ENG) 출산영상, 둘째맘의 유도분만은 얼마나 걸릴까/ 유도분만 시간대별 정리 (촉진제 투여 / 자연분만 /무통X ), Child birth Video, giving birth

10:00 AM Admission to Inpatient Room
The day has finally come to meet Dujji.
The teacher said it would be hard to fill up the schedule by 4kg.
I’ve decided to borrow the stimulants and give them induced labor.
I hope it helps pregnant women who are in a similar situation with me.
I’m also worried because it’s my first time in judo. Give me strength.
The uterus is two centimeters open.
(2 cm?)
(How many centimeters should it be open?)
Over 8cm…
I can feel your hair.
But the baby’s hair is so…
The baby’s up there.
By the way!
I should have had a glass of water before I came in.
Make sure to eat something delicious before you go to the delivery room! Drink some water before you go in.
I promised myself that I would eat meat before I go.
As expected, when it came to birth, I forgot everything.
I’ve come here to find out that the facilitator fits in the form of an IV.
It hurts, though.
It’s a short time.
A lot of people say it’s going to be easy from the second.
She comforted me by saying that the induced delivery of the meridian mother would be very easy.
It was a big misunderstanding.
If someone had told me in advance that it would take 15 hours…
Was it easy to bear?
This is the weakest stage of the stimulant.
There’s no response
About 2cm?
The moment of delivery.
The delivery room is gone, so…
No guardian can come in with him.
They say it can only come in with an umbilical cord.
Just like the first time.
I don’t think we can shoot like that.
I’m sorry, Doo-chi.
There is no video of you.
Look at your sister’s a lot.
It’s the same thing.
fasting from this hour
You can’t drink water.
Do I press it every time I move?
A fetal check on the condition of the child, in progress.
I think you’re hiccupping
I think I have hiccups now.
It’s my second experience, and I’m nervous and excited.
1 hour elapsed (still tolerable)
What’s he gonna do now?
(Exercise! Exercise!)
The boy hasn’t come down yet.
Nurse teachers recommend exercise.
1 hour elapsed (still tolerable)
You never let me drink water.
It can lead to vomiting in labor.
You didn’t eat it, did you?
Oh… I didn’t eat it.
It was gargling. Gargling.
All right. (I’ll just move on.)
Isn’t there a quick way?
There isn’t.
But if we put in a lot of drugs,
The baby can be stressed.
Walk a lot.
I’ve given him a booster, but I also recommend exercise.
I couldn’t exercise much because of fine dust and cold weather.
It’s probably because Corona kept him at home.
If I call your name, I think you’ll react.
Dujji, can you come out for me quickly?
Your sister cried today.
The second child has to be cared for first.
Now that I think about it, that was the hardest part.
Are you waiting for the pain to come through the examination?
Yes, sir
If the earthquake is okay, around 5 o’clock…I’ll do it.
I think it’s starting to hurt a little bit by bit.
I thought I’d be out of here in a minute if I I’m embarrassed.
Let’s listen to music that’s easy to induce.
It’s AMSR.
I’ll do anything to get you out of here.
It calms me down and makes me feel comfortable.
Are you excited or worried? I barely slept the night before.
I’m sleepy, but I’m not as easy as I thought.
My stomach hurts when I’m about to sleep.
Do you think it’s laboring?
3 hours of propellant administration (something feels weird)
Frequent access to the bathroom
A stomachache is a stomachache.
I think it’s coming little by little.
But I think it’s back pain. Hera’s aching.
Three and a half hours after the propellant is administered.
(Slightly mild pain)
I think we still have a long way to go.
Wouldn’t it be around 6 o’clock?
It was a foolish idea.
Four hours later, I started to have some intense labor pains.
I just saw it hurt so much
He got 99.
The higher the blue, the more labor pains you get.
Dujji, move!
This feeling that comes in the second time
Pain + hunger=fear
Now I know why people watch mukbangs.
It really hurts, but it looks delicious.
I can’t wait to get a baby and eat chicken.
Five hours of prophylactic medication (true + hunger)
I don’t know if I should get some sleep or exercise
When I was sick in the hospital,
I don’t know if I should be an enema.
For your information, pain is
When I can’t talk to the person next to me, I’m in labor.
It’s still a long way from here.
I thought I’d be out by 7:00.
From what I can bear, eight or nine?
Six hours after the booster shot, he’s almost here.
This is the real pain.
I have to get 99.
I’m in a pain where I can’t even speak.
But even after the earthquake, it was only three centimeters wide.
Second, everyone said it would be easy.
I didn’t know the pain would be this long after the booster.
I have labor pains every three or four minutes.
From the way we talk,
Tell him it’s not real labor.
I’ll see you again at 6:00.
He’s deciding whether to eat or not.
Promoter discontinues at 5:00 (late-half)
The first child is from the daycare center.
First, I think tears…
Chaeny, good night at grandma’s house.
I want to say something, but why do I keep crying?
Finally, we eat dinner and then we move on to the night.
I only do this to keep myself from getting tired.
You can’t miss this eating show.
Finally, Chaeny and I have a video call.
They say that when the second child comes out, the first one
I couldn’t concentrate much on Chae-ny’s thoughts while I was in labor.
It’s a relief to see your bright side.
When I think about the kitchen, it hurts to see you for 10 days.
We’re going to have a full-fledged labor.
After 3 hours of discontinuation of facilitator (frequent contractions)
Strangely, my back hurt so much.
The uterus is six centimeters long, and it’s still missing.
The labor pains are getting little by little, but they’re getting more frequent.
Second, the Gyeongsan Mom is always around.
They say it’s moving fast.
It’s easy for me to think.
I thought you’d be out in six hours.
I didn’t expect it to be this late.
I’ve been here a little over 10 hours.
You’ll be lucky to be out before noon. now
If it’s after midnight…
My son and dad have the same birthday.
That’s what happened.
a father and son whose birthdays have become the same.
Is he coming out today?
(Today? I’m coming out today)
It’s hard to get a date. How did you get it?
14 hours after hospitalization (now the end is about to be seen)
At this point, I’m already out of energy.
Oh, what’s pressing here?
Oh, my back hurts.
Every time I had a pain, the pre-cooked breathing method helped me a lot.
And now there’s an unbearable pain.
I will give Chaeny the best friend as a gift
I want Chaeny to be the best role model for Dozzi.
The pain that you’re in right now…
15 1/2 hours after admission (preparing delivery room)
I’m going to meet Dujji now.
03:47 AM. Go to the delivery room.
As soon as I got into the delivery room, I started to practice my strength with the nurses.
Lastly, we’ll do a long breathing technique and provide oxygen to the soon-to-be-born Dozzi.
I waited for my doctor right before the baby came out.
You came right away, but that short time felt really long for me.
As soon as I saw your face, I felt sick and relieved.
Without hesitation, Dujji came right out.
My husband says he was so nervous about going in.
Fortunately, Dujji came out healthy and well.
Is the mother okay?
(Yes, it’s okay.)
Maybe it’s because he’s a boy, but his crying is twice as loud as Chaeny’s crying.
Thank you so much to the teachers and nurses who took care of me.
Thanks to you, I was able to get here safely.
Thanks once again.
Thank you for your hard work~
(Mothers had a hard. What?
Husband cuts the umbilical cord, and the long journey ends… Is this the beginning?
You’ve done a great job.
4:06 is the boy.~
Thank you so much for coming out healthy.
I’ll explain what happened in the delivery room for the husband you’re wondering about.
You have to be in the right position to make it easier for the baby to come down.
It’s diagonal, so I can’t get out.
I’ve been saying that my ribs hurt.
He couldn’t get out and stayed up there.
But when I came out,
When Chaeny gave birth, it felt like her pelvis was open.
I told you it felt like the spring was happening.
This time, the amniotic fluid explodes, explodes
I didn’t feel that way in Chaeny’s day because I had a strong amniotic fluid.
after the baby’s head came out
I’m trying to relax, but I keep trying.
Now that I think about it, it’s not all over the place.
It felt like something was separated from my body.
It felt cool as something big escaped from the ship.
After washing the baby, I came back to my arms in an hour.
Are you a good eater because you look like your sister?
I’d be embarrassed if I were you.
second to none
Even if I cry because I’m the second child, I’m scared of the choreography now.
My husband and I always thought about ending first.
Think of it as making the best friend to sit on each other’s chair.
I think it’s the happiest moment of my life.
Doo-chi, you put me through more trouble than my sister.
Be nice to your sister and to your mom.
And I congratulate you on the same birthday as my dad.~~
Guys, thank you so much for coming to Mom and Dad.


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