BLOODY SHOW: What is bloody show? Cause of Bloody Show

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Okay guys, let’s see what we are going to
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I’ve been waiting for this one.
Bloody Show.
I think of any topic that we cover in childbirth
class the one that gets the most grimaces
on peoples faces and questions also from our
students is bloody show.
What is bloody show?
How do I know if I’ve had bloody show?
Do I need to have bloody show to know that
I am in labor?
Let’s dive into this topic.
Number 1 What is bloody show anyway?
Okay, so let’s talk a little anatomy here.
We have got our uterus at the bottom of the
uterus is our cervix that is the opening or
the entrance/exit of our uterus.
And the cervix is nice and tight and closed
and long and thick when you are pregnant.
To keep baby safe inside.
But as we are in labor, contractions happen
and our cervix dilates and effaces.
So it thins and it opens.
Well on the other side of the cervix there
is something that is pretty cool though maybe
kind of gross and that is what we call the
mucous plug.
So I did talk about Mucous Plug already and
I’ll put a link here to it.
Mucus Plug is exactly what it sounds like
a thick blob of mucous that is found at the
other side of the cervix and what that mucous
is for really what a lot of mucus is for is
to trap bacteria and not let the bacteria
spread into the amniotic sac and the baby.
It plugs up the cervix.
So what happens though is sometimes when our
cervix dilates/opens or effaces/thins.
sometimes the capillaries right on the cervix
will break.
These tiny little blood vessels will break
and little drops of blood will come out.
Now this is not like a period, this is like
little tiny drops of blood.
And what can happen is that as the cervix
opens the big mucous plug right here and the
capillaries break the mucous is here the mucous
plug comes out and because those capillaries
dropped little blood particles that mucus
will be bloody and it is called bloody show.
So the bloody show and the mucous plug are
kind of the same thing though there are some
differences here.
Now often when we have just mucous plug where
there is no color to it of maybe just like
mucous, sometimes that means that there was
a slower opening and those capillaries really
didn’t break so maybe there was less of an
And sometimes when you see bloody show when
we have a red or a pink tinged mucus it tell
us as birth professionals or your care provider,
it tells us a little more about what is going
That is often associated with more change
in your cervix.
So just the mucous plug, no blood tinged usually
is a less change in your cervix and a bloody
show is usually a more, when you have more
change in your cervix.
You will get a bloody show.
Sometimes when you talk to your midwife or
your doctor about what if I see bloody show
or you call them and say that you are in labor
and you say yeah I have some mucous that is
bloody they will often think that okay things
are progressing faster than if you didn’t
have it.
However, not everyone has bloody show, not
everyone sees their mucous plug.
So it is not like a definite sign point that
you are going to get to in labor.
It is kind of a, one of those signs that sometimes
it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.
But it still is certainly not usually concerning,
though if you see bloody show mucous bloody
tinged mucous you can certainly call your
care providers and check.
Always call if you have any kind of questions
about what you are seeing.
Definitely call with any kind of bleeding.
So bloody show is not bleeding.
Bleeding is like the start of a period or
anything like that.
Where you are seeing actual blood, this is
a mucusy with blood tinged.
As childbirth educators we get to talk about
so many fun topics, I love talking about mucus
and blood it’s fun.
Good stuff!
What are your questions about bloody show?
Did you have bloody show?
Did you see it?
Were you excited about it?
Were you nervous?
What part of your labor was it in?
I would love to hear your bloody show stories.
So don’t be shy, put them in the comments
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