Carrie Underwood On The One Thing She Says Husband Mike Fisher Has To Cook Himself

Does your husband cook too? Does he like getting in there and making a mess with you? Well I don’t, I’m not a good meat cooker because I’m not a meat eater. Gotcha. So I will do all the veggies and all the sides, and if he wants meat he gonna have to make that himself. Well men love that, they love playing with fire and being outdoors. Yeah, no, he loves grilling. John loves smelling like jerky and coming in from behind the grill and the big green egg, he loves that. Mike loves grilling out, and he loves. I’ll make him some salmon or chicken or something like that, that’s kind of a little more simple. Now do you eat any animal protein? Do you eat any fish or seafood or are you strictly vegetable? I am vegetarian. We recently got some chickens so we have our own eggs now. And now you’re naming ’em so you’re not eating ’em. Oh no, no, no. They knew it, the day they got there I was like ladies, you just hit the jackpot, you’re just gonna be our little pets, and you’re gonna live here forever and live the good life. How are the eggs? They’re delicious. They’re starting out small. Yeah, the little pullets. But they’re delicious and our ladies are happy ladies. They’re little house too is pretty bougie. They got a nice coupe going on? Yeah, yeah. They’re like the luckiest chickens in all of North America. They are. How old are your kids now? Five and one. One and five, right? Yeah. So five year old not a picky eater I would guess if you feed him lots of vegetables. No, he is. He is? I’m always, we have a thing where it’s just like you just have to try it, just try it. And I’m hoping one day he actually starts liking things that– Aww look at the fam. He likes carrots, he likes spinach. Look at that family. They’re my boys. Your little gang of boys. Yes. Beautiful. I mean that’s like the fake picture that comes with the frame, and you’re like oh no those are real people. That’s on our farm. Another thing about the book is everything, like it’s in my kitchen, they’re my pots and pans. We had this big debate and we’re like should we go out and buy new pans? And I was like no, these are my dirty pans. They’re clean, but they’re used. And we’re gonna sit and chat about the book in a bit, but really this is about health, fitness, it’s about your life, you’re lifestyle, how you live. It’s about balance and it’s about eating things and doing things that you love, and making your body work for you, and feeding the machine the way it should be fed. But also enjoying yourself and being able to have those moments of I’m eating with friends and I’m gonna enjoy myself. Well I think that’s why cooking is so important, it improves the quality of your life. It’s a self esteem builder for children, but grownups too. It makes you feel better when you get in the kitchen. Yeah, for sure. Don’t you find it really focuses you? It does. And I mean I enjoy cooking for my family, I enjoy sitting down and eating with them. And I think that’s such an important part of– Huge part. Our family. This is her very first book, it’s called “Carrie Underwood Find Your Path Honor your Body, Fuel Your Soul and Get Strong with the Fit 52 Life.” It’s beautiful, Carrie. (audience applauding) Really rich. And she was just saying so much hard work went into it this may be the only. (laughing) I mean it took us a long time just because I wanted everything to be perfect, and I would, I wrote a lot of it when I was pregnant with my last baby, and I’m really thankful now that I had pregnancy insomnia because I would get up in the middle of the night and go work. Yeah, and exhaust your mind. Yeah because I would just wake up and lay there and be like why can I not sleep? Baby go to sleep. Baby go to sleep. But that’s really how a lot of this got done. So it really is a little bit of everything. There’s recipes, there’s fitness routines. Can you explain what the fit 52 life is though? It’s a mindset first and foremost. It’s about kind of looking at your overall week, and having a big picture, and not having to be super strict and perfect every single second of every day. And you can use the app right? Yeah the app is more workout focused so it’s about kind of getting your movement in. And it’s a corresponding tool to go along with the book. That’s a big part of your mental well being too don’t you think? ‘Cause it gets your endorphins going. Yeah. For me, I have to get the stress out. And that’s my me time. I go to the gym, whether it’s 30 minutes or an hour, or whatever it can be. I’m gonna use that time to do something for myself, and I fee everybody benefits from that. Because you leave a happier person, not just your size or shape or your fitness level, but your mind. Yeah. My husband notices when I haven’t worked out in a few days, and he’s like let me take the kids. (laughing) I’m like thank you. And can you put up that shot where she’s wearing the workout clothes? She’s also wearing a sweatshirt from CALIA is your line. Yeah. How did you name it? CALIA is kind of a play on a word that was created based on the calla Lilly which is very beautiful and strong, and it’s just kind of representing being feminine and being strong. (audience applauding)

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