Как появилась Игра Года (GOTY). История выбора лучших игр

Since ancient times, man has loved
compare everything. Compare and choose
the best. In ancient times, rulers
all suits suit nominations for the selection of the best
horses, slaves, armor, warriors etc. Now nothing has changed. People compare everything
only can be brought under a specific category. Video game industry is
also affected. Let’s immediately decide:
are awards important to developers or they are exclusively interested
sales figures? Here, as in that saying,
what’s between health and wealth it’s better to choose both
but you need to understand that the rewards Is also financial
success. The more rewards, the more
public attention, more contracts, more credibility. But who decides which game
worthy, and which not? Everything is complicated here, because
in fact such “Solvers” full. See for yourself: British
Video Game Academy, Choice Game Developers,
Golden Joystick, same the most Game Awards, and a few more
dozens of personal awards from the honored and
not very gaming editions, including little known
regional competitions. But who was the first? The first was a game event
called electronic gaming Awards, also known as
Arcade Awards. It appeared at the dawn of birth
video games when no game industry did not exist
and mention and when bill Gates has not yet spoken
crown that 640 kb enough RAM
to everyone. The first ceremony took place
in 1979, when the game years called arcade space action
Space Invaders – the legendary japanese game become
progenitor of the Galaxy brand – famous galaxy,
known to absolutely everyone who once had an 8-cue ball. This exhibition was supported
Electronic Games print magazine former then sole
and first game edition in the world. The magazine was published in America,
and its founder is a journalist Bill Kunkel – famous
as the world’s first gaming review journalist
and guides for video games. So, actually the first
World Award Game of the Year was established by print
edition that was born from a simple and modest heading
called Arcade Alley in the magazine Video, which
It was closed in 1999. In that very column, in fact,
and the first award was issued the same Space Invaders. Do not think that it is
was something like the current ceremonies. There were no screeching
viewers no big screens, vibrant scenes and leading
in suits. Who be the game of the year, and
who doesn’t decide everything several people in charge
the same section. Its, so to speak, results
they always published in January, while concocting
new rewards but with one iron rule: not a single
the game was not allowed win more than one
nominations. Then, as was said
earlier, full-fledged was born magazine because interest
to the heading was such that she became cramped inside another
publications. Electronic Games Magazine lasted
until 1997, when there are many rewards
albeit with small changes (from 1985 to 1991 the magazine was
closed). Does it make sense to list
all those games awarded high rewards? Perhaps not. It is unlikely that their name will say
a lot of layman, well, and those who would like to spend
own research will always be able to find this
information in american Wikipedia. We only note that those calculations,
on the subject of who is worthy and who not, were pretty
rude, and hardly objective. Perhaps even with an admixture
politicians. It was enough to say
that the great Soviet Tetris, invented back in 1984
year and become world wide famous three years later,
never got a single awards. But, at some point Electronic
Gaming Awards is no longer the only one competition defining
the best of the best. In 1983, they appeared immediately
two new contests: VSDA Awards – from the organization Video Software
Dealers Association’s, and Golden Joystick Awards, also known as
People’s Gaming Awards. The very presence of a “joystick”
in the title already says about the antiquity of this structure. After all, in those days there wasn’t
gamepads now familiar and familiar devices
for management were considered joysticks (many
still talking on gamepads joystick even though
that last is literally translated, “laughing stick”). Now joysticks also
sold, moreover, they have a known popularity
fans of flight simulators, but still over the years they turned
into a niche product. However, we were distracted. If the ceremony is from the Association
Sellers Software providing, worked with
interruptions by issuing for 28 years (from 1983 to 2001)
total 8 awards then Golden The joystick worked without interruption. Moreover, this oldest
british ceremony safely survived to the present day,
giving the greatest example adequacy compared
with the same Game Awards whose awards sometimes very surprised. Golden Joystick Ceremony
until 1988 stubbornly ignored console games, paying
attention only to games for PC but then gave up turning on
in the nomination video consoles of those years
and then adding and playstation with the Xbox. What difficulties did you face?
then award ceremonies, no matter
where did they occur: on big stage or page
a magazine? What characterized the choice
winners in those years? First you need to say
that in the 80s there was no mobile there was no internet connection
developers, journalists and the public were torn off
apart from each other. Of course they wrote a friend
friend letters and called up by phone but compared
with modern information avalanche and web
– it was a drop in the ocean. You also need to understand that
if we talk about video games 80s then we mean in
video games first from Japan. This is already in the 90s learned
do in the USA, Europe and Russia, and before it was 90% Japanese
products. And here you need to understand the Japanese. These are secretive people. They remain secretive
now, they were secretive then. They, like other decent
capitalists are not shy achieve your goals
due to various, including not the most honest
tricks. Everything was like Eurovision:
people, as it were, vote, but whoever points to wins
finger organizer. We, as they say, a candle
didn’t hold anyone’s hand either lacked but hard to imagine
to some kind of private firm than gaming magazines
and were, did not accept decision as it says
director, and the director in his the line could take them
You yourself know on what grounds. Therefore reason seriously
that this or that game was certainly worthy
its reward is not worth it. Again, everything is like Eurovision,
where someone always wins not that one. And now it’s time to answer
to the burning question: whose contest, whose nominations,
whose opinion at the moment considered unconditional
authority that was would be higher than the rest? How to win the Champions League
more important than victory in the Europa League, how is an Oscar more important than any
Palm Branch and more. Among the pillars that survived
to this day, alone Three events stand out:
Golden Joystick Awards, Game Awards and, perhaps, DICE Awards, established by the Academy
Interactive Arts and US Sciences, and not having,
contrary to common misconception nothing to do with swedish
DICE gaming company in charge for Battlefield. DICE in our case is decrypted
like Design Innovate Communicate Entertain, i.e. Design Innovation
Communication Entertainment, in generally, Bukhai-Rest, but
for video games. There was also a British Academy
Cinema but decided there don’t touch any more toys
and god of war film academics game of the year
in 2018, at the moment is the last rated
by their game. So which organization
deserves the greatest trust, and has the greatest
authority? It is believed that the one that
does not accept doubtful ones corporate solutions
when a winner is nominated by direction, contrary to opinion
the public. Let’s try to count. Here we take the DICE Awards. We look: in 2014, the game
years they called Dragon Age: Inquisition, and a year later – Fallout
4. Inquisition on Metacritic from
gamers did not even reach up to 6 points that says
absolutely about one – gaddy. You might think that those
who chose her is an excuse: very little came out that year
really worthy projects. But here comes the 2015th, and
what we see: Game of the Year – Fallout 4, also not pulled
even six, and with this spawned a bunch of bullying
memes about stupid plot and dialogue. And that year, by the way,
came out the witcher 3 who game of the year did not. Miracles in the sieve? No, just typical American
market decision: give reward only to your own. And indeed, for everything
lifetime, s 1997, DICE Awards celebrated
games alone created in the USA. What authority and trust
have to talk here? That’s right, not about anything. Next: Game Awards. Perhaps the loudest
and the untwisted ceremony, with a bunch of commerce and advertising. This ceremony is not the most
ancient, but stable: she first made herself known
to know in 2003, unexpectedly calling the game of the year Madden NFL
2004, and since then has reliably settled in the game industry. But then again, who endowed
honor of the organizers there decide who deserves the title
Games of the Year, and who is not? No one. They appointed themselves
and their decisions are in no way connected with ratings of gamers, sales
or simultaneous online. Everything is more adequate here,
even the third witcher celebrated by Game of the Year though
again Dragon Age: Inquisition in 2014, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in 2019
– organizers do not paint at all ceremonies. You can also recall The
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which general exclusive to Nintendo
Switch is pretty niche unable to pretend
to the title of the people. But, nevertheless, with adequacy
here is clearly better. Well, we finish Golden Joystick
Awards, where everything seems to be honestly and wins
the game that is more simple gamers love
and for which, accordingly, vote more. When examining the list of winners,
perhaps to complain about by and large and nothing. Even Fortnite, which became version
Joystick, Game of the Year in 2018, and that one is quite
adequate choice. No matter how you feel
to this shooter, deny that millions play it
– it is impossible. Just a prime example
folk game, for all their shortcomings. Here is Dark Souls 3, The Witcher
3, GTA 5, Fallout 3, Portal 2, The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim, Mass Effect 2, Gears of
War and many others deserved games. So there is an opinion that
Golden Joystick currently not only the oldest
from existing but also real the most authoritative organization
able to decide who be the coolest of all. Such a story
about the Games of the Year, about how it all began, developed
and what it came to. We hope you were interested. Well, that’s all. Only play good ones
games and let no one leave beaten.


  1. The legend of Zelda breath of the wild не эксклюзив для Nintendo Switch и да это не нишевый продукт

  2. Бегло прочитав название, думал что это видео роадхауса, а оказалось нет, кек

  3. А Golden Joystick самая тупая и не однозначная награду, тупо где больше фан-база игроков по игре, та и получит награду, вот это справедливость(Нет)!!!

  4. Ну дык, тетрису не дали выйграть потому что холодная война тогда была

  5. музыка грустная меняите. я щас растроюсь я и не говорю жески денс ставить. она должна быть теплая. хз в каком плане.

  6. ну секиро имхо заслужила игру года, тухлый на игры год был. Единственный конкурент был резик 2. А death stranding артхаус из мира игровой индустрии и на игру года особо и не претендовал.

  7. В Game Awards вроде как голосуют печатные издания всего мира, а не решают учредители. Другой вопрос каким изданиям они дают право голосовать и какие игры номинировать.

  8. Во-первых, в каком месте свитч – нишевая консоль? То, что в России она никому не нужна из за уебищной политики российского отделения нинтендо ни о чём не говорит, в Японии её сметают с полок мгновенно, в США и по миру тоже тираж хороший. Во-вторых в каком месте называть Секиро игрой года – это зашквар (я конечно понимаю, что это вопрос дискуссионный об игре года 2019, но Секрио очень хороший на то кандидат)? Да и Зельда дыхание дикости – это шедевр, в который можно и через эмулятор поиграть, если кому надо убедиться.

  9. Во тет контент,позновательно даже!!Ни когда не знал,с чего всё начаналось!!

  10. ну как же ведьмаку не подлизать,игра блин вселенной и не года а века,да что там века эры

  11. очень кульное видео.спасибо. и всех прекрасный дам с 8 марта

  12. Ну в 2017 по мне зельда взяла заслуженно, ещё есть одна достойная это дивинити ос2

  13. А что не так с Sekiro то? Только тупые криворуки, которые не осилили и хейтят игру.

  14. Победитель 2017 Legend of Zelda – не американская.

    (хотя конечно давать ей награду это лол, я не знаю насколько игра хорошая, но, мне кажется, в свитч кроме японцев только игровые журналисты и обзорщики играют – им не за свою деньги покупать лишний гаджет).

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  18. Fallout 4 недостоин игры года???? Это одна из лучших игр в которые я играл!!! Ее закидали фанатики 1 и 2 двухмерных частей, которые и 3 часть закидывали – для них все что не 2d из 90х – не канон. Ну и потом начали некоторые верить что игра не очень на волне хейта фанатиков, даже не попробовав ее. Там отличные диалоги, в любой культовой игре все также, а если есть больше вариантов вопросов то все как правило все отвечают на них "не видел", "не знаю" и т.п.
    Атмосфера в fallout 4 просто шедевральная, куча случайных интересных событий (например гуляешь и натыкаешся на запертого чела в холодильнике и т.п.), сам мир на столько классно сделан, что просто интересно ходить и изучать его, записки найденные на компьютерах в заброшенных зданиях прописаны очень хорошо – всегда какая нибудь интересная история. Даже DLC отличные получились (например DLC Автоматрон), в которые я обычно не играю.
    В Ведьмака 3 не играл, ноут не потянул, не знаю лучше он или нет.

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  20. про какой то там Dice awards вообще не слышал, и похоже хорошо, что не слышал. Спасибо за информацию, интересно было послушать.

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