1. Seriously? WTF! TRAVIS COULD NOT HANDLE A COUPLE HUNDRED, NOW 1,000, of those 1,000, most I am sure will be responsible but incl. SOME spoiled vacay brats who fought over rotten food. www.military.com/daily-news/2020/03/01/coronavirus-evacuees-passed-through-travis-afb-did-safety-plan-break-down.html

  2. So, State Health says you can get a test, but the CDC won't release them?
    Why haven't the Care Home staff had the test, if they can get it?

  3. I literally called my local hospital and health department and was told a test or not available for people in Kentucky yet. I am a healthcare worker who has traveled to surrounding states including Illinois Kentucky and Tennessee and Indiana where people have tested positive. I come in close proximity with people every day between 50 to 100 people and I collect bodily fluids I’m more than sure that I may have come in contact with the coronavirus and I have yet to be tested I still go out in the population and I still work every day because I have told that I have to

  4. You preach Science, and facts not fear. Yet some very basic questions are going unanswered. . You tell us , wash your hands and you will be fine but is it airborne? How long does it live on surfaces? You tell us it like the flu no big deal , don't panic but then you show the rest of the world running around in hazmat suits. Science huh? Well how many people did that highschool student infect? Did he recover? He must have been in bad shape to have been tested…… How about the quarantined firefighters? Have they been tested? How contagious is this thing? How bad is it really ? Alot of unanswered questions here.

  5. I'm sure the President will solve this virus with his speech… Perfect virus, hoax, fake news, do nothing Democrats etc..No worries America, we are in Republican hand's

  6. My biggest concern is the people that are not United States people the the foreign people will they have to do 14 days here and then turn around and go back home and do a 14-day because if we release them and then get on the plane we don't have the coronavirus on lockdown it's spreading everybody keep spreading it there is no place that's safe how are we going to keep this from infecting the foreigners as they go back home or are you just going to offer to drop them off at whatever destination there country says put them there

  7. That staff don't need tested jeez. What are people thinking. Im sure they washed their hands. Everything is fine. We don't need these tests. Asymptomatic go on cruises without worries.

  8. Yeah but here it is this is where we're being responsible and thinking of others we're thinking of people not money I commend them for doing that

  9. Isn't there a port in SF?
    Why'd they ship em to Oakland to get off there if they were floating right off the coast in SF?

  10. The lab is working Monday-Saturday to test patients for the virus. Meanwhile people working in the food industry work 7 days a week for minimum wage

  11. All the schools in Washington state should be closed down if they state is to have any chance of slowing this virus down.

  12. Asymptomatic people should be tested also. The virus can be spread in the asymptomatic stage of the disease.

  13. Fit a lenth of hose on bathroom tap and squirt you bum hole clean if you run out of toilet paper..
    .ps if you see any golden labordor puppy's near your tiolet kick it up the arse..

  14. Dropped restrictions.lol still no plans on wide spread of testing or testing a asymptomatic people and with out that supper spreading being widely unstoppable the virus running rampant infecting the mass majority of the population

  15. The effects of not doing testing. This is going to get very , very bad in the US. Please watch https://youtu.be/Y7nZ4mw4mXw

  16. The care center is not messed up. This disease is 3 to 4 times easier to catch than the flu and at least 6 times more deadly. Every year flu goes thru nursing homes like fire so this will be like a California range fire. There will be many many nursing homes nationwide that will end up in the news before this is finished. Kirkland was just unlucky enough to be the first.

  17. Washington does not control the health care industry! The health care industry is totally responsible for controlling the spread of this virus.

  18. Communist China destroyed America and our health
    Vote Red period
    Hell no to communist party
    Keep your faith in America people

  19. This isn't the plague, in fact it's no worse than the common flu virus..

    The media is just doing what they always do..
    Exaggerating. …. twisting the facts…

  20. N95 respirators (mask) are very effective at prevention: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3004550/

  21. This stuff is going to get much much worse. This is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Once it hits the schools,and makes it way home just in time for kids spring sports, Easter holiday,and spring break. Self quarantine! Our company bought a bunch of surface pro's so our office employee's can remote in to work.

  22. CEOs have resigned recently???? Wells Fargo credit Swiss Boeing Nordstrom IBM Harley-Davidson many many more

  23. USA: 3,200 tested out of 331M
    South Korea: 188,000 tested out of 51M
    UK:18,000 tested out of 66M

    This is very clear comparison how each nation’s government handles exactly the same problem.

  24. If someone dies from this, that means they’ve had it over a month. Exposing it.
    It’s been here since January 20th. Cycle 2, consider man’s psyche, Expect reality.

  25. 😨 😨 😨 😨 😨 😨A Final WARNING TO THE USA.😨 😨 😨 😨 😨 😨Alright people YOU betta wake-up NOW. You SEE President Trump was CORRECT four years ago and even as we speak. Trump spoke about “Let’s MAKE Products In America” and keep foreigner’s out unless they have something of value to bring to the USA. MOST illegals coming from Mexico or otherwise “assist” in bringing deadly diseases into the USA. Now YOU 👿 👿 👿 DEMONcrat’s (Democrats) GOT your wish. The China-man including the nut case Kim Jong Un has un-leased the GREAT Coronavirus into the world and the USA which originated in Asia. Most of our medical drugs including those “medical facial mask” are MADE in China. Now China has the USA hostage. 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 YOU Americans (USA) people deserve the Coronavirus due to your STUPIDNESS and ignorance and for the on-going criticism of the great President Trump and trying to remove him from office. When will YOU Dummies EVER learn???? 😥 😥 😥 😥VOTE TRUMP NOW in 2020 to save the USA and to keep the USA once more great again.

  26. Government and media full of phycopaths, BOTH SIDES, there is no left vs right they are all sick fucks and behind closed doors they are all buddy buddy laughing at us peasants

  27. I’m kinda scared but I’m 15, not sick, wearing gloves on public transport, Washing my hands and using hand sanitizer so I guess the chance of me getting corona is pretty small. But I really hope they’ll find the cure…

  28. Ted Cruise: "Everyone should continue to treat this outbreak seriously and be driven by facts and medical science."
    This is coming from a guy that denies the facts and science pointing to a climate crisis.

  29. So people 60+ should not go anywhere? Hmm…guess we'll be the sacrificial lambs.
    Hows that possible? Are they going to pay our bills?
    Or should we just join the homeless that they'd just as soon dump in the ocean….

  30. Taiwan has developed a 15-minute Covid19 test kit prototype. Please contact them and see if it's possible to make it available stateside. Link can be found here: https://youtu.be/cGBJ_QKwHBQ

  31. We should be doing “ drive by” testing which has been so effective in South Korea. They have tested almost 200,000 people. South Koreans can drive to a test station , answer pertinent questions and be tested while they remain in the car. The medical staff, who swab them , are protected by full Personal protection equipment . The use of PPE protects the technician and the tested person.

  32. IT IS BOTh SAD AND RIDICULOUS that the people for the Life Care Center has struggled to get testing and then they get testing and then have to wait days for results.
    However, you let a government officials shake hands or be in the room of a person with coronavirus and their treatment is MUCH DIFFERENT. Many don't have to quarantine for 14 days, they get testing immediately with these results almost lighting fast.
    How is their lives more important than those of the workers and and elderly of LIfe Care?

    Coronavirus: Markets rally, Italy on lockdown, and Trump allies under self-quarantine

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