I’m really excited to be sharing with
you know how Vera has been doing so far these couple first couple weeks she is
just a sweetheart and he is a sweetheart too he’s a three-year-old now. Little girl’s in the car seat don’t got anything good we just got back home and we’re about to
do her 2 week update This is our little girl. Jackson, back up
little bit please This is our little girl
or a little two week old and what you got chocolate like all over your mouth
we got ice cream on the way home no no no no no no no leaves your shirt on no
Jackson leaves your shirt on this is going to be her two week update and if you are new here I’m Heather and this is my little daughter Vera and my
three-year-old son Jackson and this is our rainbow baby before I got pregnant
with her I did have two back to back miscarriages the same year that I got pregnant with her and had her um That’s not trash. Today I wanted to do her
update with y’all and kind of go through everything about the two first week two
first weeks of her life and however she has been a really good baby knock on
wood she has been really good from the moment
that she’s been born she has just been a really calm lay back
baby who really only cries it’s very very little
and usually it’s because she has pooped and I need to change her diaper
she is the top Flicka cuties she is the top that she’s pretty easy to
keep content when she was born she weighed six pounds 11 ounces and now she
weighs 8 pounds which I’m so excited about when they weigh 8 pounds baby you
can start to wear them in wraps when she was born she ate ggb within the first
hour of us doing the skin-to-skin she within the first hour of her quote
Jackson within the first hour of us doing the skin-to-skin after I had her
she breastfed for about an hour which is so good she has a really good latch we
do breastfeed and through the night she has consistently woke up about right yes
a brush yeah she pinky oh my gosh okay he’s gonna brush my hair but she’s very
good about sleeping at night she wakes up about probably every 2 to 3 4 hours
she wakes up through the night and she is sleeping in her halo bison nest
really well I just swallowed her and she sleeps in there really good she does
poop a lot her first day at the hospital she poop probably 10 times and I think
it was more like seven times I think that she really doesn’t really bus to my
feet and she also seems to be pretty like advanced I guess for her age
she’s really good about lifting her neck up when you layer on your chest let’s
see can you do it he went she back up she also has started to shine yes she’s
already started to social smile haven’t you thank you here yes
he’s only started to smile she’s so cute she’s so cute yeah but she’s doing
really good this has been a really great couple of weeks has it she has blue eyes
like her brother after we had her they want you to take her to her doctors
office and have her first appointment and when we did that she actually hadn’t
lost any weight since she’d been born which were very thankful for and this
time also my milk production came in a lot sooner staying with my first baby
and generally when you have a baby they do lose a little bit away after they’re
born and because she hadn’t lost any weight they didn’t want her to come back
in so we have another appointment when she is at about five weeks old they were
gonna be going to he knows she’s wanting to nurse now hey yeah what’s going on
go give it to your dad for me hmm redo it’s brown to shame from Heather Jackson
and Vera yeah he can play with it he’s got a
camera he said mine we didn’t give Shane his present Christmas present yeah we’ve
kind of had a little hectic stuff going on Wow
she was in labor my dad actually ended up like almost basically on his deathbed
it strengthened quickly returned yet even though it’s been weeks after yeah
he don’t lot better like we honestly thought he was gonna
die yeah when I was in the hospital giving birth that was going on yeah and
I couldn’t exactly be around direct close to him because I didn’t want to
bring the sickness back to the baby so I was kind of trying to keep my distance
trying to make sure everything was going right about three weeks here sick really
really bad sick didn’t tell nobody into it just got to a point thank y’all so much for watching please
don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel go bye-bye


  1. I know it's such a generic comment, but I also know a mama never gets tired of hearing this: she is SO FREAKING CUTE! 😍😍😍 Love your family and your updates!

  2. I'm so glad you got a baby girl now 💕🍼👣 I have 4 girls and I hope when I try one last time I hope it's a boy 💞 a girl would be great also 😁💕

  3. Congratulations on her weight gain!! I am so happy that your milk came in so fast this time. I am glad that your father in law is doing better! Prayers for your family always!

  4. She's so precious! Jaxon is a great big brother, he seems like he really enjoys her! I would love to see a tour of her room and Jaxons new room!! Love watching your videos 💜

  5. Heather, dear, I have never seen you so happy and whole in a video! You look like you’re flourishing! But how have you been doing? Are you dealing with any post-partum mental health conditions because I just wanna check in with you! We’re here for you too! 💜💜💜💜

  6. She is Soo Perfect 😍😍 A Perfect and a Cute Little Rainbow Baby 👶🌈 This Is Magical 😘 And I Swear She Already Looks Like You 🤣😂😂

  7. Have y’all looked any more into speech for jaxson? Just curious bc we just started it with our youngest and we really like her and seems like it’s going to go well

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