Dollar Tree DIY | Bird Feeders & Birth Bath

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this week was a very difficult week to figure out what I wanted to do because
there’s no holidays in between Mardi Gras and how st. Patrick’s Day um so I
was just like you know what am I going to do and of course as always God comes
through and send me a sign actually did that sign has been going on for a very
very long time every single day when my husband and I
are watching Good Morning America we hear this pop on our window on a living
room window right there every single day and one day I’m like you know what is
that pop that we hear every single day and my husband’s like you know that’s
the bird that’s the beak of a bird hit and widow and automatically I start
thinking about that um Windex commercial and I’m thinking what a dumb bird he’s
really crashing into our window every single day and um my husband’s like no
it’s probably not the same bird and it’s not crashing is actually trying to eat
the bugs that fly around our window so every day you hear these birds or I
don’t know be the same bird or a different bird for every single day
around the same time we hear these popping on our window it’s the birds
trying to eat the bugs around so that was my sign because I had no
idea what I was going to do this week so this week I’m going to be making a
couple of our theatres in a bird’s bath so here we go you you you alright guys I hope you enjoyed this
video I definitely enjoy making it because these birds are pretty much part
of our family now as always I want to leave all the core information in the
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