Annette Bening and Sean Hayes Show Off Their Accent Skills

We’re back with Annette Bening. That’s a clip from “Hope
Gap,” which I saw and I love. And you’re brilliant in it. I mean, you disappear in
every single role you play. And I was like, I know that’s
my friend Annette Bening. But she’s like, this
British character now. And she’s completely different. It was like– tell
us about the movie. Well it’s a very personal
movie that Bill Nicholson wrote and directed. It’s about his
life, his parents. So when he was about 30,
his parents divorced. And they’d been
married for 30 years. And he leaves me. Bill Nighy plays the husband,
and Josh O’Connor plays my son. And yes, Bill Nighy
leaves me, her. Yeah. And it’s really
about this divorce. And she just refuses to
accept that he’s leaving her. Yeah. And I just love that about her. She’s impossible. Because the normal reaction in
every movie we’ve ever seen is, you want to divorce me. I’m shocked. I’m sad and horrified. But your character’s like, nope. You can’t. Nope. You can’t. Guess what? And he says, well I can. And she says, no actually. You can’t. Yeah. I love it. She’s so type A,
independent, strong. I love the character. And your accent movie– accent in the movie is so
good, that British accent, I thought we’d play a little
game where like, we do accents. Should we do that? But of course. Oh wow. You’re already winning. All right. Let’s try it. Well the whole point is to win. Yeah. Oh. OK so wait. OK. So who– OK. I’m going to do this first– OK. I’m going to do this first one. OK, ready? I have to give birth
in a British accent. OK? OK ready? Here we go. Oh no! I don’t even know
if it’s my baby! [LAUGHTER] OK. That was– Thanks. [APPLAUSE] Oh, then you hit that. That was beautiful. You have to do a French accent
as an aerobics instructor. Well you take it
up, and up, and up. And then you take it
down, and down, and down. Nice! OK, Valley Girl, Drunk. Oh my God you guys. [LAUGHTER] I went to this party last night. And I was like, oh wow. I was so drunk. Oh. Well I am so tired this morning. I need my coffee. Oh hit that. That was like– That was good. Bronx. Stuck in traffic. OK. Hey, what the [BEEP]
is going on here? Huh? Get the [BEEP] out
of my way you [BEEP]!! You [BEEP]! [APPLAUSE] Oh my God. I love your hair. Oh thanks. Oh, can I– can I fix
it for you a little bit? You can do anything you want. It’s a little too spiky for me. Oh wait! Is there anymore? I’m not sure which
way is up or down. “Hope Gap” is in
select theaters now. We’ll be right back.

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