stick around because I’m dishing on all
the important details regarding week 23 of pregnancy specifically like
relating to me. Welcome back to my channel
I am so happy to have you here today I’m dishing on all the big things for my
week 23 so if you are pregnant and wondering what week 23 looks like for
other women well you’ve come to the right place
because I am one of those other women my name is Brittany I’m an RN but I am now
a stay-at-home mom or a SAHM to my 20 week old or 20 week old oh my god
pregnancy brain my 20 month old son Eli and then I have baby girl coming due in
March of 2019 so that’s rapidly approaching I’m currently five months
pregnant or 23 weeks pregnant what! every Thursday I’m posting
pregnancy updates or pregnancy related videos so if any of that interest you at
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upcoming videos okay so let’s dive in and talk about some stats of baby at
week 23 of pregnancy she’s about the size of a large mango or grapefruit I
don’t have either of these in my refrigerator but I’m sure you can use
your imagination that’s about a foot long. what. I’ve never seen a foot long
mango she’s a little over a pound now she doesn’t have a lot of fat on her
right now although her face is fully formed and she’s looking like a really
miniature newborn she is real skinny so not a lot of that baby chunk that
everyone loves including me I can’t wait to squeeze it and she’s listening to
things she can hear what’s going on outside of the womb which is so exciting
we have a German Shepherd so she barks and I’m sure
by the time this little gal arrives on the scene the dog will bark and she’s
gonna be like that’s what that noise is okay. I did not post a video for week 22
I was actually on vacation so instead I posted a video about pregnancy anxiety
and my pregnancy fears if you didn’t see that make sure to hop on over to that
one after this so I guess I’m gonna kind of talk through it’s gonna be more
specific to week 23 but if I feel like the symptom was more prevalent in week
22 or whatever then I’ll let you know but generally speaking there wasn’t
a huge difference between the week 22 and week 23 so this was a nice little
break it was a good time to have this this stretch of time because I don’t
think I would have had much to update you on. My biggest symptom or even
complaint is pelvic pressure so I just feel this general pressure down down
deep down under my whole life and even after I had my firstborn Eli I know that
my pelvic support is not very strong I’ve never had the best like pelvic
muscles so I knew that this time around might be a little bit rough as far as
that’s concerned that has definitely like ramped up and I have mentioned
this in previous videos but the last two weeks and especially this last week I’ve
really noticed basically if I’m up on my feet I’m just very aware of my pelvis I
wouldn’t call it painful it’s just like a pressure feeling so what I’m doing is
I’m wearing the belly support that I showed in my week 21 update so my last
pregnancy update if you’re interested in that hop over and take a look at that
and if you have any questions let me know
but it does help especially if I’m going on a long walk which I did on vacation
a lot I walked a ton and every time I knew I was going to be walking for an
extended period of time I wore that and then I’m just trying to make sure to
take frequent breaks if I’m on my on my feet a lot something else
new and specific to this week I believe is Braxton Hicks contractions so if I’ve
been moving around a lot I’ll notice my belly just feels super super super tight
I assume it’s Braxton Hicks contractions it’s not painful to me and I have this
like a few times a day maybe so just making sure to stay hydrated all the
things are supposed to do take a break if you feel like it’s getting
overwhelming or whatever if it’s a lot in a short period of time
so there’s been nothing scary or anything like that okay let’s talk about
veins I’ve talked a lot about varicose veins but I’m just going to talk about
veins in general my veins are even a little bit worse since my last update
even though I’m really trying not to stay in the same position for too long
keep my legs elevated when I can yeah that’s been a huge bummer I’m super
terrified of these veins because I’m afraid they won’t go away
Which I know is petty it’s like a small price to pay for a beautiful baby but you know
I’m a girl and I’d like to show my legs off so I do have I do have a little bit
more of that going on but then just in general I am fairly I’m pretty
fair-skinned I’d maybe I don’t look like it right now I definitely look like
it right now I’m fair-skinned I just went on vacation so this is my tan I’ve
just noticed like veins in general I am just kind of translucent I don’t know
but like I can see my veins everywhere I’m just a veiny person right now
another thing and I’ve experienced this periodically over the last few weeks I
just didn’t it wasn’t significant enough mention until recently but I have had
a few heart palpitations I have this sometimes when excuse me I have this
sometimes when I’m not pregnant so I don’t know if it’s specific to pregnancy
I think it is just like the extra blood going through my body. heart is having to
work extra hard right now but yeah I’ll notice like it’ll just kind of skip a
couple beats and then I go back to normal so it’s not symptomatic so I’m
not experiencing shortness of breath or anything with it it’s just something I
noticed periodically and baby is moving around like crazy she’s doing
somersaults because one minute I’ll feel a kick over here and then I’ll feel her
turn and then I’ll feel the kick on the other side she is moving like crazy
I need to try and capture it because you can’t actually see it outside the belly
now my husband has seen it we’ve both felt it my extended family has felt her
kick she’s a lot more active than I remember eli being so i think she’s
gonna come out and just like hello this is how things are now then i’m a little
bit swollen so like i don’t know if you can see that this is my hand obviously
kind of like hard to remove my ring right now it leaves kind of a little
indentation that’s not normal for me typically my ring is just like sliding
on and off and then my shoes feel a little tight
so i am a little bit swollen those are my major symptoms so i guess it’s time
to show off the baby bump so let’s go ahead and do that now okay
here we go and it feels really tight – she’s
growing like a little weed so that’s it for week 23 I have so many exciting
things coming up exciting videos obviously I’m gonna continue to do these
weekly updates for the most part every single week I will be doing a name
reveal here soon once my husband and I come to the conclusion so that’ll be
exciting to reveal and then I was going to do some videos on postpartum
depression and postpartum anxiety because I did experience that with my
son I can’t wait to share all of that with
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video I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving


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