I’m exhausted from all this scooting. Do you mind if I put my feet up? It’s safe to say that if you’re with child,
you’ll also want to be with couch at all times. Anyone want to volunteer to shove all this
pizza into my mouth for me? I knew we should’ve bought more! Mmm! You guys didn’t want any of this, right? C’mon, Betty, Adam’s party already started,
let’s go! This pregnant mama’s staying in, there’s
no way she can dance all night! That’s nonsense, you can totally dance,
just follow me! Yes! You’ve still got it, girl! But you can’t expect me to wear this to
the party! Hmm, I think I have a top that will totally
work. Isn’t it fabulous? Try it on! It pretty much fits but I can’t seem to
get the buttons all the way closed… Gah…c’mon, close!! That big belly is totally in the way. Aw, what a bummer. I hate to leave you hangin’ but i’m already
running late so I’m just gonna head out, okay? Catch ya later! Being pregnant really puts a damper on the
fun sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s finally movie night and it’s time
to eat our weight in delicious snacks! Darn, I wish I had a tray I could put all
this stuff on. I don’t wanna spill anything. This is so frustrating! Woah, how are you doing that, Betty? What? Lucky for me, I’ve got a semi-permanent
built-in table these days. And I have my hands free to hold the rest
of this stuff. And a mouth ready for food, of course. That’s so unfair. But maybe I can still get a little help from
my mouth… Okay, popcorn, I’m comin’ for ya! Woah, that didn’t go as smoothly as I thought
it would. I knew I should’ve put my hair in a ponytail
today. Hey, “A” for effort, right? Time to touch up my makeup before I head out
for the evening. Um, since when did my chest look as flat as
a pancake? I wish I could fill out my clothes the way
some of my girlfriends do. Is there anything in here that can help me? Bingo! Sorry, sis, your eyes are too innocent
to see this. Let’s see if I can get this thing in the
right spot here… Oop! Don’t forget the other side! So, how does it look? Pretty gorgeous, right? Pregnant ladies, on the other hand, don’t
have the same problem. Geez! These things’ll poke someone’s eye out! The girls are busting out of all of my cute
tops! But maybe there’s something I can do to
take the edge off. Perhaps losing the bra will calm things down
a bit. It’s definitely more comfortable but did
it work? Ugh, they’re still ginormous. Man, it sure is hot in here. I should’ve turned on the air conditioner
before I sat down to read. Pregnant Betty, on the other hand, seems to
be running on a completely different thermostat. Gimme that jacket, I’m freezing! Brr! Be a doll and grab me a blanket, will you? Okay, this should warm you up real quick. Don’t worry about Mayble, she’ll just
sweat it out while you shiver away. You’re not still cold, are you Betty? Geez, you’d think we lived in the North
Pole or something! Think you have enough blankets there? Wow, being pregnant really does affect things,
doesn’t it? Don’t worry, Mayble, once that baby comes out, you’ll be crankin’ that a/c as much as you want! If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that
mealtime is the best time of the day. Yummy!! Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in! Things are about to get crazy up in here. Betty, NO! Don’t take a bite, whatever you do! Do you have any idea how dangerous these are? What would happen if you were to cut yourself
on one of these sharp blades? Aw, I don’t want to make you feel sad. Maybe I can help. Plastic cutlery to the rescue! Here you go, Betty! I sure hope I can cut my meat up with these
things. But even with plastic, you never can be too
safe, right? There! Are you crazy?! I think you should have a giant chill pill
for your dinner tonight, Mayble. Do you move around a lot throughout the night? When it comes to getting comfortable, sometimes you just have to move around a bit in order to get a good night’s sleep. But when you’re pregnant, getting comfortable
becomes a little more complicated. Since when did this bed get so stiff? Ugh, there aren’t enough pillows in the
world to make me comfortable enough! Ugh, that’s it, I’ve gotta bring in some
extra help. It takes getting pregnant to realize pool
toys can make the perfect sleeping pillows! Ah yeah, that’s the stuff. Think being pregnant makes things more complicated? Share this with your friends and be sure to subscribe to 123Go Play’s YouTube page for more awesome videos just like this one! See you next time!



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