1. Aww finally ❤ shes had some cute babies. Bet this one is too. Hopefully this ones luckier then little polly

  2. I just saw in another video were comments were disabled, Dee Dee had to bring her dumb a$$ to bother and try to grab baby already what a bit##.

  3. Sweat-Pig won't be happy… for his 2nd birthday he got another baby sibling that he doesn't want, and who is going to be wanting Popeye's teats all the time. I hope little Polino survives, but I hope he isn't a total crybaby like his big fat brother!

  4. Pretty close on the date Polino born on 27th and Sweet Pea on 28th! Happy Birthday Sweet Pea 2yrs. old…

  5. I adore Popeye ❤ now I'm not saying she's a good mom, because I'd be lying. But Popeye when this group was introduced to me, fought her rivals hard, and was very weary of human handouts. Unfortunately, they haven't left the area since.

  6. Lordy, what an exhilarating video. Mom sits, rat sucks tit. Mom lays, rat sucks tit. Starting to think these cameramen have a tit fetish.

  7. У Попай новый малыш. Полли умерла. А Горошек ее вырос и все ест и толстеет.

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