Birth & Death of Our Sun | Surprising10

Sun! A Yellow, Bright Ball in the sky is the reason
of our existence, throughout millenniums, humans considered it as the Deity, it won’t
be wrong to say that almost everything we need to be alive today is produced by our
Sun. Earth itself was once a part of sun… Let’s have a look how our sun came was born
and how long will it stay with us. Sun was born in a Nebula like other Star,
Nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust and gasses mostly hydrogen, These Nebulae exists
in spiral galaxies like our Milky Way Galaxy. In the Stellar nursery, dense parts of these
clouds started to rotate for 100s of centuries and formed Gas Globule cause of gravitational
collapse. Globule rotated faster and faster as collapse
increased, it produced a central core and colorful surrounding disk of dust. This disk is where our earth came into being,
and central core was the seed of our Sun. That seed started to glow cause of friction
and heat produced from it for 50 million years. When this friction heat reached twenty seven
million degrees Fahrenheit, nuclear fusion began at the central core, and sun was born. Later Sun Stabilized and became a main sequence
star. It’s been 4.7 billion years since that day. And here we are… receiving only 1 to the
billionth of the energy produced by sun. Each day Sun is growing old… it will start
expanding as it ages, turning into Red Giant claiming mercury and Venus back and it will
be so closer to earth that it will fill the whole horizon and it will burn 100 times brighter
than it does today. After this phase layers of sun will continue
to expand, and outer layers of the sun will drift into the space forming the planetary
nebula and the central core of the sun will be exposed. Most of the mass will be gone and sun will
cool and shrink to the size similar of our earth, which is only 1 percent of its current
size. Our sun is now in last phase of its life called
white dwarf. When white sun will be out of all the left
over fuels to burn, it will be a cool and dark star, The Black Dwarf, our sun is now
dead. It will be highly compressed carbon causing
it to be form diamonds.

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