Coronavirus Live Updates | DEATH STATS ARE UNDER-REPORTED!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest updates
on coronavirus if you have seen my previous
videos, you would have noticed that i collect
the latest updates on coronavirus on daily
basis, compile them in the form of a video,
and share them with you.
This channel provides a platform for you to
get all sorts of updates related to coronavirus
on day to day basis.
Today’s video compiles the latest updates
on coronavirus and they are dreadful.
As of 7 February 2020, the number of confirmed
cases of coronavirus are 31476.
The number of cases that are suspected for
coronavirus but not yet confirmed are 26359.
Till now, 638 deaths have taken place because
of coronavirus and 1566 people have recovered
from coronavirus.
The government is saying that people who have
had coronavirus in the past but have recovered
from it still face the risk of developing
coronavirus again, so they should take precautionary
Otherwise, they are likely to have a more
serious attack of coronavirus the second time
because their immunity system is already lowered
because their body has fought against the
first coronavirus attack.
The province of China in which the most number
of confirmed cases of coronavirus have surfaced
is Hubei.
The number of confirmed cases in Hubei are
Of these, 618 people have died whereas 831
people have already recovered.
Rest of the people are still getting medical
The second province is Guangdong in which
1034 cases of confirmed coronavirus have surfaced,
1 person has lost his life, and 79 people
have recovered.
In Henan, 914 confirmed cases of coronavirus
have surfaced, 3 people have lost their lives,
and 93 people have recovered whereas the rest
are given medical treatment.
In Beijing, 274 confirmed cases of coronavirus
have surfaced and 1 person has lost his life.
In my previous video, I had shared with you
that a lady has delivered a baby.
The lady had coronavirus but the baby was
tested and was found free of coronavirus.
But three days later, the baby has started
to show the symptoms of coronavirus again,
and when tested the second time, the baby
was found positive for coronavirus.
So it can be concluded that if a mother has
coronavirus, the baby has high chances of
developing coronavirus even if he or she does
not have coronavirus at the birth.
Viewers, I will collect more statistics for
8 February.
Stay tuned for the latest updates.
Viewers, as you can notice, these are very
dreadful statistics and they indicate that
coronavirus epidemic is increasing.
We need to take serious precautionary measures
to prevent the occurrence of corona virus.
We should wear face masks.
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