8 Foods That Cause Miscarriage! You should avoid during Pregnancy

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8 Foods That Cause Miscarriage! You should avoid during Pregnancy Pregnancy is one of the most important periods
for a woman. She needs to give extra attention towards
mentally and physically. Nutritional diet plays a crucial role during
this phase. The third trimester of pregnancy is extremely
happiest at the same time very hardest phase. Below are the seven tips, you should avoid
to take following food stuff. Caffeine
Caffeine is not good for pregnancy which increases the risk of miscarriage and induces pregnant
woman blood pressure and heart rate, which is not good for pregnancy. The recent study reveals that intake of caffeine
during pregnancy will cause low birth weight in the baby. Longan
This fruit contains heat induce chemical components which degraded normal development of fetus
result of bleeding and abortion. Many research study indicated that longan
fruits induces the miscarriage. Papaya
Papaya one of the most dangerous fruit during pregnancy. It contains rich enzymes such as pepsin and
papin, this chemical substance provide embryo toxicity act as anti-fertilization agent and
inhibit growth and development of your foetus. Partially ripen papaya have higher amount
of latex which contract uterine leads to miscarriage during first trimester of pregnancy. Pineapple
According to new study pineapple contains rich in bromelain enzymes, this is one of
highly toxic material which softens the uterus and increases the chances of miscarriage. This could be the major reason pineapple need
to avoid during pregnancy. Raw Egg
Pregnant women should avoid raw egg because it contains salmonella bacteria which will
induces food poison, diarrhea, abdominal pain result miscarriage in worst case. Smoke and alcohol
It’s one of bad habit during pregnancy. Even small consumption of alcohol will pass
through fetal and affects the baby’s development. Sometimes drinking more alcohol leads to miscarriage. Drumstick
It contains rich of sitosterol hormone which act similar to oestrogen and induces miscarriage. This is one of dangerous vegetable pregnant
woman should avoid always. Mercury toxicity
Swordfish, shark, and marlin not recommended food for pregnant woman, because it contain
high levels of mercury, even recent studies indicated mercury content in tuna. Thank you very much for watching my creation,
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