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You’re back. This is mommy and Me. I’m Mandi.
We’re on week 37 of this pregnancy and this is wrapping up how to have a fit
pregnancy. I’m Mandi. I’m Dan. Subscribe to BuzzChomp. Woo! If you’re
like me and you worked out prior to getting pregnant and you want it to work
out your whole pregnancy you’ve got to got to keep coming back to your Fit
Pregnancy and 37 weeks you’re almost there.
If you’re on my timeline, you’re big, your belly hurts, your back hurts, you’re
tired, you’re not sleeping that well. That doesn’t mean you can’t still at this
point have a fit pregnancy. This time in your pregnancy. It’s all all about
checking in with yourself. Really with whatever we’re doing, but especially with
your workouts and you’re having this fit pregnancy. Along the way I’ve said the
whole time, like you should constantly check in with yourself. /you should
constantly adjust yourself. As you all know I’m a runner.
Last week I went out for a run and I was like oh no my left,
left side of my sciatica just that was it I was like oh I think this is my
last run. Kind of bummed. Been a couple of days. I’m feeling a lot better. I was
really having a hard time walking too, which is not cool. Not cool at all. To get
to this point because I’ve had a lot of people be like oh you’re still running,
you’re still working out. So to get to this point it’s all about making
adjustments and even right now I’m making the adjustment. I mean I would
love to get back outside and run more, but I’m probably not going to until the
baby comes. But I’m thinking my baby’s coming soon. I just have a lot of
pressure. It’s just a lot in my body and I’m like ready for him to go. What did I
do for adjustments throughout this pregnancy? When we started I started and
when I got pregnant, I ran about five, almost five and a half miles every day.
That was like my sweet spot. I loved it. I pushed my stroller right. What first
started happening is I got slower in my runs , which is fine. That’s totally
perfectly and completely fine. I had to adjust. I started back then feeling it in
my back, a little bit even then and I was like okay I gotta I gotta take care of
me. So I started making sure I added in the foam roller after I run because that
really stretched me out, really has been helping my sciatica up until now. You
adjust your speed. You adjust your distance. After the holidays, I was like
okay I can no longer run my five miles because it was taking me
too long. So I started scaling back and I’ve kind of been scaling back ever
since. Personally I wanted to make sure I got about a 40-minute run and maybe a
little bit more for my speed because I feel like that’s a good workout like you
know, you get out, you get your body moving. Also so I pushed Maddi, my little
girl, up until like two weeks ago where I was like oh I really can’t push her that
much. Again I kind of had to scale back too and I knew that was coming and I
knew that and that’s okay and really for whatever workout you do
you just have to make those adjustments. You just have to scale back and that’s
fine. Any workout you get in when you’re pregnant is amazing cuz you’re pregnant
and you’re carrying another life. It’s gonna make your delivery easier. Trust me.
My delivery was much easier last time and I really do a credit the fact that I
ran and I did yoga and I weight trained. This time I didn’t do as much yoga, but I
run. I did a lot of stretching. I did a lot of strength training and all that. If
you’re watching this in hopes of getting pregnant and you want to make sure that
you workout throughout, start working out now. A big big thing is if you’re
doing something prior to your pregnancy there’s no reason why you can’t do it
during your pregnancy. That is what my doctor said to me my
first pregnancy right in the beginning and agreed with the second pregnancy. I
will tell you, if this is your second pregnancy and you’re like okay I want to
have a fit pregnancy I want to make sure that it’s just all belly and like even
if you see my arms that I don’t look pregnant my face. I mean I’m 37 weeks
pregnant. You have to just make sure that you did it before because you know your
body changes when you’re pregnant. I’ve met a lot of women that said oh I ran
with my first first pregnancy. I could only make it to this week with
my second pregnancy or oh I worked out till about six months seven months eight
months and then that was it. But you can still do other things. Ao what have I
done now to adapt with my screaming sciatica at me. I have an elliptical so
I’ve been doing the elliptical and hopefully I’ll be able to get out for
some walks too. I was feeling a lot better when I’ve been walking. Last time
around I had some sciatica pain and it was really just during runs and I was
able to reel that in. Sidn’t really get it when I was walking. This time, I got a
big time when I was walking that it was really really hard for me just to walk
to the park, which is right next door. I did the elliptical and I felt like it
really stretched me out and I’m gonna continue to do that because I want to
get that I just want to get that movement in. A big thing for me is the
whole thing with atrophy and where you stopped doing something and then you get
really tight and you get even more sore. So that’s been my whole thing with this
whole pregnancy is avoiding that. Our biggest biggest tip and I think we
stress it in our other videos about having a fit pregnancy and even at this
point of being nine months pregnant is just making those adjustments. Still
getting out there to do something. If you used to run and you can’t run anymore, go
for walks. That’s gonna be really good or if you you know go to the gym and run on
the treadmill and you’re like no walk on the treadmill do the elliptical. If you
are into yoga, you can make so many adjustments. You don’t have to go super
super intense. It’s just all about making those adjustments. So you can be in your
nine months like I am and still be like whoa I worked out this whole time, which
is an amazing and wonderful feat that we should all be celebrating when we get to
that point , but even if you worked up to six months seven eight that’s amazing
ladies. I’m Mandi. Subscribe to mommy me for more of our pregnancy journey. We’re
winding down here. Let us know if any questions about having a fit Pregnancy.
Working out while you’re pregnant. Anything like that. Yeah kids yeah. Thanks for
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