23 WEEKS PREGNANT: Buy Buy Baby, A Trip To The Chiropractor & Husband Feeling Baby Kick!

hey guys welcome back to my channel this
is our week 23 pregnancy update video myself, Emmanual and Dunkin we are all here to kind of chat
with you guys about this week by week pregnancy update in these update videos
I give you guys an idea of what went on this week as well we did in terms of
progress with baby the progress in terms of the bump. I will show you that and we
also do a update in terms of the size of the baby as it relates to a piece of
food or food items I also give all the dads out there to be great advice you
know I try to try to motivate them because I know they’re going through a
lot at this time so if this is your first time watching one of these update
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the way no idea what we’re gonna talk about today because she wanted to be a
surprise this weekend we went to Buy Buy Baby which I have been so excited to go to
until we officially went this Sunday and we officially opened up a registry
before that we had a registry at Target that we started but I wanted to push
around some strollers, look at some car seats and actually that’s a nursery
furniture we’re only couple months away from meeting Baby B so we want to make sure that we’re starting to get those things ready to actually have a game plan and a registry
to work off of so we drove about an hour to our local Buy Buy Baby we were there
for a couple hours I was pushing stuff around looking out the nursery furniture
I’m gonna have bassinet pack and play there is just so many so we are finally
at this place where Christine’s been wanting to go to for quite some time
where are we Buy Buy Baby we made it it was an hour drive but we’re here now so
I’m gonna go and we bought the grandma mama ma for all the husband’s out there
that are at this phase in their life she’s gotta take it with strides we have
been here for about two hours she’s pushing strollers
yeah what’s every one you like she’s strong do you like this one what is this one do that the other 375
don’t do okay yes is that walking are you walking the dog god yeah look at
that swivel nests yes I love it so this week’s food I know I mean who knows what
it is there’s no what we’re actually doing with the food item and I’m gonna
be honest it’s not anything super complicated I didn’t really know what to
like make or cook or bake with it so we’re just gonna never know how many
taste tested and then I got a couple other things that I think we will both
get to cheers with and enjoy I love for our 23 week baby bump date so this is
where we are at 23 weeks these are still my regular medium leggings that I would
typically wear to work out in they still are very stretchy they still fit but uh
we are growing aren’t we yes booyah what’s the big surprise don’t configs
thru tennis balls you know to Joe know you wanna try with two baby Oh what are
you like why are you like in fear uh-huh have you ever done this I think I can do
three for like three seconds okay it will count Oh wait that’s our child so I cannot tell
you the last I’ve actually even grapefruit I may be meeting a grapefruit
like twice in my entire life I’m pretty confident it’s not my jam do we clear
sir yeah so we’ll do a quick taste test that you won’t want to erase me see to
open it bastard here we go in terms of pregnancy
symptoms for a week 24 a couple updates from last week one of which was I was
sharing how I was experiencing some lower back pain but earlier this week I
went to my first chiropractor appointment and I’m so glad that I would
actually get to go again tomorrow so I will do another update next week but I
went there and she said it was like totally normal to have some like hip or
lower back pain issues especially whenever you’re pregnant things there’s
like a little loosey-goosey go there she did a couple adjustments that were like
super simple and I was a little bit sore the day after I feel pretty good I have
really been experiencing is much lower back pain at all I think it’s subsiding
and so tomorrow I’m gonna get adjusted again soon to check me out again and
then I think I should be good to go maybe go back every couple weeks maybe
once a month but I am so happy if you have not went to a chiropractor and
you’re experiencing lower back pain I was highly highly recommend it I also
mentioned in previous videos I hadn’t really been feeling baby kick at all cuz
I’ve got anterior placenta so I just feel like it wasn’t time yet for us to
start to be feeling those like massive baby kicks although I’ve been wanting
them with anxiously awaiting those who come but this week guys I’m just saying
big news big things happen in the Benton household we were laying in bed the
other morning I was like I think feeling something cuz I was like just super
steel liner on my side and bad right and I was like maybe that got my hand in my
belly I can actually feel something I’m pretty sure those are kicks and then I
was like okay Emmanual you should put you’re gonna pay somebody
to up and get your hand right back and he put his hand on my stomach and was
able to feel baby kick. I don’t know if you can tell but I literally can’t stop smiling as I’m
telling the story because it was so cool been waiting to feel it those
actual kicks and I’m not feeling them constantly all throughout the day but
specifically in the morning or in the evening when I’m just saying laying flat
and this really really paying attention so it’s so cool week 23 is definitely
been really exciting so we got going on I think it’s distinctly still getting
bigger what was last week was a coconut right this is bigger Hey
you sliced it open then you took it out with a fork don’t put that in the video
be good oh it’s grapefruit yeah you eat it like
an orange you peel it you do your way I’m gonna do it my all right we’re gonna
do our way ready go I made a few like this but you eat each a little triangle
what are you doing we gonna be here all day I need my whole thing hey in the
comments do you eat grapefruit with a fork or anything else I win
I’ve got my grapefruit we’re not going to eat it like that
oh it’s like a range and the last baby update for the week which I’m a little
bit bummed about we were supposed to be going on a babymoon not this weekend but
next weekend just as like a little relaxing last vacation before entering a
little baby into the world we’re gonna go to Punta Cana for five
days it was a trip that I earned through work it was like an all-inclusive resort
I was so excited I think I may go to dinner previous to do that he wasn’t
ready to drink for three the baby my wife and myself should be a good time
now I’m really looking forward to it he was ready I was raised like soak up the
sunshine have some quality time drink some beverages I’m damn a little virgin
like pina colada on the beach I was just really looking forward to like getting
away relaxing sunshine but it actually got
cancelled due to coronavirus and all of that that’s going on right now so it
would just be laying low probably no big trips or babymoon to be on this between
now and our due date which is in the beginning of July there’s gonna be
relaxing we will be safe I’ll be safe hopefully not getting sick and so that
is the final update for week 23 so what do you have these or
so since I knew the grapefruit wasn’t gonna be super exciting I thought I can
find two other grapefruit items that we love and that we can just like cheers to
for like week 23 I show them inside of our friend growing up my grandchild my
girl she would literally buy this movie read
fruit juice all the time I’m not sure why but I used to drink all the time so
I thought I should buy this then I thought for you you would enjoy
something a little bit more fun so here’s what I got you
Ruby these are delicious and it’s like springtime this is our little grapefruit when you’re preggo and you still need a
little beverage you just go ahead and get yourself one of these fancy glasses
yourself a little juicy juice that you haven’t gotten in a while
boom I have my grapefruit juice non-alcoholic I got my Ruby grapefruit
slightly alcoholic go into the store today and I was like white claw or truly
whoa what a debate just in case anybody was wondering if there’s a debate
between truely or white claw white claw wins every time my favorite thing is
always sitting on the patio pretty much drinking out a truly or a
white cloth so I’m gonna miss that this spring so today we’re gonna do one of
these Hakuna Makata thanks for watching our week 23
pregnancy update video cheers to grapefruit week Cheers if you
guys enjoyed this video make sure to hit subscribe hit the little like button let
us know the debate in the comment section below which side you are on
and we will see you back here next week let’s see what it looks like my just a
Tobias don’t try that also white cloth if you like to sponsor me I am available
for sponsorship I would like a endless supply of white cloth I will accept any
flavor by prefer mango Cheers

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  1. Love how he say’s get whichever, one you like, your so, blessed to have each other. Eat my grapefruit with a fork. Love you guys!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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