1. I wish you would make a Dreamcatcher video, like CLC's video. I think there are very few people who really know the history of Dreamcatcher and everything that has happened until their last comeback, when their first win was stolen.

  2. Omg happy 1 year,even though I just discovered your channel not that many days ago,but I hope you continue to make the awesome analysis videos.🥳🥳

  3. Meraaaa!!! I can’t believe it but I low key expected it.. Congrats on 1000 subs!!!! I know you said this day would never come…and here we are. I’m mad proud of you and hope you’re well!! Congrats aaaaahhhh (!!!!)

  4. Ma'am, your channel is underrated… I hope that as your channel turns one, more people will start prefering actual logic being spoken in their ears and come to your channel

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