[D-03] Recogniform Designer: Mapping

Now it’s time to start with the mapping
operations. In the upper part of the toolbar, select the recognition engine to
be used accordingly to the kind of information you need to extract. To
define a printed field, for example, select the OCR icon in order to
initialize the OCR engine field. To define a checkboxes field select the OMR
icon. Do the same for ICR, OCR-A, OCR-B CMC7 and barcode fields. You can also create overlapped fields
with different engines: this may be useful when you’re not sure about how
the field is going to be filled. It’s also possible to create calculated
fields, whose value can be set by script: for example, a calculated field named
“birth date” may be created to get the concatenation of day, month and year of birth. Don’t forget to name the field
properly, on the left side panel. In the same panel you’ll find information about field position, width and height. Each value is shown in pixels in order to be independent from image resolution. Once a field is mapped, you have to
define specific fields pre-processing, processing and post-processing

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