hey everyone
I’m trying to be as positive as possible right now
while I’m going through some pain
I think I’m in early labor
I saw my doctor’s son who’s also an OB today
for my 38 week appointment
and when he saw me he did a cervical check
and I was two and a half centimeters dilated
baby is down – of course, but still sunny-side up
so we’ll see if he flips before birth
but when I got home
I lost a significant amount of my mucus plug
I did already lose some throughout this week
just like little bits here and there
and that doesn’t really indicate that
you’re gonna go into labor immediately
but now I’m getting regular contractions
and I had the quote-unquote bloody show
so I think what I’m gonna do is put on a long shirt
because my contractions right now are
about seven to eight minutes apart
and they’re lasting one minute
I know you have to wait for them to be five minutes apart
before you go to the hospital
so that’s what I’m waiting for for one hour
but I think by tonight or tomorrow God willing
I think we’re gonna have a baby here
and I’m gonna be 38 weeks hopefully during their arrival
yeah so I’m just breathing deeply
and I’m gonna try to capture what I can of this experience
I’m really really nervous right now
and I’m just speaking softly in my washroom
I’m gonna go see my husband right now
– he knows
my mom knows she’s here thank God
so she’ll be with my son
and I’m just shaking
and the camera might be shaking
because I’m nervous
so I’m gonna pack up some things
the last-minute items from my hospital bag
because I feel like we’re gonna have to go tonight
I’ll update you guys once I figure out what’s happening
hey guys so it’s 12:30 at night right now
and I’ve been getting contractions
every five to six minutes
I called the labor and delivery ward
about an hour ago
and they told me to stay put at home
until my contractions are 5-1-1, of course
which is five minutes apart one minute long lasting for an hour and she even said two hours
but I think she’s insane
because this is a second pregnancy
and there’s no way I’m staying at home for two hours with my contractions that close together
I’m just breathing through them
I’m trying to be quiet
because my mom is sleeping
and my husband I told him to go take a rest as well
because I don’t know when this baby wants to make their appearance
but I want to make sure at least one of us has enough energy
I told him to go
I’m just sitting here on the couch timing my contractions
I’m trying to take it easy
natural labor though I will say it’s tough
but it’s a lot less painful than an induction
my last pregnancy, my last labor and delivery experience
I was induced because my water broke early
which was really rough
but this is a lot more manageable as of right now
I know once active labor hits it’s gonna be really difficult
I’m currently considered in the latent phase of labor
so yeah
Okay, we are on our way to the hospital
it’s 2:40 a.m.
you ready?
“yeah, lets go”
let’s go have a baby
“lets go”
(speaking through contractions face)
so nauseous
Not many people tell you this, but in active labor nausea and vomitting is common
“take deep breaths. Deep breaths.
You got to take deep breaths. There you go. Slowly”
“good job”
(this felt like the longest ride of my life)
(during contractions I make prayers)
(made it to the hospital)
This is hilarious. Ugh that hurts.
it’s number six
(had to give my husband directions)
all the way all the way all the way
At the hospital now I’m gonna see the doctor soon
breathing because these contractions are coming really close together
“the baby’s heartbeat”
“okay we just did the intake”
“how are you feeling?”
eight centimeters
“8cm dilated”
“we’re good to go”
“keep taking breaths. Take a deep breath. Deep breaths”
“deep breath”
(this was just an IV, no medication)
(It’s because last time after birth
I fainted and fell on my face)
“keep breathing. Keep breathing”
“okay just squeeze your fist few time
pump pump pump and then keep it tight”
“And We have enjoined on man (to be dutiful and good) to his parents. His mother bore him in weakness and hardship upon weakeness and hardship…”
Surat Luqman:14
“this is the birthing room”
I’m shaking
“It’s okay take deep breaths
you have to take deep breaths”
you’re gonna get the epidural right now
I didn’t get the epidural
My water broke
My husband took off my hijab
and helped turn me on my back to push
Welcome to the world baby boy!
Welcome to the world
It’s 7:00 a.m. right now
and this little guy was born at 4:29am
and we came to the hospital at 3:00am
and he was out within an hour and a half
so we’re just relaxing
he’s already breastfed
My sweet little baby boy
(I got to shower and freshen up)
I hope this isn’t too blurry
I know it’s pretty dark in the room right now
I like to keep things really quiet and just peaceful
I got to wash my face
I actually had a shower which felt absolutely heavenly
and I highly recommend that if you are a spouse to someone who’s going to give birth
be sure to help them so that they can take a shower
because one of the best feelings after you’ve given birth
is just to clean yourself of all the stuff
that happens from giving birth
I’ve had my blood pressure taken a couple times
it’s a little bit on the low side
so I’m drinking my water
they brought me this huge tub – literally – of iced water
that’s the nice thing about the hospital
they give you like a huge cup
postpartum things are feeling pretty all right
I have Lidocain for numbing
to keep things a little smoother in terms of healing
I also got this magnesium compress from the hospital
and you put that and then you wash it off
and then you put on the Lidocain
so I’ve been doing that
I’ve been lying down
and taking it quite easy in that aspect
I only get up to take care of this little munchkin over here
who’s still awake
he does not want to sleep in there right now
he wants to be held – of course
which I don’t mind, but they have very strict rules in the hospital
So I can’t be holding him if I could potentially fall asleep
and I am feeling like I might fall asleep
as you can see from my eyes
I didn’t sleep at all at all
it’s been over… it was been awhile
I had started contracting yesterday
after my doctor’s appointment
I had the mucus plug drop out
and then contractions started an hour or two later
and then it just progressed really fast
by the time I got to the hospital I was unable to have a medicated delivery
even though I was saying I want the epidural
I want the epidural
they did try I’ll give them credit
it wasn’t like they were like “no you can’t”
they did try
but what happened was
as they were setting up the epidural
and they literally put the catheter into my back
they didn’t put any medicine into it
they were just inserting it
my water ruptured
I was already at 8 centimeters
and then when my water ruptured
I went straight to 10cm within like a minute or less
and it was time to push
so the nurses just literally pushed me over
and she was like “push! it’s time to push!”
because she looked down between my legs
she’s like “oh you need to push used to push right now.
I see his head”
and I was just freaking out
it happened so fast
and I think it sent my husband into a bit of a shock
because we had every intention of recording
but he was just like…
he always does this with me when I go into labor
he freaks out a bit
he’s just like “oh is she gonna be alright?”
and I guess it’s because I had such dramatic births
but this time he was helping by holding my legs
and the doctor who actually delivered my baby
was a female OB, which is nice
She was also pregnant which was another lovely surprise
I loved her
I thought she was wonderful
and so they told me to push – it was time to push
I pushed a couple times
and he was out in 15 minutes or less
and yeah he was born right away
he was crying, so that meant he was breathing well
and then he started to look at me
they put him on my chest right away
we did skin-to-skin
Oh sweetheart
how sweet is that cry?
Yeah, I know’s
He’s so beautiful
so I was saying that right away they do skin-to-skin
which is another reason that I think my husband didn’t want to film
because he’s like “how are you gonna edit this?”
probably go home tomorrow
then I’ll take you through what it’s like to have a newborn
and I plan to vlog quite often
I want to savor these moments
because I feel like they passed so quickly with my first
Are you hungry?
You just ate Bubba
come let’s feed him again
(next vlog will be when Suleiman met his brother)
Alright, I’ll update you later
Maybe when Suleian gets here I’ll film some of that


  1. Awwww sarah alf alf alf mabrook. So happy that you can finally hold your little bundle of joy:) I probably shouldn’t have watched this until after I deliver, cause now I’m freaking out 😐😐😐

  2. Mabrook mabrook I couldn't even finish watching yet I had to comment I got so excited when I saw this posted.. haven't got to watch the last few videos.. busy mama of a 5 month of who isn't sleeping 😭 but mashAllah you are so strong and brave ❤❤❤❤🧿🧿🧿 may Allah swt protect you and your little family… omg I literally bawled after I heard the baby cry… wow mashallah even after 5 months post partum I'm still so emotional.. love your videos habibte ❤❤❤

  3. He’s here Alhamdulillah he’s finally here 🥰 I can’t wait to share more of this little angel. I’ll explain his name and more in upcoming videos. Doing my best to keep uploading. Thank you for all your love and support 💗

    إنه هنا الحمد لله وهو أخيرًا هنا – لا أستطيع الانتظار لمشاركة المزيد من هذا الملاك الصغير. سأشرح اسمه والمزيد في مقاطع الفيديو القادمة. أبذل قصارى جهدي للحفاظ على التحميل. شكرا لكم على كل حبك والدعم 💗

  4. So happy for you and your family machAllah!! It got me so emotional, I was like "poor thing" as you were having contractions and I was having flashbacks of my own deliveries …
    God bless him! Have a quick recovery inchAllah, kiss

  5. السلام عليكم
    كنت اقول لك انني ايضا حامل
    واني سألد في فبراير
    لقد تمت الولاده يوم الاربعاء الماضي الحمدلله
    وكنت اقول لنفسي
    هل هي ايضا ولدت ام لا
    بارك الله لكي في الموهوب وشكرتي الواهب ورزقتي بره

  6. Habeebty mama بارك الله لكما في الموهوب و شكرتم الواهب و رزقكم بره
    اللهم لك الحمد حتي ترضى
    As soon as you left to the hospital I stayed up praying and making lots of dua .
    I am so proud of you and Yusuf. Mashallah you both did it elhamdulillah. And baby اسحق joined our family mashallah. You made me now grandma 2 times haha I love it 💋💋

  7. You’re such a strong mama!! 💪🏼 Alf mabrook habibti 💞 you should record a reaction video for how your first reacts to new baby!

  8. OMG 😩mashallah such a beautiful baby!! Alf mabrook again habibtyy!!
    U got me tearing up when you were in pain, so glad u and baby are ok alhamdulah!
    Plus, U look beautiful even after giving birth💗 loved the video, thanks for bringing us along this beautiful journey with u 😘

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